They Don't Know (Sequel to Here we go Again)

Harry and Liz are getting married, but not happily. they have a forced marriage and Liz is not very fond of getting married after her son was killed and her best friend (more like sister) was stabbed. the question is will she fall in love with him all over again? but one thing for sure is one way or another, he will get her back.


16. 3 chapters what are you doing, wow umm... yeah, and men

The boys flight has just left and I think Izzy took it the hardest. I mean for Gods sake, they wouldn't let Niall take his wife! Sometimes I just wish I could beat managements arses. one of the reasons I wish she could have went is that she blabs... a lot to Niall. Like she even told him when I went shopping for 'personal things'.

M. "Hey Izzy, me and el have to go to the dentist so I hope you can be home alone for a while."
I. "What? why can't I go?"
M. "Well, you need to rest or you could hang out with Kenzie."
I. "It's hard enough to be without my husband and now my friends are ditching me?"
M. "What? why would we ditch you, we just have some stuff to do and you need to rest."

I quickly grabbed Eleanor's hand and dragged her to hail a cab before Izzy could ask us anymore questions. We hailed a cab and went to the Westfield Dental Offices to get the dentist appointment over. After she was cleared of cavities we went to the doctors and lets just say, there was more unexpected than we thought.

D. "Hello Eleanor, how are you feeling today?"
E. "Umm... well I'm a little upset and I'm feeling a little sick but other than that I feel fine."
D. "And why would you be upset?"
E. "Because my boyfriend is going away for a year and I won't see him for about a year."
D. "Okay well, I will spread this gel on your stomach and that will determine whether you are pregnant or not."
M. "How will it determine whether she's pregnant or not?"
E. "Yeah"
D. "It will show a picture on the screen of your uterus and will show if there is a baby developing"

She soon spread the gel on Eleanor's stomach and the picture developed. what is showed shocked us all, she wasn't pregnant.

E. "I I don't get it"
D. "Well sometimes your body shows signs of possible future children but other than that you are free."
E. "Oh my gosh, thank you doctor!"

Just then I started to get sick again so I rushed to the bathroom and bent over the toilet. I felt someone pull my hair back and give me a hair tie. I looked back and saw Eleanor and we went back to the room.

D. "Well, I think it's time to test you Ms..."
M. "Ball"
D. "Well Ms. Ball, I believe it's time to test you because you are showing hints of..."
M. "No I can't be!" she spread the gel on my stomach and it showed... a little baby.
M. "How, how am I going to to tell him?"
E. "I don't know hun, but I will be there for you" she smiled down at me.

After we left the office, we walked back to the house thinking of excuses when really it only took 5 minutes to get home. as soon as we walked in the door we heard laughing but we weren't shocked to see izzy already on Skype with Niall and Harry, oh joy! hence the sarcasm. I tried to avoid the camera seeing me but Izzy called me in to say hi.

I. "See I told you she would be home soon."
H. "Alright you got me, where were you guys?"
M. "Umm... we went the dentist then walked around town."
H. "Oh, how did it go?"
E. "no cavities, I'm good." she said all giggly when Louis walked in.
L "hey guys! what's up?"

I left the room to go get something to eat and came back with blueberries and whipped cream with a cherry. I walked back in the room and everyone was shocked at what I was eating.

H. "Is that blueberries and a cherry? I thought you hated those?"
M. "What I can change my mind."

I snapped eating some more. after that little scene, everyone just carried on the conversation and I just walked up to my room. I knew that no one noticed that I left, not even my fiancé. I just curled up into a ball and looked at the ring on my finger. I took it off then slid it back on over and over again. eventually Eleanor came in the room and I just kept sliding it on and off.

E. "what are you doing?" she giggled.
M. "Just thinking" I kept on but left it off for a minute.
E. "of?" she jumped on my bed stomach down.
M. "If I should really get married" I mumbled.


M. "If I should really get married" I mumbled.

E. "what? I didn't catch that"
M. "If I should really get married" I repeated a bit louder.
E. "huh? speak up woman"
M. "I don't think I should get married."

