Silent Nightmare (Silent Hill/Resident Evil)

As of 52 hours ago, the Presidents daughter Nereyda has been pronounced missing. Her last known location she was traveling with her security team in Pennsylvania back to Washington D.C. They lost contact with her after they were experiencing nightmarish illusions, hallucinations, and dreams. Apparently they were in an accident, something walked in front of them in the middle of the road causing them to drive off. We heard little reports from them here and there, some distorted and barely audible, but what ever was happening their wasn't good. They reported strange creatures roaming around during the night and day. But after a few hours we never heard anything from them again.

Now we are sending our best S.T.A.R.S. (Special Tactics and Rescue Squad) members to rescue Nereyda from..Silent Hill, the tainted town filled with death, sorrow, darkness, and fire. What we failed to mention to the team was Silent Hill's dark and evil past...

Will they





20. Time Travel

Ada swaying her hips side to side, stop's a few inches from Leon both staring at each other intensely. A small smirk begin's to form from Ada's lip's. Shoving the sniper rifle back into Carlos' hands she takes a few more step's to Leon.

"Ada, I thought you were on Rock Fort Island?" Leon anxiously asks as everyone awkwardly stand's around listening.

Chuckling to herself, Ada put's a hand on her hip, "I was, but it was way too easy. Beside's I had help from Claire. We both went back, but like I said it was a piece of cake." She quickly wink's at him and begin's walking away from everyone. Pulling the glasses back out from her holster, she places them back on.

"Where the hell do you think you're going?!" James shout's as he aim's his gun at her. Leon and Claire quickly aim their gun's at him. Looking back and forth between the two, a bead of sweat drip's down his chin.

"I'd put the gun down now James." Claire demands as she cock's her handgun. Leon smirk's at Claire, slowly nodding his head in agreement. James growls as he shoves the handgun back in his holster.

James roughly sighs as Ada stops walking and faces James, "I just don't trust her! We've all read our report's on her! She used to work for Umbrella, hell even Carlos did! How could you people trust them!?"

"Because we don't work for Umbrella, not after everything they've done. Me and Ada were their with Claire and Leon even Jill in Raccoon City before it was destroyed. Though we were their top agent's and basically assasinators, they still tried to kill us. And besides what about you Mr. Innocent? Apparently killing you're wife Mary and basically disappearing until Police found you in a fucking sewer in Toluca?" Carlos bellows as he shakes his head in annoyance.

James slowly lowers his head, staring at the ground. Fighting the urge to cry, he sniffles as he wipes away at his eyes. Looking back up to see Ada shaking her head.

"We took it every personal after everything we've done for the Company. So try and kill us, but it's not like you could anyways." Ada begin's walking away again with Sherry and Lisa following close behind. James face begins to turn red with anger. He begins to charge after her, Jill quickly grabs him from behind holding onto his shoulder's and leaps over him, swinging him over her.

James slams into the ground on his back, turning him over Jill quickly fastens handcuff's on him. Wiggling to get up, Jill step's on his back pushing him back onto the ground. Spitting dirt out from his mouth, James stop's. Sighing to himself he lays his face in the ground.

"We should all keep going, all this noise is bound to attract something else an the Darkness look's like it's not going away any time soon. Let's go." Heather bellows as she begin's walking toward's Ada. Jill roughly lift's up James from the ground. Shoving him foreword, he begins walking muttering under his breath. Claire, Leon and Lisa follow behind Jill, Carlos and James.

Heather silently walks beside Ada, peeking at her glasses, seeing nothing but black. Tapping her shoulder, Ada looks at her.

"How do you know where you're going?" Heather curiously ask's as she examines the glasses. Ada smirks to herself.

"I'm using satellite images to find my way around," Heather open's her mouth attempting to question but Ada cut's her off, "-I've taken picture's of the entire town and outskirt's before we came here. The place we are at now is the Graveyard, we're almost back on the streets to the town. But once we're within the borders, their's no way back out. Have I lost you?" Ada annoyingly asks as Heather nods her head.

Ada's heel's begin to clack against the cement road. Stopping in the middle of the road she looks left and right. Everyone catches up to her, standing waiting anxiously. Claire pop's her knuckles, thinking to herself she nudges Leon and Jill in the rib's. Looking back at her, she stares at them both hard.

"What happen to you guys?" Jill and Leon both glance at each other then back to Claire and the rest of the ground waiting for an answer. They both begin walking along the road, everyone follows behind.

"It's a long story, really.." Jill sheepishly says scratching the back of her head. Ada slightly pulls down her glasses.

