One More Chance

Katerina has a lot in store for her as Andy enters her life with a BANG. She soon realizes that things aren't as they seem. A disaster has her questioning whether she can trust or not. Andy was a womanizer until he met Katerina. Now he has made room in his heart for her but will she be able to handle his secret? Or will she run from him...?


3. My Biggest Secret

I arrive at the one place I knew I could be without anyone bothering me. I drive through the alleyway until stop at the end. I park my car and step out slowly, grabbing my bag in the process. I walk past the trees to a sad looking brick building. It is gray on the outside and had been abandoned when I was eight until this very day.

I had found it while I was walking around town and had gotten lost. Ever since then, I come here to think. It proved its worth after a very dark incident happened. The incident that used to haunt my dreams, before the ones I started having about Andy.

I walk up to the old black door. The paint had been scratched off the bottom of the door. It looked as though a clan of cats tried clawing their way in. I turn the rusted doorknob slowly and walk into the dark, dusty room. Reaching over to my left, I pat the wall until I find the light switch, flipping it on. The chandelier gives off a weak glow that shows the age of the building. This room used to be a ballet studio. The walls are one big mirror, fully surrounding the room. The grand staircase that leads up to five bedrooms is rotted, and the termites have done their damage.

I stare at myself in the mirror and sigh. I look like a zombie. I have a paler-than-usual face, and bloodshot eyes from crying in the car. My eyeliner has smeared all over my face. I look exactly how I feel; terrible. The look Andy gave me brought back many memories of that incident that happened two years ago. I could remember it all as if it had happened yesterday.

I put my back to one of the mirrors and slowly slide to the dirt covered ground, not caring even the slightest bit. I close my eyes and put my face into my knees. I don't want to think about the incident but it is on replay in my head...

*Two years earlier*

I had just finished getting dressed and headed down the stairs with my bag in tow. I came down to a smiling mom and dad. My brother was just smirking. I sat down and immediately stood back up. My brother started falling out of his chair, laughing. I glanced down at my seat and finally noticed the red juice. I looked down at my bottom and cursed under my breath. He would choose to put red juice on my chair on the same day I was wearing bright white capris!

There was a knock on the door. My mother went to get it while I attempted to get the stain out with a cloth. My brother was laughing so hard that I could imagine him splitting a gut. I narrowed my eyes at him while I continued to dab at it. A pair of arms wrapped around my waist in the front. I turned around to see brown eyes staring down at me with amusement in them. I immediately smiled at the man I was in love with. Chad. He had his blonde hair off to one side and medium length for a man. He wore a blue shirt that matched mine in color and a pair of black basketball shorts that I could tell hung on his hips perfectly. He wasn't superbly muscled but he did have a four pack.

"Did you bleed through your pants, Katerina?" He asked with an amused smile. My brother laughed harder if that was even possible. I rolled my eyes and gave up on the pants.

"Let me run upstairs and change, then we can head out." I gave him a quick kiss as I raced upstairs to change into a pair of denim jeans. I walked back down and noticed my dad and Chad whispering on the sofa. I instantly became curious as to what they were discussing. My dad may be a great guy, but I was a daddy's girl and Chad was my boyfriend so of course he wasn't quick on the 'welcome wagon'. Chad had tried in the beginning, but after us being together two years he just gave up.

I noticed my dad shaking his head no and Chad looked furious. He stood up suddenly, grabbed my arm and headed out the door without as much as one word. He led me to his red Chevy pickup truck, which was brand new. He let go of my arm and got into the truck. I followed suit slowly, not sure what to say. After we both buckled up he took off fast.

I stayed quiet to let him cool off. I had assumed we were going to school but when he got to the road before it he turned the opposite direction towards the forest. My eyebrows furrowed as I watched where he was taking us. Five minutes later he had parked us under a bunch of trees. I turned towards him and looked into his brown eyes to see just how furious he was still. I reached my hand over slowly and grasped his. He snapped his head up at me as though he just now realized I was there. He yanked his hand back and unbuckled. I was so shocked that I hardly registered both of us getting out of the truck and sitting in the bed of it.

"Please say something Chad. Tell me what happened with my dad."

He looked over at me and didn't say anything for another few minutes. His face was completely expressionless. After letting the silence drag on, he finally said, "You know I love you Katerina, right?" I nodded my head and he continued. "I was going to propose tonight at dinner. I had it all planned out. The only problem was I had to ask your dad. I wanted to be a gentleman about it." I was shocked into silence as I stared at him wide eyed. "Your dad said no. He said we were too young to even think about marriage even when I said that we'd wait until after graduation. He said it would be a huge distraction to both of us and to wait until after high school to see if we felt the same then."

I finally got the courage to look him in the eyes and I saw tears rolling down his cheek. He was going to propose. I couldn't process it. I still didn't understand why he would want to marry me. Me, of all people!

Before I could think, I blurted the first thing that came to mind.

"Can I see the ring?"

He looked over at me and shock was evident in his face; he was not expecting that question from me. He nodded and reached into his pocket, pulling out a little black leather box. He held it in front of me and opened it. I gasped loudly. It was a simple red ruby shaped into a heart with a silver band. On the sides I noticed 'together forever' was carved into the ring on either side of the ruby.

My eyes began to water. "Do we really need my dad's permission? I'm sure he'll come to..." He looked back up to my eyes. He became silent and emotionless again for a few minutes and then slowly got out of the truck. I thought he was going to get back into the front of the truck when suddenly, he got down on one knee. I was shocked he was actually still going to ask me to marry him.

He grabbed my hand and with the most serious expression he said, "Katerina, you are my light and my dark. You bring out the best in me as well as bring out my deepest fears. I trust you with every bone in my body. I love you more than anything in the world. Will you do an extreme honor and marry me after we graduate?" His eyes looked hopeful and I was in tears, speechless. All I did was nod to get my point across to him. He looked at me with passion in his eyes and stood up while pulling me into his arms. He swung me around as he kissed every part of my face. He set me back down and put his head against mine as we stared at each other, smiling.

Suddenly, we heard someone clapping. Both of our heads snapped in the direction it came from. A bleach blonde haired beauty with blood red eyes stood before us. She had a smirk on her face as she clapped. "How sweet, a touching moment between you. It's a shame really."

We looked at each other and then back at her. My heart hammered in my chest. Something didn't feel right. "What's a shame?" I looked over at Chad, shocked. He just stared straight ahead; trying not to look scared which he failed at. "Who is this? Do you know her?"

Her smirk grew wider and as she said, in the calmest voice, "I'm going to have to kill you Chad."

Before either of us could react to what she said, she was up against Chad with her hand on his neck. His face started turning purple and my mind was so rattled I hardly could register what was going on before he looked at me and mouthed, "I love you." I started crying and said, "I love you too. Please ma'am, please don't do this. I love him so much!"

When she turned back around I gasped and fell to the ground. She had black eyes and two long pointy teeth. She had fangs. She held that smirk still as she snapped his neck with one hand and turned back to him. She sank her teeth into his neck just as I blacked out.

I snapped my eyes back open. Tears were streaming my face. I could hardly control my breathing as I was taking in shallow breaths. I pulled my hair as I buried my face into my knees as hard as I could to try and control myself. After two years it still hurt me to think about it. My love was snatched from under me. And only I knew the full truth. Only I knew that his attacker was not really an animal, but instead, a monster.

A vampire.

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