I snapped at her pretty sure the whole house could hear me. but then I heard laughing downstairs so I was sure that they didn't.

E. "why don't you wanna get married all of a sudden."
M. "When I was down there he barely said a word to me, he doesn't want this baby, it's just becoming to much. I mean he said more to his best friends wide that he just met about like a year ago than his fiancé that he has known for almost 6-7 years."
E. "okay I will give you that but-"
M. "No there are no buts."

I interrupted taking off my ring and trying to go to sleep. Just then I felt the bed dip and izzy set the laptop on my hip but I just ignored it.

H. "Hello? Hello? Wake up wake up it's time to wake up. Hello?"
N. "I think she's ignoring you Haz" and I gave him a thumbs up signalling he was right.
N. "what did you do?"
H. "I don't know"
E. "you don't want a baby"
H. "What, it's not like she's pregnant" after that the whole room got quiet.
H. "Wait, are you-"
N. "hey, where is her ring at?"
H. "What? it should be on her finger." then I felt him looking at my hand so I move it under the covers.
E. "it's on he desk dumb*ss"
N. "seriously what did you do?" I looked up and saw Niall slapping Harry with the London Times.
H. "I don't know!"
M. "Guys stop it I'm not in the mood, get Louis in here."
N. "Lou get in here!"
L. "Sup"
M. "Guys can you just give us a minute?"

After everyone left except for Louis and Eleanor, I started to talk.

M. "Louis we have something to tell you but promise not to tell anyone except maybe Jay"
L. "You're scaring me, but yes"
E. "well after I went to the dentist, we went to a pregnancy centre because we thought I was pregnant"
L. "That's what that was about but why didn't you tell me?"
M. "We're getting there. umm it turned out that Eleanor isn't pregnant"
L. "Aww"
M. But, I am" I whispered
L. "What?"
E. "she's pregnant not me" she replied.
L. "What?! I'm gonna murder Harry!"
E. "that's not all"
L. "What else?" I could tell be was furious
M. "He doesn't know I'm pregnant and umm"
E. "she's questioning if they should get married"
L. "I'm too young to be an uncle"
M. "But the problem is he pretty much doesn't want to have this baby"
L. "Why do you say that?"
M. "He said he's too young to be a dad"
L. "Well he is turning 20 next month that is a little young"
M. "I know but I don't want to have an abortion or put them up for adoption I wanna keep 'em."
L. "Then keep the baby, now about the marriage matter, why are you questioning all of a sudden?"
M. "Because earlier when we were downstairs, he barely said 2 words to me. he talked to his best mates wife that he's o my known for about a year more than his fiancé that he's known for 6-7 years!"
L. "Yes but-"
M. "No buts Louis! He doesn't want the baby and I don't think he was even thinking when he proposed because normally he at least tries to talk to me! but no he doesn't so I am almost done with this! get Niall in here."
L. "Niall c'mere"
N. "yeah mate?"
L. "She wants you" I could tell he was stressed because that vein was popping out of his neck"
N. "you needed me?"
M. "Promise not to tell Harry?"
N. "wow umm... yeah."
M. "He's a father" I replied bluntly. after I said that he fainted.
M. "Niall? Niall? we have Nandos"
N. "what? where?"
M. "No where you just fainted."
N. "Don't do that"
M. "Fine but you promised so don't tell him"
H. "Tell who what" he said eating a banana coming out of the bathroom
E. "you about her baby cousin being born this summer"
H. "What's up with everyone talking about babies all of a sudden?"
M. "I I gotta go, bye"

I quickly got up off my bed before he could question me and went to the kitchen. A few minutes later Eleanor joined me in the kitchen and strayed talking.

