One More Chance

Katerina has a lot in store for her as Andy enters her life with a BANG. She soon realizes that things aren't as they seem. A disaster has her questioning whether she can trust or not. Andy was a womanizer until he met Katerina. Now he has made room in his heart for her but will she be able to handle his secret? Or will she run from him...?


2. Stay Away!

My jaw dropped and my heart accelerated. Before me sat a beautiful man with eyes that had just turned cerulean. He looked at me with such intensity that I couldn't move. But that's not what caught my attention. He looks like the same guy from my dream, from the straight black hair to the leather jacket and motorcycle boots. Had I heard his name wrong? Was I dreaming? I straighten myself out and simply ask, "I'm sorry but I didn't catch your name. What was it?"

He smirks and answers in a seductive tone, "My name is Andy, and you are?"

My eyes widen again. I had heard him right. My teacher, Ms. Lemart, walks in and asks for everyone's attention at the front of the room. I look to the front as fast as I can. I have never been happier to be forced to listen to my teacher than I am right now. She does the typical routine of asking for everybody's homework and then she starts attendance. She yells off a few names and I try my hardest to listen for my name instead of looking at the gorgeous man eyeing me quietly. "Katerina Darcy?"

"Here." I whisper, hoping the boy next to me didn't hear. Apparently, to my disdain, she didn't hear me as she repeated my name louder. I clear my throat and answer with a louder "here" so she can move on. I put my head down on my desk to hide the rose color that formed on my cheek. A few more names were called before I hear, "Andrew Stewart?" I instantly hear my desk neighbor answer with a confident voice. I look up at him, then I quickly look to the teacher and see that she's smiling.

"I assume you're the new student. Welcome! My name is Ms. Lemart." She introduces herself. "I see you are sitting next to Katerina. I'm glad. She is my star student. She has a 98% in here. Katerina? I expect you to help Andrew the best you can so he can get caught up with what we are currently learning." With that said, she looks back down at the student sheet and finishes attendance.

I feet his eyes on me the whole time she's explaining our partner work for the day. We are working on properties. I get to work right away as soon as Ms. Lemart finishes explaining everything. I don't even bother telling Andy what we were supposed to do. I already know the drill. I'm supposed to do all of the work and put their name on it. It helps them pass this class and it makes it easier on me to actually get work done instead of having to explain everything a million times.

I was writing the answer to the first question when I felt a cold hand touch mine. My head instantly jerked to the person whose hand was touching mine. I felt a tingling sensation in the pit of my stomach and my heart began to race. I look into Andy's eyes and I can feel myself getting lost in them.

As that last thought went through my head, I mentally shook myself. What is wrong with me? This guy means nothing to me. He is just my algebra partner who eerily resembles the guy from my dreams in more ways than one. I then noticed he is staring at me with a questioning look. I realize he must have said something and in a shaky voice I ask, "Wh-what?"

He rolls his eyes. An action that makes him resemble a model. "I asked if I could help you with something. I'm pretty good at algebra."

I shake my head. "You don't have to help. I can do it all and put your name on it." I move my hand from his. I start to write the answer again, but he stops me. I stare at him and he looks a little confused.

"Why would you do something like that? Don't you want my help with OUR work?" He emphasized the 'our' and said the last sentence with a 'duh' tone. I scrunch my eyebrows up. He actually wants to help. This is strange. Most of the people here expect me to do the work and make sure they get the credit for it.

"I... you don't have to. Most people just have me do the work. It's faster." I reply weakly while looking down at his pale hand on mine. He's very pale, but not in a way that made him look sickly. In fact, his paleness makes him look more distinguished. He yanks his hand away from mine. His face is full of anger on his face. He stands up and before I can register what's happening, he grabs me by my arm and stood me up.

That act alone made everyone, including Ms. Lemart, look at him in shock. He clears his throat to make sure everyone was paying attention and the next words out of his mouth were said in such a serious tone of voice that I was scared to even look at him or anyone else in this room.

"Katerina has brought to my attention that her previous algebra partners made her do the work and took credit in it when they did nothing to help. From this day on I would like to be her ONLY partner and I WILL help her with all of the work."

I felt his gaze on me, making me look at him. He looks at me expectantly. I glance around the room at the other students and see the anger and surprise from everyone. Jealousy was mixed into the eyes of the group of school sluts. All five sets of eyes were piercing through me, making the sentence "If looks could kill..." run through my mind.

I stare back at the man who still has ahold of my arm and I can see a hint of something I haven't seen before in his eyes. I saw something that chilled me, once again, to the bone, which brought terrible memories back. The look he is giving me is a look of pure passion. A look I had told myself I'd never see again.

My next action sent everyone into complete shock, even Andy. I pull my arm back and look him straight in the eye, "Stay away from me!" I don't have a chance to see his reaction as I barrel out of the room. I don't look back as I run to my car. I back out and jerk it into drive. The only thing I can hear is the screeching of my tires as I accelerate out of the parking lot.

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