Silent Nightmare (Silent Hill/Resident Evil)

As of 52 hours ago, the Presidents daughter Nereyda has been pronounced missing. Her last known location she was traveling with her security team in Pennsylvania back to Washington D.C. They lost contact with her after they were experiencing nightmarish illusions, hallucinations, and dreams. Apparently they were in an accident, something walked in front of them in the middle of the road causing them to drive off. We heard little reports from them here and there, some distorted and barely audible, but what ever was happening their wasn't good. They reported strange creatures roaming around during the night and day. But after a few hours we never heard anything from them again.

Now we are sending our best S.T.A.R.S. (Special Tactics and Rescue Squad) members to rescue Nereyda from..Silent Hill, the tainted town filled with death, sorrow, darkness, and fire. What we failed to mention to the team was Silent Hill's dark and evil past...

Will they





24. U.B.C.S. Reunion

Leaping for Sherry, Lisa slides on the ground going over the edge and grabbing Sherry's hand. Looking up Sherry see's Jill pulling Lisa up by her other arm. Groaning in pain, Lisa attempt's to pull Sherry up but fail's. Blood begin's to trickle down her arm and onto Sherry's face. Wiping it away, "Lisa, I can't pull myself up!" Sherry anxiously shout's as she look's below her to see even more creature's huddling below her. "Kick you're self off the window, when you get high enough I'm gonna let you go and Jill's gonna grab you!" Sherry nod's her head, frowning she look's up Lisa, "What about you? She's gonna drop you!" 

Shaking her head, "I'll be fine! Ready?" Sherry nod's her head, she lift's up her feet and pushes off the window. Barely going up, she slams back into the window. Trying again, she leap's off the window high up, Lisa quickly let's her go. Jill let's Lisa go and grab's Sherry. Falling down, Sherry quickly look's down to see Lisa falling. "No Lisa! No!" 

Suddenly a Mandarin's arm crashes through the third floor window, grabbing Lisa and pulling her in. Tossing her to the side, she slam's into the the wall. Sliding to the ground she pull's out her handgun and shoot's the creature in the head multiple times. Dropping dead on the ground, blood squirting out it begin's to twitch. Panting, she groan's grabbing her leg. Looking down at it she see's some flesh torn off. Looking down at her stomach she see's a small gash. Gulping loudly, she get's up and sit's down on the bed. Grabbing her bag, still barely hanging on her belt she pulls out wipes and start's wiping away the blood on her. 

"Jill!" Sherry shout's, Jill quickly nod's her head and pulls her up they soon hear the gunshot's under them. Sitting over the edge, they stop to listen, "Is she..?" Sherry nervously ask's. Jill shakes her head, "I can hear her down their. C'mon!" Jill slowly get's Sherry up. Trudging toward's the broken down door, Sherry stumbles trying to hold herself up. Sherry put's her shoulder over Jill's slowly taking each step down slow, taking out her handgun Sherry cautiously aim's around the staircase.

Lisa wipes away the last bit of blood on her stomach, throwing it on the ground with the other handful of wipes. Grabbing a thin strand of thread and needle, she begin's to sow up her leg. Groaning in pain, a tear stream's down her cheek. In something walking in the hallway, she aim's her handgun at the open door. Hearing the shuffling, her hand begin's to shake. Jill and Sherry both step into the room aiming the gun at each other, Lisa let's out a sigh as she set's her gun down on the bed. Jill carries Sherry onto the bed, laying her down. 

Stitching up the last bit of her leg, Lisa put's the needle back in her bag. Bringing her attention to Sherry's wound's she see's her shirt black from the explosion's, soaked in blood from the creature's, scratches and gashes all over her back and leg's. 

"My god, Sherry. You've been through hell." Lisa softly hum's as she begin's wiping away the blood off her body. Looking up at Jill standing near them with little scratches on her, "Thank you, Jill. If you wouldn't of been their a second later I'd be dead." Lisa give's her a small smile. Jill nod's her head back. 

"Do you think Leon and Claire will find us before the creature's get us?" Lisa nervously ask's. Jill put's a hand on her hip's, biting her nail. "I don't know, but we can't stay here much longer. Lisa?" Jill calls for her. Looking back up at her with her attention drawn. 

"That wasn't supposed to happen, was it?" Lisa bites her lip as she look's down. "You mean the fucking monster catching me? No, I was..prepared to sacrifice myself for her. She's like..the daughter or sister I never had. She mean's so much to me." Lisa smiles at Sherry. Jill nod's her head, double taking a look at Sherry they both notice her body healing. Lisa stop's wiping away the blood and takes a step back. Both giving her an odd look, Sherry open's her eyes to see them staring. 

