The Pregnancy Project

This year in Harry's Class they have to do a project is a tradition everyone who was in that class before did it. Its called the Pregnancy project were every boy (Girls Do a different thing ) Gets Assigned a teenage girl who is pregnant and spends a week with them and after that week they talk about what had happen in that week. and Harry is not looking forward to this ...


1. Louise May

Harry's POV-

"Students its that time of year !" The teacher said Excitedly I moaned. I hate this ever since ifirst enter the highschool everyone talks about it and now its my turn... ugh. I annoyed everything the teacher said until she started calling out people. 

"Louis your with a girl named Eleanor Calder  " 

"Niall your with  Mallory Kinds " 

"Liam Danielle Peazer "

"Zayn Perrie edward " 

(After a few others) 

"And last but not least Harry You with Louise May " 

I got up and she handed me her profile like the rest I opened it up and saw a picture of her looks like she took it herself 

I took a look at Her information ...

Name : Louise May 

Age: 17 

Home town  : Doncaster England 

Birth date : April 17th 

Parents : Kelly and Ted May 

Info : Blonde hair , Blue eyes , grew up in an adoption center since She was 14 , Moved to Tennessee Then back to Doncaster 3 years later. 

After i read it all The teacher announced That we were going to go on a field trip tomorrow to meet them. i rolled my eyes and when the bell rang i got out of there as quick as i could ...


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