They Don't Know (Sequel to Here we go Again)

Harry and Liz are getting married, but not happily. they have a forced marriage and Liz is not very fond of getting married after her son was killed and her best friend (more like sister) was stabbed. the question is will she fall in love with him all over again? but one thing for sure is one way or another, he will get her back.


6. harr, my-

*December 1*
today me and harry have a free day so we were going to start planning the wedding.

h- what are we going to do for music
l- 5sos: heartbreak girl, and wherever you are; 1d: happily, little white lies, and you and i; little mix: move, wings, dna; carrie underwood: blown away, undo it, and before he cheats
h- uhhh, fine! what about a theme for the wedding
l-  beach wedding
h- what kind of cake
l- in three parts; red velvet, chocolate, and vanilla
h- do you have your dress
l- yes
h- food
l- my friend russell is doing deserts and my cousin abby is helping, and for the main food i got kens bar b que along with auntie jo and anne are doing the main course
h- invitations
l- everyone on my cell and whoever you want there
h- do you want to invite izzys brother
l- well, if he does come then he has to promise not to kill niall
h- what about the rest of the wanted
l- no, only nathan since he saved us
h- i have a question
l- what is it
h- why did... why did you accept to do this
l- well... i knew that your mum might not make it... and i know how much you love her and want to make her happy so i did this for her
h- oh... thanks
l- your welcome-
*buzz buzz*
l- i think thats mine
h- answer it
l- hello... oh no... are you serious... where at... okay i will be there in a few... okay bye
h- whats wrong
l- *teary* uhmm... well... tell izzy- to meet me at the westfield hospital (random name)
h- okay
*10 minutes later at westfield*
doctor- hello, is Megan Alyssa in here?
l- right here
d- come with me

Harry's P.O.V

i was getting worried about liz, she never told me what happened, just then the same doctor called me back too for who knows what reason.

d- liz would like to see you
h- really? okay.
about 5 minutes later we got to the surgery part of the hospital, i was getting worried.

*in the room*
l- HARRY!?!
h- woah, what happened?
right then she told me the worst news a child could ever hear.
l- harry, my-

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