The Pregnancy Project

This year in Harry's Class they have to do a project is a tradition everyone who was in that class before did it. Its called the Pregnancy project were every boy (Girls Do a different thing ) Gets Assigned a teenage girl who is pregnant and spends a week with them and after that week they talk about what had happen in that week. and Harry is not looking forward to this ...


11. Out of the Hospital

Harry's POV-

"Okay She seems to be fine if anythings wrong bring her back." The doctor says 

I nod and smile When we were about to leave a nurse that helped with Teddy Yelled to us 

"Congratulations you two !" 

"Thanks !" Louise says back When we get to the car she buckles Teddy in and Hops upfront. I start to drive when Louise Says 

"Thank you Harry, For everything" 

I smile and look at her No problem Louise. I smile She smiles back. When we get home my mom And Gemma Are waiting for us. They were so excited about the Baby When we get out I mouth to Louise Well Here goes nothing. 


Louise's POV-

I laughed At what Harry mouthed and Opened the back to get the baby. When i walked around the car with her all you could hear was Awww! When I got to them They asked Me her name 

Teddy Jane i say while looking at her she's So precious Harry comes over and takes my hand  smile at him. And show them the picture of harry and Teddy they Smile And chuckle.Do you guys want to hold her? They both nod I let go of Harry's Hand And Pick up Teddy. Whos first ? "ME! " Gemma says I hand her Teddy and Take a picture of her.Then Gemma hands it to Anne and I take a picture of her as well Then Anne gives her back to me. "She's An Angle" She says 

"Yeah And anytime you need a sitter...were here !" Gemma Says I smile and Give Teddy to Harry as i hug them Thank you so much i say "No problem " They say And then I put teddy back in her Thingy. And As Gemma and Anne take the baby in Harry says To Me. 

"Louise Will you be my girlfriend ?" 

i smile and Nod Harry i would love to ! We hug then we go inside hand and hand....

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