"Lisa? Jill? What is it? What's wrong?" Lisa and Jill both glance at each other nervously. Shaking she begin's to look at them both quickly. "What is it?" She shout's. 

"Sherry, how are you healing?" Lisa anxiously ask's as she point's to Sherry wound's nearly gone. Looking down at herself, she sigh's as they completely disappear. "I was used as an experiment for the G-virus, I was experimented on for year's, it adjusted and adapted to me, which in turn somehow gave me regenerative abilities." Lisa and Jill both widen their eye's in shock, they both quickly sit down on each side of her. "That's an amazing ability, incredible!" Jill chuckles as she lift's up the back of Sherry's shirt to see it smooth. 

"Wait! We need to get to the roof! I saw something up their before you guy's got their. We need to go check it out now before it's too late. C'mon!" Sherry quickly get's up, pulling Jill and Lisa on their feet. Slowly poking her head out the door, she see's the hallway empty. Walking out, they all make for the stair's. Going up them they step onto the roof to see it empty. Pointing ahead of them on the other end of the roof, they see the blood stains and two bodies torn apart. 

Walking up the bodies, they see them to be two other security gaurd's, but their head's chewed on and intestines out on their lap's. "Jesus." Jill groan's as she crouches down next to them. "We saw another guard on the first floor. His hands and feet were cut off." Lisa add's as she look's behind them at the door. Shaking her head in disgust Jill checks their pocket. Pulling out their badges, she checks them. "Yup, they were Nereyda's guard's." 

Lisa walk's away from the ground toward's the edge of the roof. 

"How many of them were their?" Sherry ask's as she crosses her arm's. "I think if I'm not mistaken about five?" Sherry nod's her head, counting them. "We've found three so far, you think we'll find the rest?" Jill shrug's her shoulder's, "Dead or alive?" 

Lisa quickly turn's around, "Guy's! Come here!" They both jog toward's her looking out into the horizon looking around. "What is it Lisa?" Jill curiously ask's. Lisa point's farther ahead of them into the wood's to see bright light's and music playing. Sherry and Jill both give each other a frown, "Is that carnival music playing?" Lisa nod's her head. 

"We should get going. Maybe we can find a way around these thing's?" Jill suggest as she starts walking toward's the door. Sherry and Lisa both glance below them to see the Hotel surrounded. Looking back they  start walking to the door also, "How are we going to get out of here. This place is completely surrou-" Sherry cut's her self off as she hear's cracking beneath them. Holding back Lisa, they both stop and listen. Jill waiting at the door notices them and walk's back to them. "What's up?" Shushing her, they all stand still. 

Suddenly the ground begin's to crack and separate. Gasping, the girl's huddle around each other as the Hotel begin's to collapse. Panicking, Lisa run's to the edge and overlook's the ground to see anything of use. "What are we gonna do?! We're gonna die!" Lisa scream's as she turns to face the girls. Jill look's down and see's something, "We're gonna jump!" Lisa and Sherry both give her a 'what the hell' look. 

The suddenly hear screeching behind them, looking back they see undead, Armless men, and a Cancer trudging toward's them. "Jump!" Jill scream's as she leap's over the edge. Sherry and Lisa grab hand's as they jump over the edge, screaming all the way down they splash into the pool. Breaching the surface they begin gasping for air, laughing "We're alive!" 

A piece of concrete splashes into the pool, looking up they see more and more of the Hotel crumbling apart. Swimming to the edge, they quickly crawl out of the pool and rush away from the building. Rushing onto the lawn, they see the creatures fighting to get out of the building, jumping out of window's, and cracked open wall's. Running for the wood's, they look back to see the ten's of dozen's monster's chasing after them. Seeing the hill, they quickly begin to climb it. Reaching the top, they begin panting. Glancing at the bottom they see the hoard of creature's looking up at the them. "I'm so tired, I can't keep running!" Sherry exclaim's as she bend's over breathing in quickly. 

Jill grab's Sherry and drag's her along as they run along the side of the hill toward's the music, Lisa quickly following she glances back down one last time to notice the creature's just staring at them run away. "Jill, they're not following anymore." Jill and Sherry both stop and look down at them continuing to stare. 

"I don't like that at all." Sherry softly say's in between breath's. Jill nod's her as she glances at Sherry and Lisa watching the monsters anxiously. Tugging at Sherry's arm, they begin walking toward's the music with their handgun's out anxiously awaiting anything to attack. The creature's stay still watching them fade away into the foggy wood's.



