Icy with Brutal

The ice princess and the brutal killer. Both tributes from District 2. They hope to dominate the games. They decide a little bit of love can help them out. So they put on an act.That takes an unexpected turn when they fall for each other


23. Chapter 23

Clove's POV

After the interview, Cato and I walk out to see President Snow."Cato." He says, nodding to Cato."Clove."

"Hello, President Snow. How are you today?" I ask him.

"Good. Good. You?"

"Oh. I'm wonderful."

"I have a feeling this might change that. See, you two were not suppose to win. Katniss and Peeta were. We know your love is fake. It's obvious. Nobody is buying it."

Cato and I are hand in hand. He tightens his fist around mine."Excuse me?" I'm rather pissed. Do we seem fake?

"You heard me. You prove it to me and you live. Otherwise, goodbye Cato and Clove."

I reach for a knife but Cato grabs me."I insure you this is more than what Twelve ever had. You don't have to believe us. They do." Cato is rather silent. It surprises me.

"They aren't the ones that will kill you. I want something. Marriage. Baby. Whatever. You better impress me."

Cato's eyes fill with rage. His face turns bright red. I'm most certain mine is the same."What more do you want from us? Didn't we do enough already?" He demands an answer from Snow.

"What? Your little act. You cussing everyone out. Then her cutting her arms. That is difance not love. I don't believe the whole sex stuff either. That was simply Cato being a boy."

I cover Cato's mouth before anything can come out of it."Listen, kill us. I don't give a shit. You already tried once. Well, guess what? It didn't work. You can try. You will not succeed." I say firmly to Snow.

"Clove, I'm not scared  of you. You think you scare everyone don't you. Have you looked at yourself? You are about three feet tall."

I run at him and Cato grabs me. He puts his hand over my mouth. I'm so pissed I bit his hand until blood comes out."Shit, Clover."

"Don't call me Clover. Don't call me Princess." I snap at  him. I stare at Snow."What happens if you die? What happens if you suddenly just fall over? Who will kill me then? If you get a knife in your back, there will be no wondering who did it."

Snow walked out, escorted by a few Peacekeepers."God damn it Clove! Look what you did! You  make everything worse. We are being watched now." Cato hisses at me.

"Is this an act, Cato?" I hiss back.

"No, shit Sherlock."

"I knew you never loved me."

"I can't love Clove! I was told that everyone human should never be trusted. I did feel something for you Clove. I'm just not sure what that feeling is!"

"I felt something for you too. I didn't know if it was pity,guilt,love,or hate. Now I know. It's guilt. I'm guilty I never killed you!"

"Clove! We can work things out. If you give me time maybe I can learn how to love."

"Fuck you, Cato. I don't want to see you ever again." I stormed out. I should of known he was using me. I went straight to bed that night.

*The next day*

I got up and grabbed Cato."Cato! Let's go. Now."

"Clove?" He asks.

He opens his door. I grab him by the shirt and throw him against the wall."I made it this far, I am not dying now. I don't love you. I hate you.This. Is. Fake." I grab his hand and pull him to the door. When I open the elevator door, a reporter is there.

"Hi. Mind if I ask you a few questions?"" The lady asks."Oh, I'm Gredia.I'm a Capitol reporter." She extends her hand.

I shake it and put on a fake smile."Sure. Sounds great."

"So, I heard you two are sharing a house in Victor Village. Is that true?"

"Yes, it is." Cato replies. How come I didn't know about this?

"Great. Do you two plan on getting married?"

"Well,considering the fact that we are only eighteen, we want to wait." Cato is answering all these questions like a pro.

"How about kids?"

"Maybe sometime in the future. Right, Clover?"

I pause. There he goes with Clover again. First, Princess. Now, this?"Oh,why yes. I love kids." I mentally roll my eyes. First of all, I hate kids. Second, having Cato's kids, the idea makes me want to puke. If you asked me a week before today, I might of said maybe. Now that I know our love is fake, there is no chance that is ever happening.

"Well, that is great. I hope you guys have a good trip back to Two." Gredia shakes our hands and get's out at the next floor.

"Let me just tell you, we are never getting married or having kids. I can't stand kids." I turn to Cato and hiss.

"God, I can't stand kids. Plus, ours would be a total train wreck." Cato laughs.

"Why do you think that?"

"Clove, be real. We'd be horrible parents That kid would be doomed. It'd probably throw knives before it could walk."