"We've got about ten minutes till we're on the border of the town, I think we have some time. Beside's I'm interested to hear the story also." Ada smirks as she raises her glasses and continues walking. Shaking his head in annoyance, Leon sighs out loud.

"Our bus was attacked by a Mercenary on our way here, and by the end of the fight the bus crashed. But a little girl was walking on the road. It was like she just stood their waiting for the bus, but we took a sharp turn and ran off the hill. The bus tumbled-" Leon suddenly get's cut off by Lisa.

"A little girl you said? Did you happen to know what she was wearing?" Lisa curiously and anxiously ask's. Leon and Jill both look at each other thinking to them selves.

"We couldn't tell, everything happen so fast. But if memory serves me, I think she had on a purple dress." Jill slowly replies, tapping her chin and nodding her head. Lisa's eye's widen as she stares away from everyone else. She quickly turns her head to face Heather. Standing their twirling her finger's, she look's up to meet Lisa's gaze.

"Heather, do you know why all this is happening again?" Heather take's a step back, shrugging her shoulder's.

"I don't know, after I escaped the last time I thought the nightmare in Silent Hill was over, but seeing as how their was a recent case with a man named Murphy Pandleton I don't know what the hell's going on anymore." Heather slowly turns to Jill and Leon pointing her finger at Jill," Are you sure you saw a little girl with a purple dress?"

Jill nod's her head, " Yes, it was for a quick second when the headlight's flashed her. I'm sure of it. Why? What's going on?" Everyone stop's walking to stand in a circle. Ada sigh's loudly as she removes her glasses, slipping them in her holster.

Heather crosses her arm's, "That child who was in the middle of the street wasn't actually a child. It was more of an evil manifestation of my mother's soul. But she shouldn't even exist anymore! We were both combined whole again. Their's just no possible way that we could of been separated, I can still feel the darkness in me. None of this is making any sense, I'm completely at a lose." Heather rub's her eyes as she let's out sigh.

Lisa shudder's as she see's a puddle of blood forming near them. Instantly, flashes of Harry come flooding into her mind. "I get it now. Why I'm alive even though everyone else is dead. I'm not the only one whos still walking around. I'm the same as them! I just hadn't noticed it yet." His shocking reaction to her shoving her away from him, running away from her screaming after him to help her. Shutting the door on Lisa, she begins banging on the door. Fading away she immediately looks above her to see the ceiling gone and a man running. Realizing the man is Kaufmann, Lisa reaches out to grab him. Soaked in blood she breaks through the ground, grabbing hold of him, he begins to sink in the blood. Looking at Harry, the look of guilt, horror and sadness in his eyes as he watches as she drags him down into the floor.

The pool of blood trembling, Lisa hesitantly looks behind them towards the field of dead flowers. A gust of wind creeping up her spine, shivering she crosses her arms and puts her back to the field. "I think we should keep going, I'm getting a bad feeling. And I feel like we're being watched."

Looking around she realizes no one is their, alone she begins to tremble in place. Pulling the handgun out she aims it around. "Guy's? Where'd you all go? Heather!" Breathing in fast she clenches her chest, spinning in circles calling out for everyone. "Jill! James!" On the verge of tears she steps into the puddle of blood. The blood begins sticking to her, slowly moving up her leg. Attempting to wipe it off, it clings to her hands covering it. A hand reaches out from the puddle, and begins to pull her down.

Falling back her legs disappear, a head breaks through. Screaming at the top of her lungs, Michael Kaufmann lungs for her throat, tightening his grip he pulls her down. Clawing at his face, his cheek skin rip off showing his gums and black teeth. Smiling deviously at her, he rips away the rest of his face revealing muscle and rotten veins. Her neck nearly down in the puddle, Kaufmann still choking her makes Lisa face him. Tears streaming down her face, she reaches out to the dark sky. Slowly it begins to fade away from back to grey. Ash falling ever so slowly down again.

"Harry, I guess I won't be able to save you like you saved me and helped me see the truth. I'm sorry." Lowering her arms down, a light smile forms on the corner of her lips. Closing her eyes she sinks more and more into the depths. Suddenly a hand clutches her arms, pulling her up. She quickly opens her eyes to see Harry over her.

"Don't give up Lisa! You can't give up! Fight it! Don't be afraid!" Harry screams as he yanks her arm again. Looking in front of her, she sees Kaufmann frowning, showing his teeth, still grasping her throat.