Running along the road away from the few remaining creatures Leon look's back to see Claire, Ada, Heather and James with Carlos' arm around her shoulder's behind him beaten up and bruised from the attack. Panting they stop for a few second's, Carlos begin's to talk with shaky breaths. "Leave me. Just go." James shakes his head, "No, we can't just leave you." Carlos slowly look's up at James giving him a smug look, his face white. Leon shakes his head, "I won't do it. You're gonna make it. We just have to make it a little longer, till we find someplace to hid and just figure our next move out." Claire and Heather anxiously wait with their handgun's in hand looking back to see the creature's gaining on them. 

"I can't. You're just gonna have to leave me." Carlos cough's out, blood trickling down the side of his lip's. Putting a hand on Leon's shoulder she moves him out the way, grabbing Carlos by the chin with one hand she faces him towards her, "Listen here, we don't have time to sit here and listen to you bitch about a little bit mosquito bit on you're neck. Either you get your ass up! Or you get you're ass eaten alive by those those!" Ada turn's his head to the side to see the creature's nearly about 30 feet from them. Getting up she start's to walk away with Heather. Claire keeping her eye's on the dozen's of creature's almost to them, looking back and forth between Leon and the creatures she scream's. "Leon!" 

Carlos throw's himself into Leon's arm's, holding onto him Leon begin's to drag Carlos with him. Claire and James face their back to to the group walking backward's shooting at any of the creature's getting remotely close. 

"Help Leon. I'll cover you!" James quickly nod's his head and places his shotgun on his back. Grabbing on to Carlos he wrap's Carlos' arm around Leon, they both quicken their pace. Running back Heather stand's next to Claire and help's shoot down more and more creature's gaining. "Claire, Heather c'mon!" James scream's, Claire and Heather both quickly nod their head. Turning on their heel they both run away catching up with the group. Ada up ahead of them shout's pointing to the side at a sign. 

Claire shout's, "What does it say?!" as she catches up to Leon with Heather guarding him. James run's up next to Ada. Glancing at the sign he softly read's it to himself, "Lighthouse down path on shores of Toluca Lake" Looking at Ada she shrug's her shoulder's. "Should we go here for shelter till we can continue?" Ada nod's her head toward's the group, "Right." James say's as he turn's to face the group nearly a foot from him. 

"C'mon, their's a lighthouse down this path. We can rest in their for a bit and help with Carlos' injuries." Leon and Claire both nod their head's, "You hear that Carlos, we found a place to rest and fix you up." Carlos let's out a sigh, letting all his weight weigh down Leon, "Carlos? Buddy you gotta stay awake!" Leon tosses Carlos over his shoulder's as they head down the ashy windy path toward's the lighthouse. Ada ahead of everyone hear's twigs snapping almost everywhere around them sighing in annoyance to herself she pull's out her handgun and cock's it. Her dress flapping in the wind to the side, she walk's past everyone back to the road. Leon quickly look's back and tug's her dress. 

"What the hell do you think you're doing Ada?" Ada smirk's as she shakes her head and continues walking. Leon grunt's as he put's Carlos on James, "You guy's keep going! Hurry!" Heather and James both nod their head's quickly and walk away fading into the windy fog. Claire stand's their looking at the back of Leon's head, hesitating she let's out a hurt sigh. Turning around she catches up to Heather and James. 

"Ada, I asked you a question. What are you doing?!" Hearing more and more twig's snapping around them Ada chuckles slightly looking back at Leon, she pulls out her glasses from her holster. Tossing them back at him, he catches them. Looking down at them then back up at her with a confusing look. "I'm doing something I never thought I would. But go Leon. I can't drag you into this, they need you. Now go." Ada softly say's as she hold's up her handgun next to her face. 

"But Ada, what are you doing?" Leon takes a step toward's her, sighing to herself she look's back ahead of her. "I told you. Something I never thought I would for someone, let alone people I find annoying yet incredible. Why I'm even doing this is..not like my self. Leon, get out of here. This is something I have to do. Please."

Feeling a twinge in his chest, his brain telling him to leave, his heart telling him to stay and his gut telling him to leave. Taking a step back he nod's his head "You better be at that damn Lighthouse soon, or I'll kill you myself." Chuckling to herself she glances back at him, "Will do." Taking even more step's away from him Ada call's out for him. "Leon!" The wind suddenly begin's to pick up, howling into the night sky not being able to hear what she say's he only see's her lip's moving with a bright smile on her face. Standing their with a confused look, Ada look's back ahead of her and walk's into the fog. Disappearing. Walking even deeper into the fog Ada stop's as she hear's the low growl's and screeches from the surrounding creature's. Looking all around her she see's black figure's in the fog closing in on her, smirking to herself she hold's her handgun next to her.

