The Secret Instagram

Blurb Who would want me I'm just me. I've been the same old Jess for 13 years nothing special here. Who would want a girl that suffers from post traumatic stress who lost her best friend , the girl who's family doesn't want her anymore. Why would they want me and love me when I don't even love myself. I promised Brenden I would accept them. But what happens if they don't accept me. ? Maybe they are my ticket to seeing Michael again but I can't leave Bodee. What if he will leave me first? What if they find my Secret Instagram



Hello to anyone who has got this far in my story I thought it was time to tell you guys about me.

So let me start!

My name is Jessica Mae Lewis

I'm 13

If you haven't noticed I love One Direction

I have a soft spot for Niall

I am a very unusual person

Cheerleading and softball are my main sports 

Music is my escape without there would be no reason for me to live

Ed Sheeran is my ginger god 

i have a boyfriend he is my best friend (how he deals with my weirdness is beyond me)

When I grow up I wanna be a writer so please tell me if you like my story

i don't update often cause my best friend becca is in and out of the hospital for suicide attempts and I worry about her most of the time

oh and the people in this story are real just not the events if I ever met Niall I think I wold pass out 

I love unique quotes so if you know any tell me 

my favorite quote of all time is 

"We accept the love we think we deserve" 

i have never one through cutting or suicide attempts but I try and understand and help people atleast I hope I do 

and if you are reading this and think about suicide 

think about someone close to you or someone you know that died maybe they wanted to or it was unplanned anyway do it for them take that chance in life and live the life they can't any more just remember you can cut forever but once you take the final step of death you can't come back so if you can't do it for you do it for them 

remember we are all put here for some reason but until you find it don't give up 

ok well out of serious mode now I love you all bye bye keep reading!!!

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