Icy with Brutal

The ice princess and the brutal killer. Both tributes from District 2. They hope to dominate the games. They decide a little bit of love can help them out. So they put on an act.That takes an unexpected turn when they fall for each other


20. Chapter 20

Clove's POV

I look at them. Why aren't they killing each other? It occurs to me. They formed an alliance, just to beat us."Cato, they are together."

"I'm not dumb Clove." He responds. 

"I know." They run toward us. We just walk forward. When the girl is close enough to me I throw my knife. He hits her in the arm.She had moved just enough to avoid a lethal hit. She has a sword and is now coming straight at me. I tackle her and she falls hard onto the ground. I still can' see quite right so I am struggling in this fight. I can hear Cato and Thresh fighting in the background.I can't worry about Cato. He can handle himself.

I get the upper hand in the fight.I'm struggling to get a hold of her neck."You thought you could beat me?" I say to her.

"I don't think I know." She replies. She has a high pitched voice, almost like Hermit.

"Bullshit. You can't beat me." I can't reach for my knives. She will grab her sword if I let go of her with one hand. Now its a brawl. No weapons. Just our hands. I punch her multiply times in the face. I'm starting to worry about Cato. I haven't heard a cannon yet.

I hear Cato cry out in pain. I loose my focus and the girl suddenly grabs her sword and impales me foot with it. That makes me loose my hold. She flips me over. Now it's her turn to get the punches in. She is tiny. Smaller than me.She goes to punch me and i grab her hand and push it back. I  hear a crack. I just broke her wrist. I am able to kick her off. I forget about my knives. I pick her up by the neck and choke her to death. She gasps for air. I realize I have to help Cato. I grab my knife and slit her throat.

I limp to Cato's assistance. It is aware that this fight has been hard on both Cato and Thresh.

"Cato."I call to him.

"Throw a knife."

They are moving around. Cato will get a hold of his throat for a second and then it switches, Thresh has Cato's throat."I can't. I might hit you."

"Clove, you never miss. Throw it!"

I aim right at Thresh's head. Right before I throw the girl's cannon goes off. Cato has held Thresh down just long enough for me. I throw and I instantly hear a cannon. Thresh is dead.

Cato stands up. He is breathing heavy and I can see he is injured. "Cato!" I hug him.

"We did it." He replies.

"Did he hurt you?"

"Yeah. I'm fine though. Did she hurt you?"

"Stabbed in the leg. No big deal."

My shoe was filled with blood but I didn't want to worry Cato."Let's go. Let them get the bodies."

*10 minutes later*

"The bodies are gone. When do they announce us the winners?"

"Clove, I don't know. I'm just Cato."

Then I her it. It's Claudius."Greeting to the final contestants of the Seventy-fourth Hunger Games. The earlier revision has been revoked. Closer examination to the rule book disclosed that only one winner may be allowed. Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor."

"God damn it. I should of known! This is bullshit! Clove and I thought we actual had a chance of going home together. All you guys want is a good show. Didn't we give you one? We just fought almost to the death with two other tributes. Do you want more? All you are going to get is us rotting here." Cato screams. He is pissed. So am I. The Capitol tricked us.

"Cato, my head has gotten worse.I'm going to die soon."

"Clove, so am I." Cato pulled back his jacket. His stomach was tore open from Thresh's weapon. Blood flowed out. Cato was in pain. It was very aware. They expected us to fight to the death against each other. Instead, we sit against the Cornucopia.Cato lays his head on my legs. He is dying. We both are. He is going faster than I am. This isn't happening. No. Wake up Clove. It's not a dream. If he dies first, I am the victor. We have to die at the same time. Right now, he is going a whole lot faster than me. There has to be something I can do.


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