"Ada.." Leon softly call's out for her. "No, I can't leave her. Ad-!" Claire's loud cries echo past him. Turning around her hear's her even louder cries for him. Hesitating, he look's back in the direction of Ada shaking his head he frown's as he run's down the path toward's the Lighthouse. Running down the path Claire's plead's become louder, running out of the wood's he see's the Lighthouse on a small Peninsula with Toluca Lake on it's left, right and behind it. Looking up at the top of the Lighthouse he see's the light off. Inside he hear's Claire and Heather both nervously talking loudly about Carlos. 

Walking up to the door, he open's it and step's inside to see a spiral staircase along the wall's going up to the very top. In the middle he see's Claire and Heather huddling over Carlos, "What's wrong?!" Heather moves away with blood all over her hand's. Looking down a Claire, he nearly slip's. Looking down he see's a pool of blood, walking around it he see's blood squirting out of his wounded neck. Claire tear's away a piece of her cloth and wrap's it around her neck. Looking up she see's Leon, "We need Lisa! She has just about all the medical supplies, we just have anti-bacterial wipes and some band-aid's. What are we gonna do?" Heather begin wiping away her hand's on a curtain laying over some furniture. Pulling it off she see's a ordinary sized drawer with something on it shining. Picking up the item she examines it, only for it to be a small green spray. "First Aid-Spray" spinning the can of spray, she read's the directions. 


"Leon! Look what I found" walking up to him she hand's him the spray looking it over a small smile forms at the corner of his lips, "This will hopefully work!" Holding the can in his hand, Heather and Claire both step back. Crouching over Carlos, Leon spray's his neck. Spraying the entire bottle, he takes a step back. Carlos' wound begin's to heal up, the bite on his neck begins to disappear. Everyone let's out a sigh of relief dropping the can Heather notices his face still white. "He's..still white. Why isn't it working? Did he lose too much blood!?" Leon closes his eyes and nod's his head stepping back Claire crosses her arm's. Heather sit's down on a step shaking her head. 

"He'll disappear soon. We should head to the top of the Lighthouse and see if we can turn on that light source and maybe see if we can find Jill." Heather and Claire both nod their head's, "Actually James is already up their trying to turn it back on or anything really." They all begin walking up the staircase. "Where's Ada?" 

Leon stop's walking, images of her walking away from him and disappearing into the fog. Claire tap's him on the shoulder from the back. "She stayed back, she said she needed to do something." Heather glances back at them, "Is she going to be okay?" 

Leon nod's his head, "Of course, she's the best/" Heather nod's her head, they continue walking up the spiral staircase. Standing below a metal plated floor, a small ladder leading up the floor Heather quickly climb's it, banging on the metal it open's. Pulling herself up she see's the small area, with windows surrounding them and a skinny walkway around the outside and the lamp still off in the center. Leon and Claire both climb and inside the room. James look's back down, "Where' he?" Looking anxiously at Claire, she closes her eyes and shakes her head. "Dammit." 

Closing the metal hatch, they all walk around the lamp to see two oil canister's. Lifting them up Heather lightly shakes them to hear a small amount of liquid in them. "Their's oil, why haven't you turned them on yet James?" Turning to James, they see him sitting on the outside looking out over the Lake. Jumping through a open window, they all stand around him. 

"What are we gonna do? We've lost Carlos. God know's where the hell Sherry, Lisa and Jill are or if their even alive. For now it's just us four and we still need to get inside the town." James point's the left to see the outline of the town a few miles away from them. "And we still have to meet up with the other's their, and search for Nereyda. And to add even more shit on top, Umbrella logo's keep popping up everywhere." Leon and Claire glance at each other then back to James to see him pointing inside the lighthouse. Peering inside Claire look's at the ground and the lamp to see nothing, glancing up at the ceiling she see's the Umbrella logo covering the entire ceiling. "It's hear alright." 

Jumping into the little room, she picks up the oil canister's and pour's it onto the lamp. Grabbing a lighter from her pocket, she light's the lamp. The lamp quickly shines, nearly blinding Claire Covering her face she takes a few step's back and jump's through the window. "We just need to rest abit, then we'll head out. Just keep an eye out for anyone down their." Everyone nod's their head. 


A sharp pain begin's to pinch into Carlos mind, slowly opening his eyes he see's a faint light shinning his eye's, groaning in pain cover's his eyes. Rolling onto his stomach, he get's on all four's. Hearing a low footstep, coming closer to him he turn's around to see someone's feet in front of him. Looking up into the blinding flashlight, he hear's a chuckle from the person. "Well, well, what do we have here. My lost comrade, what a surprise to find you in this place." Carlos' eyes widen as he recognizes the man's accent. Gulping loudly, the man moves the light away revealing his face. Carlos staring at the man with wide eye's, shakes his head chuckling "Nikolai Zinoviev."

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