They Don't Know (Sequel to Here we go Again)

Harry and Liz are getting married, but not happily. they have a forced marriage and Liz is not very fond of getting married after her son was killed and her best friend (more like sister) was stabbed. the question is will she fall in love with him all over again? but one thing for sure is one way or another, he will get her back.


14. yeah but the worst part is

i. "hey! what about that time you drooled over harry!"
m. "so i have drooled over harry before and i will admit that"
h. "you what?"
m. "i have drooled about you before" i shrugged continuing to eat my eggs
i. "how can you admit something like that?"
m. "well its not like i was drooling on his hair"
i. "when have you drooled over him last"
m. "hmm... let me think... this morning"
h. "what?" he said almost choking, i leaned over to him and said
"by the way you looked hot in that apron" "really?" "yeah, but the worst part is, is that it is really easy to see your little friend"

i leaned back in my chair and saw harry look down then blush furiously.

i. "what was that about?"
m. "oh just about his friend who visited for a little while when you people where asleep as a matter a fact i think he is still here" so that they wouldnt get ideas i got up and said 'bye!' really loudly then slammed the door. i sat back down and saw harry as red as a tomato

m. "aww... did you want your friend over for a little longer"
h. "yeah i miss him" he said winking at me.
Lt. "well this is awkward" he said taking the hints in our conversation while everyone was still clueless.
m. "ya think talking about his multiple occuring friends in front of my cousin." he was about to stand up when i whispered in his ear. "if you stand up they will see your boner" with that he sat down blushing again.
i. "going back to our conversation earlier, was that the only time you have drooled over him"
m. "no because i remember that time he had a boner on one of our dates" his eyes went as wide as those pool balls you see at a skating rink. "actually i think that was just recently" i looked down and saw it was still there "you've had it since the date, gosh control yourself dude" i said winking at him. "do you embarrass me for a living?" "you do that on your own you dont need my help for that but you obviously get the help from your boner over here" i said eating my bacon.

m. "hey liam you know that song from toy story i've got a friend in me"
lp. "yeah why"
m. "i think they might have made it about harry" i snickered
i. "this has gotta be the most perverted conversation we have ever had during a meal"
m. "actually no because remember when me and jayson had to explain 69 to you in 8th grade" (true story between me and 5sos_1d gurl so go give her a hard time)
n. "you didnt know what it was"
m. "no jayson kept stuttering so i just came out and said it."
n. "wow" he looked like he was gonna laugh
m. "at the time her name was tiffanie, she was obsessed with this guy named jared so thanks for the ring from jareds, and her nicknames were tiff tiffy and snorkelbunny"
n. "snorkel what?"
m. "snorkelbunny because she had this bad snorting problem." i grabbed her knee and kept tickling her and she started snorting.
t. "stop it!"
m. "to think, all of this during breakfast first tiffanie drooling, then me drooling, then harrys boner problem which appears to still be here," i said looking down "then tiffanies snorting problem"

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