"I wouldn't make it do that. You'd make it throw a spear and fight with a sword."

"Damn right I would. That kid has to be talented ti carry on the Hawk name."

"Shut up and look like you love me." The elevator door opened. Cato quickly put his arm around me and we walked out. Photographers took pictures of us and reporters were throwing question after question at us.

Brutus came over and took Cato and Enobaria took me."Clove,listen. We need to talk. Go. Back train car now."

I almost run there. When I reach the last train car, Cato, Brutus,and Harley are already there. Enobaria rushes in. "Listen you guys, Talon and Colin are dead. So are your stylists.  Snow tried to find out whether or not this was real. Guess they didn't find what they were looking for. You guys go home, and live a happy life together! Cato, propose. On live television! Clove, act happy." Enobaria tosses Cato a box with, what I guess, has a ring in it. Cato examines it closely."This is serious."

"I really have to marry him?" I ask.

"Clove, do you want to live? I suppose you do, therefore, you marry the boy. I thought you guys loved each other."

"Glad you believed it."

"Clove, you can't do much better."

"I could do A LOT better. Cato is a crazy, heartless, mental, anger-fulled monster."

"Sure you aren't talking about yourself, Clover." Cato butts in.

"When you talk bad about Cato, you talk bad about yourself. When Cato talks bad about you, he talks bad about himself. You are the female version of him. Don't deny it either. I barely know you guys and I know you two are exactly alike."

Cato and I stand up at the same time and shout," We are nothing alike." I look at Cato."We have nothing in common. Sit your ass down, Blondie."

"You it your ass down,Clovey. "

"How about both of you sit down! God. You are in love. We are being watched. Cato," Enobaria grabs Cato."Clove." She stands me up.She throws us together."Kiss. Now!" Cato leans in a touches and my lips touch his for a slight second. We both pull away."Oh no. I want one of those kisses that you did in the arena." Cato rolls his eyes and put his hands on my head and kisses me. I know Enobaria is watching so I kiss back."Good. You better do that a lot on the tour."

*The next day*

Cato and I get off the train. His hand is interlocked with mine. Without a single thought, I run off the platform, leaving Cato alone, and run to my new house. I hear Cato's footsteps behind me. I go to house 16 and try to open to the door.

I go to turn around and Cato has one hand propped up against the house."Need this?" He dangles a key above my head.

"Give it." I hiss.

He refuses so I take my knife out and throw it at his hand. Of course it hits him and he drops the key. I grab the key and run to the kitchen. I only had one knife on me and I just threw it at Cato. I knew the kitchen would have more. I go to grab a knife and I am pulled back by something. I'm thrown into the wall and the time in the arena flashes through my mind.

"Listen, Clover." Cato has me pinned against the wall, my own knife agaiinst my throat. His hand is bleeding but knowing him, he barely feels any pain." Loving me won't be so bad. I do feel something for you. I'm not sure what it is."

"Cato, you are a bastard. I thought you truly loved me." I hiss, nearly breaking free of his grip.

"I did too! But I don't know what love feels like so I'm not sure if I do or not."

"So you acted. Good choice." I kick him in the crotch and break free. I grab a knife and swing for his head. He ducks and runs at me. He tackles me and my back hits hard against the wood floor. We are now fighting for the spot on top of one another. Cato finally gets it and sits on me. He must way two-hundred pounds, where I am about hundred and twenty. Not even.

"Clove, stop trying to kill me. We have to live together now."

"Cato, why didn't I kill you?"

"The question is why didn't I kill you. " He takes my one and only knife and holds it to my throat."I could still do it, you know. Kill you. But no. In order for me to live, I have to marry you and have kids with you."

"Oh, no. You won't be able to have kids." I kick him in the crotch as hard as I can. I free myself and grab seven knives.I push Cato against the wall. 

Cato's POV

I feel it. Clove is going to kill me. She throws one at my right arm. It catches the fabric of my sleeve and pins me to the wall. Then she throws the other one at the exact same spot but at my left arm. Now, I'm stuck. Next she throws two,she has one in each hand, at my torso. No my torso is pinned to the wall. Next, she throws to at my knees. Eventually my whole body is stuck to the wall.

"What are you going to do,Cato?" She asks me.

"Clove,I'm sorry. Let me go." I plead. I have a feeling she is going to kill me.

"Don't beg, Blondie. Now I won't feel this guilt in my stomach." She threw her last knife. It is coming straight for my head.

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