My Name Is Four

I am Tobias Eaton. Most people know me as Four. I have only four fears, so I went along with that name once I chose Dauntless as my permanent Faction.


1. The Difference Between Love and Destiny

                       My name is Four. I live in the Dauntless faction. I am the first person to ever, and I mean in the history of all factions, switch from Abnegation to Dauntless. I was the only one, in fact before Tris Prior came along. 

                                  She is the cause of the rebellion, I should say. Ever since she became a Dauntless, and she was even the first jumper, eber since she became one of us, nothing has been the same. Simulations, attacks, evil leaders, and everything leading up to this war, started with her becoming Dauntless. I should say that I have known her for beauty, even though she was Abnegation at first. When her brother transferred to Erudite, I saw in my mind that there would be no way in the world that she would stay Abnegation. I know what her test results are. She is the most unique tester for the time being. I know of DIVERGENT people, but they usually get TWO results, not Three. She qualified for Abnegation- the selfless, Erudite- the intelligent, and Dauntless- The brave. The only factions she did not qualify for were Amity- the peaceful, and Candor- the honest. 

         I am said to be the lover of Beatrice Prior. I am not DIVERGENT. I am ALLEGIANT. Allegiance is when you are only for one faction, but you can overcome the simulations, and not be under full-body-attack. I would never, and I mean ever, give up my body to the hopeless, and lifeless Janine. Nobody would. If I could ever do anything about changing the past, I would actually keep it the same. You are probably wondering 


                                 And I have a perfect explanation for it. You never know, I could have been killed by Eric at this point, or I could have been taken away from Tris. If I changed it, what would my life be? What would I do for training? You don't go through better training, than if you go into war itself. 

             Nobody knows if you would die, if you hadn't saved that girl from being shot, or if you hadn't let the kid punch you instead of a kid that couldn't defend himself. 

You could have bought a soda, and it saving someone from dying.





In my opinion, the difference between love and destiny is that love, it can be stopped. Destiny is inevitable. You can't do anything in order to keep someone from their destiny. They are destined for it to happen, even if they are on their deathbed.

Every way possible for me to say that, I can't bring myself to say it to her face. Yes, I do think about her all the time. Yes, I do love her. Yes, she is the reason I'm alive right now. She saved me from the most traumatizing event in history. [History of me, anyways.] I can't get over the fact that she DID bring me there. DID help me overtake Jeanine. She DID start the war. It has never been fake for me. It has always been like this. Well, ever since I grazed her ear with that knife. She has ALWAYS been MINE.

I am who I am because of her.

I am the brave one because of her.

She saved me to be who I am.

She made me DAUNTLESS.

I made her DAUNTLESS.

We needed each other more than we had ever needed anything.


She may have freaking ruined the lives of the population inside the fence, but she will always be a hero to me.

She will always be my other half.

We are one.

We are the only reason the other is alive.

We are the creation of something beautiful.

I wish I never lost her.

Maybe I didn't.

She was kidnapped.

I don't even know anymore.

I just can't even think about what happened.

Not that night.

I WILL find her.




Some people would call this obsessing.

Others dedication.

I call it GUT.

I think that if I try to find her, I will just leave the fence if it doesn't work.



No more factions.


I will be normal.

No more simulations to take over the population.

I will become a regular American citizen.

I will not be Dauntless.

I will be me.

How to be me, I don't know.

Which me?





I can't do this.

No more thinking.

I will do everything I can to love her once more,

tell her again.


To hold her.

To be with her.


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