Silent Nightmare (Silent Hill/Resident Evil)

As of 52 hours ago, the Presidents daughter Nereyda has been pronounced missing. Her last known location she was traveling with her security team in Pennsylvania back to Washington D.C. They lost contact with her after they were experiencing nightmarish illusions, hallucinations, and dreams. Apparently they were in an accident, something walked in front of them in the middle of the road causing them to drive off. We heard little reports from them here and there, some distorted and barely audible, but what ever was happening their wasn't good. They reported strange creatures roaming around during the night and day. But after a few hours we never heard anything from them again.

Now we are sending our best S.T.A.R.S. (Special Tactics and Rescue Squad) members to rescue Nereyda from..Silent Hill, the tainted town filled with death, sorrow, darkness, and fire. What we failed to mention to the team was Silent Hill's dark and evil past...

Will they





32. The Truth

Arivg11- I really hope this chapter doesn't confuse any of you. If it does, let me know ASAP.


Ella looks behind her eyeing the entire bridge destroyed, "You guy's put up one hell of a fight. I'm surprised any of you made it. I didn't think any of you could defeat the Gaurdian's. The group of agents before you could only take down the large Snake." Ella say's as she crosses her arm's. Chris suddenly get's up grabbing Ella by her throat and throws her down on her back, stepping on her chest he aim's his handgun at her. "I have one bullet left in this and if you don't start talking I'm going to fucking put it in your head. Tell us everything you know. Now!" Chris say's breathing in heavily. Ella holds up her hands in defence, "I don't remember, if you really wanna know what the hell's going on then we have to go into New Silent Hill. They were guarding it for some reason, we need to find out what."

"Tell us what's happening, why are we here, none of this makes sense!" Chris shouts as he points his gun closer to her face. "I told you I don't know! I don't remember anything! Which is why we have to get going before more monster's come! Get your feet off of me!" Ella shoves Chris' feet away from her, rubbing her chest Ella crawls away from him. Getting up she see's Chris still pointing his gun at her. Sighing to herself, "You don't trust me?"

Chris shakes his head no. Alice get's up and puts a hand on his shoulder, "We should listen to her, let's give her a chance. Besides, she warned us about the attack. We didn't listen to her and look," Alice and Chris look around the bridge," We've lost everyone. We're the only ones left. We don't have much of a choice." Chris glances back at Sherry and Heather to see them nodding there heads. Harry wipes away a tear sliding down his face, sniffling he looks over at Lisa's corpse. Her face white and lips purple. "Why aren't they disappearing?" Chris look's at Claire's corpse to see it still there. Sherry glances at Rebecca's corpse and see's her still in a pool of blood. Heather looks over at Alex to see him with the cut down his face. Everyone walks over to the edge, looking at the bottom they see Leon and Nemesis. "Leon's still there, but where's Rain and Cybil?" Alice anxiously ask's.

"Ada is gone too."

"James is gone too, his body isn't in the rock's. Where'd they go?" Sherry ask's Ella. Everyone turns to face Ella to see her thinking to herself. "They've made it." Looking over the edge a slight smile forms at the corner of her lips. Chris grabs her shoulder and turns to face him, pressing the gun to her neck Chris looks her in the eyes," What do you mean they made it?"

Ella looks ahead of him, "They aren't stuck here anymore. All four of them are free from this place. Everyone else is stuck here and there's nothing you can do about it. They will never escape this Hell. When you fail, you're automatically sent to the very beginning and must try again."

"What are you talking about, this isn't some game!" Harry shouts at her. "Are you sure?" Heather and Sherry both glance at each other, "What do you mean?"

She chuckles as she rolls her eyes, "Some of you have died at least once so far, correct? Why is that? Why are you still here even though you've met your demise? Why are they still dead and your others friends free? Why are we all even here? You all have hundreds of questions that I can't answer, but if we go to New Silent Hill now we can find our answers. Please. And get that gun out of my face!" Ella shouts as she shoves Chris' hand to the side. Rubbing her neck Chris takes a step back from her. "Go. You'll be in front, if you try anything I won't hesitate to shoot you. Get walking."