E. "you realise you pretty much just told him you're pregnant right?" she whispered since izzy was in the next room.
M. "Yeah" I sighed
E. "you're lucky I told him you're till upset about the other night before the karaoke club"
M. "Thanks you're a great friend"
E. "you too"
I. "Hey guys" she wobbled into the kitchen.
M. "Woah catching up to Godzilla huh" I giggled
I. "Shut up you're gonna be here soon to"
M. "What?"
I. "What you don't know? Harry wants to have a baby with you when he gets back from tour" she shrugged
M. "You just can't hush can you?"
I. "What do you mean?"
M. "You can't keep a secret can you"
I. "I can too!"
M. "Name one secret that you have kept"
I. "That Harry still texts Kendall"
M. "What?! why didn't you tell me?"
I. "He said not to and I just did danget!"
M. "See you can't keep a secret"
I. "Fine"
M. "That means I can't tell you mine"
I. "Aww"
M. "You will figure it out pretty soon"

I said walking away back into my room, I noticed that they left Skype on and I heard Niall and Harry talking.

N. "mate you gotta stop talking to her"
H. "Who?" he said oblivious that I'm here but Niall saw me and got all bug eyed so I mouthed continue.
N. "Kendall"
H. "Nothing's going on between us" he said still texting so I crossed my arms biting my lip.
N. "oh yeah, tell that to her." he said pointing at me.
H. "Who-" he spun around and saw me.
M. "Bye bye Harry"

I snapped and logged out before he could say something. After that I kept getting texts from him but I just set it to where they just go to the trash immediately. a few minutes later he just starts calling so I sent it to voicemail. I just walked over to Eleanor and cried into her shoulder.

M. "I can't so this anymore"
E. "no you gotta stay here, it gets boring without you."
M. "No I jut need to go visit someone"
E. "alright but call me everyday"
M. "I will"

I went upstairs and made a very important phone call.

A. "Hello?"
M. "Hey Anne"
A. "Hello sweetie how may I help you?"
M. "Yes I'll have a cheeseburger and a coke" I giggled
A. "Clever"
M. "Hey Anne do you think I could visit?"
A. "Sure honey doors are always open for you"
M. "Thank you I will meet you maybe tomorrow."
A. "Okay I will see you then, bye hun'
M. "Bye"


As I was packing Eleanor came into the room and started helping me.

E. "hey?"
M. "Yeah?"
E. "do you really think the best way to get away from him is to go to his mom?"
M. "I'm not doing it to get away from-" just then I got a call from Niall. I knew it might be Harry so I asked Eleanor to answer it so she out it on speaker.

E. "papa johns pizzeria how may I help you?" she giggled.
N. "hey it's me, umm could i get an extra large Harry needs to sort his life out with extra cheese?" he chuckled.
E. "I'm sorry we don't serve that but we do serve Nandos which we are eating tonight"
N. "without me? I thought you loved me el!" he fake cried
E. "nope you got me mistaken for your wife who can't keep a secret"
N. "what did she say this time?"
E. "she said Harry wants to have babies with Megan when he gets back from tour."
N. "really? We need to talk about that."
E. "yup"
N. "anyways, the reason I called is because someone over here has a blocked number to his fiancés phone."
M. "Nope not gonna talk"
N. "umm you are right now, anyways here he is"
M. "Niall! I'm gonna kill that little Irish-"
E. "umm hey Harry"
H. "Hi, is she still there." I shook my head back and forth but some people have other plans.
E. "yup still here" she handed me the phone and I started glaring at her.
M. "You have 5 seconds to live. 1.. 2.. 5.." Then I chased her around the house.
E. "what happened to 3 and 4?!"
H. "Umm... still here"
M. "What do you want?" I snapped when I caught el and started sitting on her.
H. "I wanted to say it-"
M. "Wasn't what it looked like?" I raised an eyebrow even though he couldn't see but I bet he knew I was doing it.
H. "Yes because-"
M. "No Harry there is no reason to go behind you fiancés back and talk to a girl she doesn't like for days and weeks and months!" I shrieked at him.
H. "I was getting her to help me plan a party for you!"
M. "Then why did Niall say what he said when y'all left Skype on?"
H. "Because..."
M. "You don't have a reason" I could feel el squirming beneath me.
H. "No but please, why are you going to my mums house?"
M. "It's none of your business"
H. "Why won't you tell me?"
M. "Because its nothing you need to know of" I snapped.
H. "But-" I cut him off by hanging up on him.

M. "Men" I grumbled.

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