They Don't Know (Sequel to Here we go Again)

Harry and Liz are getting married, but not happily. they have a forced marriage and Liz is not very fond of getting married after her son was killed and her best friend (more like sister) was stabbed. the question is will she fall in love with him all over again? but one thing for sure is one way or another, he will get her back.



~Hi, this will be the possibly last update so i will try to make it long~ and lets speed this up to where they only have to date for 6 months until harry proposes since dating 6 months will be rushing it so they have 6 months left till the proposal




l- Harry, my- my mum has cancer and so does my sister!
h- what? i need to go call mum.
l- i saw her car pulling up
h- really, hmm prepare to hear a lot of crying

*Anne runs in crying*

a- oh my gosh! is it true!?!
l- I'm afraid so
a- c'mere darling, if you want you can live with me for a while
l- i- i think i will be okay
a- yes but you need to be distracted for a while
l- yeah but i don't know how
a- well you could start planning the wedding
l- true, I'm gonna go home and make a list of things i want then harry can make a list and we can compare.


Liz's List for Wedding
1. Flowers- Pink Shamrock
2. Cake- Red Velvet, Chocolate, Vanilla
3. Dress- Picked Out and Reserved
4. Theme for Wedding- Beach Wedding
5. Maid of Honour- Abby (A/Ni have been told you can only have one so i chose my cousin, sorry 5sos_1d girl)
6. Theme for Food- Russell, Abby, Kens/ Longhorn/ Outback/ Texas Roadhouse (what i like Bar-b-Que don't judge me)

7. Music- The Wanted
(just one song, Glad You Came [its catchy okay, but i will always not like them just needed drama] then part of them leave!), Selena Gomez, 5sos, 1D, Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift (sorry not sorry Harry), Cee Lo Green, Carrie Underwood, and Jay Sean. Will discuss what songs later!
8. Guests- People on my Cell, Whoever Harry Wants, 2 Camera People, Nathan and Arianna, possibly Izzy's Brother.
9. Best Man- Whoever Harry Decides (preferably Lois since he is like the last of my family who isn't whacked up in the head (a lot) or has a life threatening disease!)

I laid down my list and went over to Louis' house since i didn't have anything to do and Eleanor was doing something for college at her house. i decided to walk since his house was only five minutes away. when i got to his house i got out my spare key and yelled

Lt- kitchen!
ma- i walked over to his couch and a few seconds later her came in with a giant bag of carrots in his arms.
ma- i thought you got sick of those things?
Lt- i cant be sick of carrots forever, so what can doctor Louis do for ya' today Ms... Mrs. Styles (he said trying to lighten the mood)
ma- just planning the wedding you're not invited to.
Lt- hey! someone must be on there period.
ma- no, i need you to come with me to the hospital.
ma- wait, i look pregnant? now i feel fat.
Lt- oh you're not pregnant, oops.
ma- no, hmm... mum and koti are in the hospital.
Lt- what? why?
ma- just, come on, harry and Anne or down there now and i still need to call jay
Lt- wow this is bad, because you're the only one allowed to call her Jo not even mi allowed to
ma- yeah well, her nickname is jay so might as well start calling her that
Lt- lets get going

*he grabbed his keys for the car since the hospital is almost 20 minutes driving and walking at our speed 1 hour.*

when we got to the hospital Jay was already there and Anne and Harry were in the room.

ma- hey Jay
J- what? did you just call me Jay
Lt- I'm afraid she has Jo
J- Louis William Tomlinson, don't talk to your mother like that!
Lt- yes mum
ma- ha-ha you got in trouble
Lt- oh hush!
J- anyways, the doctor just came out and said that there is a 50 50 chance of curing your mums cancer. as for Koti, she has a 100% curable cancer so they got started on it right away.
ma- okay good
j- how is the wedding planning going
ma- well,i have a feeling your son and his band will be upset with me at the wedding
Lt- why would we be mad?
ma- because i kinda sorta want the wanted to maybe perform a hmm song then one or two of them to stay?
Lt- what! does harry know about this!?!
ma- sorta?
Lt- what do you mean 'sorta'?
ma- he knows but hasn't agreed, but one of them saved my life and the other is Izzy's brother. changing the subject me and harry haven't made 'it' public yet.
Lt- why not?
ma- management
J- ah, i hated management
ma- me too- what is that?

 i was looking around the room when my eyes landed on someone holding a magazine. i walked over to them and said

ma- excuse but could i borrow that magazine real quick its really important?
stranger- uh... sure.

they handed me the magazine then picked up one just like it next to them. i walked back over to Jay and Louis and showed them the magazine.

ma- this is the person i am so called marrying! 

i screeched at Louis and showed him the picture of his best mate, my soon to be fiance, and Kendall Jenner snogging on the cover.

Lt- the hell?
J- Louis! she said and smacked his bum
Lt- Mum! not in public!

 i was too furious with Harry to laugh at Louis. i cant believe he would do this.

~~~This is it for now, i will try and get on my parents more often if i keep this profile bye!~~~

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