Ella walk's in front of him, walking around the holes in the Bridge and bodies they make there way towards new Silent Hill. Stepping off the bridge they are consumed by a large thick cloud of fog, walking out of it the 'town' comes into view. Everyone's eyes widen in confusion, "What the fuck?" Harry anxiously says as he takes another step onto the road. Looking around everyone see's buildings alongside the road completely white with no details, the windows blank, streets grey, sky white with no fog anywhere, and a yellow-orange circle in the sky.

"This all look's...bare like someone tried to create a whole new town but never finished. The sun isn't even real, I don't feel any heat from it." Alice says in confusion, crouching down she feels the pavement. "It doesn't feel like cement, it feel's like rubber." Sherry walks over to the buildings, pressing her hand against it hard, she breaks through it. "This wall is made out of paper!"

Heather grabs Alice's broken Kitanna. "Can I?" Alice nods her head. Heather throws the blade at the window, successfully hitting it the window falls to the ground. Heather rushes over to it, picking it up off the ground she shakes her head, "It was just a picture of a window. Chris, what is all this?" Chris gulps loudly, Ella points ahead of them down the road. "Look." Ella says, everyone follows her direction to see a large hill at the very end of the road with a large building on top of it. "It look's like some kind of Church. It looks completely modeled though. We should check it out. Come on. It;s only a few blocks away." Chris say's as he begins walking, everyone follows him.

Suddenly they hear a person screaming over an intercom, "DO NOT LET THEM ANYWHERE NEAR THE CHURCH. ELIMINATE THEM NOW!" The intercom goes dead. Sherry and Harry look into the sky, "What in the world was that?" Sherry ask's as she scratches the back of her head.

They hear snarls behind them, looking back at the bridge they see a horde of each monster they've faced walking towards them. Ella gasps in fear, "Run!" Turning on there heels everyone runs towards the Church. The monsters on the bridge all roar and growl in anger, charging towards the group. The monsters begin trampling over each other, fighting to get to them. "Don't look back! We're almost there!" Alice screams over the loud cries. Everyone continues running, Alice glances back to see Licker's climbing along the buildings towards them, Night Flutter's flying towards them in packs, Armless Men spitting out acid, Rompers trampling anything in front of it.

Running off the road they see tombstones everywhere in front of them, with names scribbled across them. Looking up the hill they see a large cement stairwell leading up to the Church. "Let's go!" Chris yells as he begins running up them. A thick cloud of fog and mist slowly rise from the wet damp dead grass, reaching up to everyone's ankles.

Sherry grabs Heather's hand, "You have to hurry. I know your tired, but come on!" Chris reaches the top and see's everyone struggling to climb up. Seeing the monsters already a block away, he looks back and see's the large tall double door to the Church open wide. "Thank god." Looking back at everyone he see's Sherry nearly dragging Heather up to him. Huffing and Puffing in front of him he points to the door, "Go inside!" Nodding there heads they jog inside. Harry and Ella run side by side each other with Alice in front of them.

The creatures reach the tombstones, Ella look's back and gasps at them. Slowing down Harry and Alice pass her. Alice and Harry rush past Chris into the Church.

Ella looks forward, tripping over a step she falls to the ground a sharp pain coming from her ankle. Looking up she see's Chris looking down at her then to the monsters behind her. Widening her eyes in fear she turns over on her back, 'I knew he wouldn't help me, if he had to. Look's like it's my time to go.' Ella get's on all fours and slowly stands tall getting up, standing up tall she faces the horde of monsters trampling towards the stairs. 'I'm not afraid anymore.' A smile forms on her face. Ella takes a step down, suddenly she feel's a hand on her shoulder jerking her back. Letting out a gasp she see's Chris pulling her into him. Carrying her up the stairs he runs towards the doors, they slowly begin to close.

"Hurry up!" Alice screams at the door. Ella look's behind Chris to see Lickers and the ground littered with parasites crawling towards them. Running towards the door Chris leaps forward through the door, suddenly a Licker's wraps it's tongue around Chris' leg. Pulling him back outside, the door closes on it's tongue, slicing it in half. The tongue begins twitching as blood oozes out of it. Harry runs up to it and kicks it to the wall, splatting against it the tongue slowly slides to the ground.

