Icy with Brutal

The ice princess and the brutal killer. Both tributes from District 2. They hope to dominate the games. They decide a little bit of love can help them out. So they put on an act.That takes an unexpected turn when they fall for each other


12. Chapter 12

Clove's POV

I turned to Lover Girl.I couldn't wait to kill her. I pictured myself killing her and soon I heard a ten. I refoused myself. BONG

I ran as fast as I could. I grabbed over a dozen knives. I looked at Cato and he had a sword already.  I focused myself and threw a knife at some girl, 5 I believe. Right in the back.Dead. I turned around and saw a girl running toward Glimmer. Threw another knife. Right in the heart. Dead. I then saw Lover Girl. She had fell to the ground a boy was about to kill her. I don't think so. That is my kill. I threw a knife at him. I hit him in the back and he coughed blood all over Lover Girl's face, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I then threw a knife at her. A lethal throw but her stupid backpack blocked it. She then ran.

"Clove!" I heard Glimmer scream.  Marvel and Cato were busy. A girl from 7 had tackled Glimmer. She was just about to stab her when I threw a knife. The girl coughed blood and fell beside Glimmer. I extended my hand and helped Glimmer up."Thanks Clove."

"No problem." I replied.

I looked at Melody. She had nunchucks in her hand and was violently killing the girl from 3.I then saw a runner. Cato must have read my mind. I knew he trusted me because he grabbed her and faced her toward me. I threw a knife from over 15 feet away. Right in the heart. Dead, I counted a total of 4. I just killed four people. None of which were Lover Girl. Damn, I was so close.

"Nice shot, Clove." Marvel high-fived me. He had barely any blood on his face but when I looked to Cato, he was covered in blood.

"Cato! What happened?" I screamed running to Cato.

"Nothing. This isn't my blood .Chill Clove." Cato replied. He was in his element. He had a grin on his face. We looked around. I saw 13 people lying around. Then there was the five of us.

Cato's POV

The bloodbath was over. Clove and I had killed five, Marvel and Melody one,and Glimmer none. . "Melody, you can stay." I said blankly. Her skill with the nunchucks was pretty amazing. She could be helpful in the future. I looked to Clove. She was clear of blood. I thanked god for her still being alive. "Let's sort the supplies.  They have to get the bodies soon."

"Sounds good. Glimmer,Melody, and I will go through food and survival equipment. You guys get weapons. Give me all the knives." Clove replied. Glimmer and Melody followed Clove to the backpacks.

"Dumb bitch almost killed me." Glimmer kicked a body. It was the girl Clove had killed. Clove bent down and pulled the knife out of her back. She did that to all four people she had killed.

"Good job, Cato." Marvel began talking to me. I personally found him extremely annoying, as I did Glimmer.

"Thanks." I blankly replied. He was oblivious I didn't like him."There are 2 spears. You take one. I want the other." I saw him take one of the spears and take a knife." Did you not hear Clove?"

"I heard her but I thought it might come in handy. Just one. There are a ton left." Marvel replied.

"I don't care. Give it or I kill you."

"Fine. Here." I took the knife and handed him a small sword. I took a knife,knowing Clove wouldn't mind,a small sword, a large sword,and a spear. I grabbed the knives and threw them into a backpack. I grabbed the last two weapons, a machete and another sword. I'd give one to Clove.

As I finished up with the weapons, Clove walked over."Knives?"

"Here. There are 36." I handed her a backpack full of knives.

"Good. That shall do." She paused when she saw the sword." What's this for?"

"You. Just take it. You might need it."

"Ok, thanks."

All equipped with food,supplies, and weapons we found camp. I sat down all my stuff. I couldn't wait to go hunting. " Melody,  you keep watch.The rest of us are going hunting."

We began walking. I lead the way.Clove was quite. Her foot steps never broke a twig. I was careful. Glimmer and Marvel were pretty loud. Clove followed  closely behind me, Marvel and Glimmer whispering to each other, were pretty far behind.

"So, you guys looking for Katniss. Don't kill me. I can help." a voice said.

"Where are you?" Clove replied to the voice. "Show yourself. Put anything you have on the ground where I can see it." Damn I loved when she gave orders.

A boy stepped forward. He had nothing."I come in peace."

"Lover Boy?" Clove went up to him and put him in a headlock. Even though he was taller, she could obviously hold her own. I stood and watched as Glimmer and Marvel laughed.

"Shut up." I firmly said to them. Their giggling stopped.

"You better show us where Lover Girl is. Otherwise, I will make a note to make your death very painful." Clove slammed him on the ground.She held out a knife."Take it. You make one wrong move with it," She unzipped her jacket to show her arrange of knives," one of these will be in your head."

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