Icy with Brutal

The ice princess and the brutal killer. Both tributes from District 2. They hope to dominate the games. They decide a little bit of love can help them out. So they put on an act.That takes an unexpected turn when they fall for each other


8. Chapter 8

Mature language!!

Cato's POV

After 3 days of training, it was time to go in for our private sessions. Luckily, the Gamemakers would be sober. They are usually drunk by 9.  That means better scores. Clove and I entered the waiting chamber. I eyed District 12. It was obvious they had something going on. I looked at Clove and knew it was nothing like ours.

Marvel went first. Then Glimmer. Next an automatic voice called out,"Cato Hawks." I got up and Clove nodded at me. I got in the elevator and the door opened within seconds.

"Cato Hawks. District 2." I said to the Gamemakers. The clapped. I grabbed a spear first. I threw one and it hit the dummy directly in the heart. They applauded. I threw 3 more spears. I then grabbed a machete.  I did some up close fighting. I then grabbed a sword. I thought I did quite well. The Gamemakers applauded  and looked happy with my performance."Thank you."

"Clove Springs." I returned just as the voice said that.

"Clove, do your thing." I told her.

"Thanks Cato. I will" She replied and went into the elevator.

I sat down and waited for her. Colin and Talon came in and pulled me to the side."We are going to watch her." Colin told me.

"Are we allowed to do that?" I asked. I am pretty sure that was against the rules.

"We watched you. And I pulled some strings." My mentors led me to an area blocked off. Inside we could see the Gamemakers and Clove, doing her thing. 

As I watched her hit every target, I thought to myself, I am so lucky to be here. If I wasn't here with her, I'm not sure if I'd ever talk to her. She always ignored me. Here she didn't. After throwing 10 knives at moving targets, she climbed up a rope thing. From up there she threw three knifes at targets. All hit the bulls-eye. She got down. She stabbed a dummy and  turned around and threw a knife at another dummy. The Gamemakers applauded. She was better than I thought, she knew more than just knives. Clove then went for the "ninja stars". I knew she could easily kill someone with those. And I was right. I loved her lethalness. 

We went back to the waiting area and when Clove came out I picked her up."Clove, you did.."Colin pulled my sleeve. I had realized they didn't know I watched. I stopped myself and went in for the kiss. Colin pulled my sleeve back again. All the tributes had turned."What?" All there heads except for District 12."What District 12? You got an issue?" They both turned their heads.

We were escorted out and went back to our apartment."Cato, you did great!" Clove hugged me.

"Clove,I underestimated you. I thought you could throw and that was it. I was wrong though. You were amazing." I replied. I was truly shocked with her performance.

"Guess I didn't tell you everything."

I leaned in to get a kiss when Talon interrupted us. I think I was starting to like her. Not just for the cameras."We need to work on your interviews. Clove, I want you to be fierce, icy, a coldblooded killer but at the same time make the crowd like you for more than just your skill. And for you Cato, I want you to be cocky, arrogant, and brutal. I want you to act flirtatious."

"That should be easy. I'm going to my room." I replied.

"We are going to train you for your interview. They are tomorrow." Clove and I walked down the hall ignoring her.

"Clove, the Games are in 2 days. Are you ready to win?"

"I'm ready to kill." Clove laughed.  "Cato."


"I can't do this. "

"Do what?"

"Win. Or even kill anyone."

" You are kidding right? You almost kill Colin and I but you can't kill kids you don't even know? I know you can. You'll get in those games and be a killer.."

" You're right Cato. Thanks."

"I'm tired. I'm going to take a nap. Wake me up when the release the scores." I walked into my room and shut the door..

Clove's POV

I pounded on Cato's door. "Cato, the scores." I had a knife in my hand. It must of known I was going to stab the door if he didn't get up.

"No violence. No drama. Save it." he replied. He opened the door.

"Scores are released in an hour! Come get dinner!" Talon screamed at us.

"Coming!" I screamed back "God she is annoying."

"I know." Cato replied."Let's go."

We got up and went to dinner. It was awkwardly silent. No one talked. The sound of forks and knives clashing with the plate was the only sound made. After dinner we moved to the couch, which was in front of a huge television.  They went through the scores .Surprisingly the girl from 1 got a nine. I wonder how she got that. If she shot the bow she would of got a two. Marvel also got a nine. Cato's score came up and to no surprise, it was a ten. He deserved it. I watched him and his movements were so precise.  When my score came up all I could do was smile. Ten. The girl from 5 got a five. That seemed like a bit high for her.  The little girl from 11 actual got a seven. The boy got a ten. Cato and I tried to get him to be  allies but there wasn't a chance he'd be on our side. He just ignored us. Cato was mad when his score appeared. Ten. Cato walked away pissed at District 11's score. Next was 12. I couldn't wait to see their pathetic scores. The boy got an 8. Not to bad. When Cesar Flickerman said her name I wanted to throw up. I hated everything about her. They stole our thunder. And she stole it once again. Eleven. How did she get an eleven? I stood up and went to my room.

"Fuck 12." I walked into Cato's room, where he sat on the bed.

"What the hell did they get?" He replied. He stood up and seemed even more pissed.

"The boy eight. The girl," I paused," the girl, eleven."

"A fucking eleven? No she can't be better than us Clove!"

"Can I kill her?"

"Sure. In the arena, you get the honors."

"Thanks, Cato."

"Give the audience a good show."

Talon called for us. "Take a deep breathe guys. Ten's are wonderful. Now we have to practice for your interview.Cato you come with me. Clove go with Colin."

We did as we were told. After an hour of practicing with Colin, I got some good advice. Harley even helped me a little bit. I walked into the dinning room where Talon and Cato were training. Talon had her arm on Cato and I heard,"I'm so glad I don't have to work with Clove. She is such a bitch." Cato stood up and Talon did too. I knew Cato had heard me and he ducked. He did the right thing. I threw a knife and it cut Talon's nose. The knife stuck it the wall with blood from Talon's nose on it. She screamed and held her nose. She turned my way and I ran and tackled her. Game on bitch.

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