Icy with Brutal

The ice princess and the brutal killer. Both tributes from District 2. They hope to dominate the games. They decide a little bit of love can help them out. So they put on an act.That takes an unexpected turn when they fall for each other


19. Chapter 19

Clove's POV

I wake up. I touch the ground. I feel around me and I suddenly touch Cato's leg."Whoa, princess."

"Cato, am I dead? Did you die too? Am I imagining everything?" I ask. My head feels heavy.

"No. We are alive."

"Are we home?"

'Haha. I wish. We are still in the arena."

'What happened, Cato? All I remember is seeing Twelve and then being dangled in the air."

"Well you got your head smashed, I threw a knife at Thresh, who by the way almost killed you, and then you killed Twelve."

"I killed Twelve!"

"With a little help, but yes,yes you did."

"How did I almost die?"

"I told you, Thresh."

"No. How come I didn't die?"

"Clove, you really think I'd let you die?"

"Well, I mean we can't both win."

"You don't remember that whole day? Well, a new rule. We can both win. "

"Oh yeah! I don't remember anything after that! And I don't really remember much before that either."

"You don't? Oh. I do."Cato looked down. 


"Nothing. It's just. It's nothing."

"Why? What happened that night?" I got no response."Cato? What happened?"

"We had sex."

"What? That wasn't a dream? Oh god." I couldn't believe I had sex with Cato! What was I thinking? I obviously wasn't. I mean, I like Cato and all but I don't love him!

"So you are telling me that you didn't want to have sex with me? That's a first. I'm pretty sure you are the only girl that has ever told me that."

"No. Cato. It's just. It's nothing. Forget it.Just a bit mad at myself."

"You should be happy. Most girls would love five minutes with me. You've gotten to spend three weeks with me. "

Ugh. He is so cocky. I hate it."Alright, Cato. Who is left?"

"Wait. Before you change the subject. What happened to you? How badly was your head damaged? You were crying to me, saying how much you love me."

"When did I say that?"

"You've said it a lot."

"I'm sorry. I can't think straight. I'm sure I have some kind of brain damage."

"Come here." He pulled my shirt.I crawled over to him. He moved my hair back.He sighed.

"What? Cato, what is it?"

" Your temple. That explains everything. Oak. Do you remember him?"

"No. Who's Oak?"

"Cherries? What significant do they have to you?"


"Your mom? She is alive right?"


"Oh god, Clove. Throw a knife into that tree."

"Cato, I barely know how to throw. I'm just learning." I survey the knife trying to figure it out. 

"Clove. Oh no. You do know me right?"

"Yeah. I can only remember the games. Nothing before that."

Cato's POV

I'm very concerned about Clove. She can't remember anything before the Games. Thankfully, she knows me."Clove, listen to me. I am going to hit you. It's going to hurt, but I have to do it.I swear, it's for your own good." 

"What do you mean hit me?"

"Clove, I swear I won't kill you. This is just to help you." I parted her hair. I had to hit the right spot otherwise, I'd kill her.I didn't want to hurt Clove. It was something I had to do. It would save her in the end. I got my fist ready. I went down on her skull. She fell to the ground.

"Cato?" She called for me.

"Clove? Are you alright?"

She looked around."Why the fuck did you just hit me!" She grabbed her knife and tackle me."Trying to kill me. I knew you didn't love me. Wait, Eleven. He killed me? Am I dead?"

"Thank god you are ok." I push her off me and hug her." Thresh was going to kill you but I saved you. You couldn't remember much so I had to hit you just so you'd get your memory back.I promise it was to save you."

"Cato. You saved me again. I can't even say thank you. It isn't equivalent to it."

"Trust me, the other night was enough, princess."

"Oh yeah."

"You remember?"

"Cato, how could I forget?"

"I'm just happy you are ok. We have a game to win.Let's go." I stood up, offering her a hand. For the first time she takes it."Wait. Throw a knife at that tree."

"Um. Ok?" She threw the knife and nailed it dead center.

"Just making sure."

"Let's go! We have two people to kill."

Clove's POV

We walk toward Cornucopia. On the other side is tall grass. As Cato and I step out, Thresh and the girl from five do as well. Their weapons raised."This was easier than I thought." Cato whispers to me. He pulls out his sword out and I get my knives ready. This is it.


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