Treaty of the Packs

Kamlyn, a soon to be freshman in high school, and her pack, Michelle, Nicole, Jane, and , are in Dallas, Texas for the summer. It was hard enough to hunt in the small town of Iowa Park, Texas without being seen in their wolf skin but, because of The Treaty of the Packs, (a.k.a. The Treaty) a gathering for all werewolves the age of 13 and over to find their mate, they had to travel to Dallas. A pack of five males take notice the moment Kam's pack arrives and Kam is immediately intrigued by the alpha. Will this pack have the mates they've been looking for?


1. One Week Ago

    "We're going on vacation." I announced as I plopped down on the old couch in our hidden cabin.

   "Where are we going?" my Beta (second in command), Michelle asked.

   "Dallas, for the Treaty of the Packs." I answered.

   "What's that?" Jane, Nicole, Leah, and Michelle all asked in unison. We all laughed before getting serious again.

   "The Treaty of the Packs is when all the packs in the U.S. get together so any wolf over the age of 13 can find their mate." I said, "We have to go or it's considered an act of rebellion on my part. And since I'm one of the youngest Alphas and a female at that I could be stripped of my title ad y'all would be split up to different packs across the U.S. and I would become a lone wolf with no pack."

   "I vote we go. I like this pack." Leah said.

   "Agreed." everyone else says.    

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