Icy with Brutal

The ice princess and the brutal killer. Both tributes from District 2. They hope to dominate the games. They decide a little bit of love can help them out. So they put on an act.That takes an unexpected turn when they fall for each other


1. Chapter 1

Clove's POV

I walked up the stairs to the platform that lifted the Justice Building higher than the town square  of District 2. On the platform Harley Glitter stood with an extended arm. I ignored the gesture. I could get up the stairs by myself.

"I present to you Clover Spring, this year's female tribute for District 2!" Harley said in his extremely feminine voice.

"It's Clove." I said in a firm voice while glancing at him at a look that read "You are lucky you aren't a tribute."

"Ok. Now for the males." He fished around the bowl. "Talok Reins"

I never heard of the boy before. Before the boy could even stand up, a boy shouted" I volunteer." Just like me, he had taken the spot of another tribute. The boy, who was more a man, was tall and had a muscular build. He had blonde hair that was spiked up and bright blue eyes. I recognized him for school. He walked up, took the mic from Harley and said,"Cato Hawks. I'll see you guys in  3 weeks." He smirked and retreated to the chair that was set aside for the two tributes. He looked over and smirked at me, but I just sat face forward in my chair with a look that hopefully said ready to kill.

"Here are your 74th annual Hunger Games District 2 tributes! May the odds be ever in your favor! Let the games......begin!" The crowd cheered.  He turned to us and lifted an eyebrow. We stood up, looked each other in the eye, and shook  hands. I could see his eyes examine me. He laughed a bit. I just lifted an eyebrow and gave  him a look. Soon Peacekeepers escorted us into the Justice Building.

I was given my own room so that family and friends could come say goodbye. My dad being a wealthy business man, wouldn't come to say goodbye. He was to good for that. I had no close friends. The only person I knew who would come and visit me was my brother, Oak.

"Clove!" The door opened and my brother ran in.He hugged me.

"Listen Oak. You are almost a man. You're 13. I trust that you will be ok on your own. If dad ever hurts you go to the Peacekeepers. If I don't win, I need you to continue your training, just in case. If Cato wins, ask him to help you.  He isn't the nicest of all people but he is good."I replied

"Bu-bu-but you will win, right Clove."

"I'll try my best."I hugged him before the Peacekeepers pulled him out."I love you Oak!"

Cato's POV

I had nobody. I waited hoping some of my friends would come and say goodbye. Instead I just sat there. After about 10 minutes I was  escorted to a car. Harley got in the front seat and the girl was shoved in next to me.

As we began driving I asked the girl,"What's your weapon of choice?" I tried to be super charming, maybe I could win her over. Easy kill. No response. I got a little mad. "What is your weapon?" I said more firmly.Still no response. Now I was pissed. "I was talking to you."

"Listen. I don't want to be friends. I didn't come here to make friends. I came here to win. I'm sure you did the same." She replied firmly. She still wouldn't look at me.

"You have an attitude on you, princess.I expect that from you."

"Don't call me princess."

"But you are one. Aren't you daddy's little princess. I'm sure since he is so rich he buys you whatever the hell you want. Am I right?" Harley was flirting with the driver so he didn't even care to look back and what the noise was about.

She clenched her fist and looked at me."You know what? You are wrong. It's the exact opposite. He pays no attention to me at all!"

Harley looked back and screamed"We are at the train station!"

God his voice annoys me. Everyone got out of the car. Two Avox's lead us into the train and then lead us to our rooms.

Clove's POV

I got a whole train car to myself. The only bad thing was that cocky boy,Cato had the train directly next to mine.Soon after we boarded the train we were called to lunch. We were then to meet our mentors. I got to the dinning car before Cato. I sat myself by the window. The mentors sat down across from me. We were making small talk but we were all waiting on Cato to begin strategy.When he finally walked in he took the seat next to me. 3 other chairs and he sits next to me. There were two steak knifes next to my platter. I grabbed one and stuck it in my pocket,just in case.

The lady, who's name was Talon, looked young. I remember her winning a few years back. Even though she was young her short,once brown hair was turning grey. The man,who was Cato's cousin, looked exactly like Cato. His name was Colin.  He seemed to be a bit older than Talon.

"First of all we need to address if you guys want to be coached together or separately." Talon asked us.

"Together."Cato didn't resist at all to answer.

"Separate." I looked him in the eye.

"I'm going to call you the Ice Princess. You are icy."

"I said never to call me that!"


"I will not relax." I went for the knife but Talon interrupted.  

"We'll be back in a bit. Decide whether or not you want to be together or separate." Talon smiled. She was liked the way I threatened him. Or was she impressed by Cato.

As soon as they left I pulled out the knife. I pushed Cato against the wall,stood on my toes,and held the knife to his neck."Listen, I said not to call me princess. I don't want to become friends and you are making that easy. But if we train together, we will become friends."

Cato pushed me against the other wall of the train.He held my hands above my head. I still had the knife in my one hand."Princess," I clutched my fists,"ok Clove, don't make such an enemy out of me. I may save you one day. Now, what you did with that knife, that was balls not skill."

I kneed him in the crotch twice which made him lighten up his grip on me. I was able to get one hand free and pushed him back. I punched him in the face and grabbed the second knife. I held one against his neck and threw the other onto a dart board. It hit dead set middle." Is that only balls? Or was that skill?"

Our mentors walked in. Talon clapping. "The girl has skills." She said. Colin just looked at Cato in disbelief.

"I could of killed her. Or seriously injury her but I'm going to save that for the games. " Cato replied fixing his shirt.

Talon pushed him into his seat."Listen Mr.Cocky. What that girl just showed me was that she not only has balls, according to you, but she has skill. All you showed me was that you are cocky, and won't admit that she had you dead to rights.Shape that attitude up. She may come in handy, pretty boy."

Cato looked pissed. He stood up and said " What are you saying that the Ice Princess has a better chance of winning than I do? You think that the princess will win? She's scared she might get her hands dirty. " 

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