Lisa shakes her head at him, "I'm not afraid, I'm not afraid of you anymore Kaufmann!" He roars as his hands slip away from her neck, attempting to grab her as she slowly lifts herself from the puddle, Kaufmann screeches. The blood trickling off her, Harry pulls one last time, her legs still in the blood. Harry lets go, backing away from Lisa. She stares at Kaufmann still attempting to pull her down. Lisa pulls out the handgun from her holster, and aims it at Kaufmann.

He lashes out at her roaring, she inhales air and fires the gun. Exploding off half his head, blood spills from his head. Lisa slowly gets up, the blood completely off her. Kaufmann coughing and spitting out blood, looks at her with the only eye he has.

"You stupid bitch, I'm glad I killed you!" Spitting out more blood, "You were a drugie whore!" Lisa shakes her head.

"I'm hear and breathing, because of you and Harry I'm able to be free. I was freed and now I'm repaying Harry for everything by helping him. But you, you're nothing." Lisa takes aim at him again, "Oh and Michael. Fuck you." She fires the gun.

Kaufmanns head explodes off, sinking into the puddle. The blood puddle fades away, sinking into the ground. Putting the handgun back into her holster, she turns around to Harry.

"Harry, I'm-" She stops herself to see no one their. Looking around aimlessly, she takes a breath and takes a step forward. As she is about to take another step, everyone appears again before her eyes. Looking dumbfounded, she eyes everyone.

"What the hell was that?" Lisa mutters under her breath. Leon and Jill cough, grabbing her attention back to them.

"And that's what happen before everything was a blur. I woke up and saw you guys and Leon found Claire." Jill points at Claire. Everyone stays quiet, processing the information. Sherry elbows Leon's arm. Looking down at her she smiles.

"You two are so badass! That last stand you both had sounded just like...badass!" Sherry exclaims as she cocks her handgun.

"We should get going, it looks like the Darkness is going away." Ada says as she puts her glasses back on. Everyone looks around to see the black sky turn grey and ash falling down. Ada begins walking down the road, everyone catches up to her. "We're a few feet from entering the boundaries of the town." Ada states as she pulls out her handgun, keeping it at her side.

"Once we enter the boundary, their'll be no way back out. The creatures won't allow us to get far. We have to meet everyone at the Bridge, that's where Alex said they would be waiting at. We should hurry. Keep you're guard up, this place is insane and will try to trick you." Jill explains as she pulls out a machine gun. Heather and James both nod their head in agreement.

"Once we pass the Flower shop- wait, somethings wrong." Ada hesitates as she removes her glasses looking ahead of her. "Theirs supposed to be some kind of rest stop. But its not here." She curiously looks around on the side of the road to see nothing but Toluca Lake in her view.

"Whats goings on, could it be that we're back in time when the town was first built before the town was constructed and expanded? How could that happen, was that portal some kind of time machine that sent us back?" Ada quietly talks to herself as everyone listens intently, Leon, Jill and Heather huddle around Ada.

"Ada? Whats wrong?" Leon curiously asks as he stared at her confused thinking face, muttering to herself. She looks up at Jill and Leon. "Leon, Jill when you both entered this realm, did you both have maps of the entire town?" Leon and Jill both look at each then nod their heads.

"And when you entered the realm, did anything drastically change like the locations of any sort?" Ada curiously stares at them as they think to themselves.

"I didn't notice any change, the geography of the surrounding area didn't change at all. Everything was same as it was left. Why?" Jill anxiously asks as she puts a hand on her hips.

"The environment is changing isn't it? That's whats wrong, right?" Heather asks as she looks around, nodding her head to herself. "I think you're right, this place looks like it was when it was first built, nothing was hear. The graveyard is no where to be found, their was nothing but a field of dead flowers." Heather adds as she crosses her arms.

"No, this place isn't the same as when it was first built, it looks like the same geography when the town was first remodeled in 1983. Their wasn't much changed on the outskirts of the town. But inside the town was drastically changed." Ada continues.

"So the deeper we go into Silent Hill the closer we get to the source of whats happening. Then the next level and final level we go to will be the town when it was first built in 1976." Leon pitches in as Jill snaps her fingers, nodding her head in agreement.

"I don't have the map of the town before the construction, we just have to use the signs." Ada sighs loudly as she places her glasses back in her holster.

"What about the monsters when they attack us? How will we know when we pass the boundaries?" James anxiously asks as he fumbles with his hand cuffs.

"We'll know when they attack us, for now lets just keep walking." Heather answers as she begins walking.

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