Icy with Brutal

The ice princess and the brutal killer. Both tributes from District 2. They hope to dominate the games. They decide a little bit of love can help them out. So they put on an act.That takes an unexpected turn when they fall for each other


4. Chapter 4

Ok there is some bad language but not as much.

Clove's POV

I woke up and looked outside. It was still dark out but I could see buildings behind a thick forest. That must be the Capitol. Talon walked into my room."Clove, we will be in the Capitol soon. You better get dressed. You are a wreck. Nobody in the Capitol wants to sponsor an ugly Career."

"Calling me ugly?" I reply, reaching for my knives.

"Your words not mine."

"I don't think you know who you are messing with here." I lift up my pillow and show her my knives.

"Those don't scare me."

"They shouldn't. I should scare you." I stand up and approach Talon. Talon must be 5 inches taller than me. I'm short but I am extremely fierce. She should know. She watch me almost kill Cato.

"Honey, I won these games before. There is always a girl who can throw a few knives around. They don't win. In fact, when I played I killed the girl with the knives. Don't be so cocky."

Ugh. She drove me insane.I wanted to kill her so bad. I wish she was going in to the arena. She'd be the first one I kill.

Cato's POV

I woke up to Colin banging on my door. "What the hell do you want Colin?"

"You to get your sleepy-ass out of bed. We are almost to the Capitol." He then barged in through the door."Let's go Cato! You call yourself a soon to be victor."

"How did you even win?"

"I was smart. Instead of being raised in a training center like you, I actual was educated."

"I was educated."

"No you weren't. You just attend school. You don't actual care."

"Stop with the insults already. You are my mentor and cousin."

"Exactly. We are family. Therefore, I can say what I want to you. Now get up."

*10 minutes later*

I got dressed and realized we had arrived. I was escorted out of the train and into a tall building. I guess this was where I'd be staying.The  breakfast table wasset when we got there. So I sat down and everyone soon joined me.

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