They Don't Know (Sequel to Here we go Again)

Harry and Liz are getting married, but not happily. they have a forced marriage and Liz is not very fond of getting married after her son was killed and her best friend (more like sister) was stabbed. the question is will she fall in love with him all over again? but one thing for sure is one way or another, he will get her back.


27. Don't push your luck Harold

~May 9th~

   3 days after she was shot, Danielle was released from the hospital and was in good health. Luckily the wedding was tomorrow so she could be the maid of honor. I explained to Izzy why it was Danielle instead of her and she was super ecstatic to get to it. Liam doesn't know that the maid of honor is Danielle so he thought he would be walking with Izzy. Sadly, he invited Sophia as his plus one but thank god she declined and said it would be too awkward with Danielle being their at all. Only me, Tiff, Danielle, and the rest of the girls plus Harry knew that Liam would be the one to walk her. Tonight we are having the bachelor party and this is what we wore.

(Victoria's is Megan's, I accidentally typed the wrong name)

We decided to go out for dinner and then go somewhere instead of clubbing since Dani can't have alcohol and we just didn't need hangover's tomorrow.The place we decided on for Dinner was Olive Garden. As soon as we got inside they led us to a table since I called in a reservation in the car and there were a bunch of paparazzi outside. After about five minutes of waiting and ordering our drinks our waiter came back and he looked strangely familiar. I looked at his name tag and it said Michael. When he spoke I remembered who he was.

Michael. "Does everybody know what they want to order?"
M. "Oh my Lord"
E. "What's wrong?" she leaned next to me since she was sitting their.
M. "Its Michael" I whispered. She knew the whole story since I told her when we went through the whole truth or dare scenario and the date with Justin thing a while ago.
E. *Gasp* "Are you sure?" I nodded
E. "Yeah that is not good, just pretend you don't remember him." I nodded again.
M. "I will have the um.. the Smoked Mozzarella Chicken with no red peppers"
E. "I will have the Chicken Alfredo." she practically snapped his head off which made him back away a little. Izzy and Danielle had no idea so they were confused.
I. "I will have the Crab Topped Chicken with no spinach."
D. "And I will have the same as Megan" she pointed at me and I went wide-eyed along with Eleanor.
Michael. "Megan, I used to have a girlfriend who looked just like you with the same name."


His eyes traveled down my body trying to observe me causing me to shift closer to the wall. I looked down at my phone and I could feel his eyes burning a hole in the side of my head. I texted Izzy and Danielle the whole story and five minutes later they got it since I had to type out a lot. They gasped which meant they probably got it. I nodded now noticing that our waiter was still here causing Izzy to tell him she was starving and asked him to put the order in. She has been a lot nicer throughout the whole pregnancy so I am going to miss it. About twenty minutes later we got our food and the bill. I grabbed it out of Eleanor's hand because she was glaring at something on the slip and saw a little note on the bottom.


I know you remember me, I certainly remember you... and that beautiful body ;) Call me and we can pick up where we left off. ~Mikey (555) 759-3157 (made up number, do not call it!)

I just stared at the receipt and decided to ruin it. After he came back we paid and he winked at me and I almost gagged. (P.S. This is NOT Michael from 5sos, I just thought this would be a good name to use since it is really common.) Once we got in the car and drove around for about 10 minutes I decided to call him.

Michael. "I have been waiting for your call."
M. "Yeah well this is not anything to celebrate Michael Anthony. I just called to tell you to leave me the hell alone and to shut up and I will never be your girl again a$$hoIe!"


After that I hung up and blocked his number so he couldn't call me again. After that we just went to my house and when we got inside we saw the guys playing beer pong and giggling like idiots. Harry was about to walk over to me but I ran upstairs and texted him.


Its bad luck to see the bride 24 hours before the wedding ~M
Aww... but thats means we can't do anything :( ~H
Not for 9 months, did you forget I'm pregnant? ~M
Oh yeah! Well I love you and I can't wait for tomorrow <3 ~H
Love you too! I'm gonna go to bed, gn. Sleep in the guest room tonight. ~M
This counts for at night too! This is so hard not to go up there right now and hug you and kiss you and... well you know where I'm getting at ;) ~H
Don't push your luck Harold, good night! Hey Louis! ~M
I knew he was probably reading this and I heard a hey come back up.

"Goodnight!" I yelled and they yelled a hey back. I can't wait for tomorrow!

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