The creatures begin slamming against the black double doors attempting to break it open, "Barge it up!" Chris shouts. Everyone rushes to the benches and pushes them against the door. They suddenly hear a loud blaring alarm ringing from the outside, the windows shining the white light begin to turn black. "The Darkness. There really trying to kill us." Heather says as she leans against a pillar.

"Chris, check this out." Sherry says, he looks for her and see's Sherry at the front of the Church staring up at a painting covering the bottom half of the wall. Everybody stands next to her, Chris helps Ella as she limps towards it. "Thank you..for helping me." She says whispering in his ear. "I couldn't just let you get torn apart by them. Your welcome." Chris gives her a soft smile. Setting her down on the ground he stands next to everybody else examining the painting of a woman tied to a ladder covered in fire with people watching all around her with there pitch forks and torches in black hoods.

"Wait, doesn't that look like...Ella." Harry nervously ask's, everyone look's to the side to see Ella limping towards the painting. Pressing her hands against it, she closes her eyes. "I..I think I remember know." Opening her eyes she turns around to face the group watching her anxiously.

The creatures outside the door continue banging against the double door. "Remember what exactly? Your not gonna transform into some hideous monster, are you?" Sherry anxiously ask's as she wipes away a trickle of blood flowing down the side of her face. Ella shakes her head no, looking back at the painting she let's out a sigh, "I helped create this Nightmare we're all in."

"What do you mean?" Chris ask's as he takes a step towards her. Ella looks back at the group giving her an anxious stare. "I...I...," Ella sigh's as she wipes away a bead of sweat on her forehead, "Umbrella approached me when I was at my lowest point in my life. I was barely making it on my own going from job to job. I would of been gone to College and majored in Biochemistry, but I didn't have the money. I didn't have anyone, no family, friends, I was alone. When I was in Washington drifting by to find work in anything, Umbrella tracked me down. They told me that they had been searching for me, and asked me if I wanted to finish College. I of course said yes, but I had to help them with there experiments." Chris crosses his arms, "What did they want you to do?"

"All they told me was that I could find the perfect solution to finding a cure for Cancer, HIV, AIDS! They would provide me with anything I needed to conduct my experiments, but I would have two others with me to help. I don't remember there names. It was a man and woman. Anyways, after about three years and countless experiments later we did it! We found a way to cure it all! We mixed the T-Virus with the C-Virus together to create a liquid drug!" Ella shouts excitedly, her face gleaming. "You actually found a cure for all of it? But how in the world could it possibly do that?" Alice anxiously ask's as she glances back at the double door's.

"At first we would inject the patients with Cancer and AIDS where it most affected the body, but it never entirely destroyed the cancer cell's. So after careful thought all three of us scientist decided to inject the cure in the patients brain. When we injected a dose of it into the brain, the cancer cell's very slowly began dying. It was a miracle! We would simply put the patients to sleep for hours or even weeks sometimes to destroy them. We had a 99% success rate! I felt like I was on top of the world, like we created life or something. You know?" Ella smiles bright as she look's down her hands. Her smile fades away, closing her eyes,"But it all ended when Umbrella and the President got the other two scientist to modify the cure into a weapon that we could use. They gladly went along with it." Opening them up she lets out a sigh.

"They completely went off the rail's tampering with the cure adding about another solution called the Progenitor Virus. Apparently the Major in the 1960's let Umbrella use the town, Silent Hill, as a test subject for it. When the two solutions mixed, it instantly turned to an invisible gas. I was very hesitant and resisted countless times, but I could never escape the underground laboratory. Anyways, as much as I tried to convince the other two scientist that everything we were doing was wrong they both simply didn't care. The drug was known as the PTC virus. It had a sickening smell, almost like dead carcass and egg's. It would render someone unconsciousness, and in there minds they would be sent into a 'Nightmare' state of mind. But before any of this could happen we would have to inject a small chip into a person's head to create the setting. Umbrella decided to put this Nightmare to the test, they wanted the best test subject's for the job." Heather grasp's Harry's arm, looking at Ella with confusion. Sherry gasps as the banging on the double door's continues.

"Where was the lab at?" Sherry ask's as she leans against a pillar. Ella shrugs her shoulders. "How did you find people to test this PTC virus on?" Chris uneasily ask's.

Ella shakes her head, gulping loudly, "Umbrella got a few of there best assassins and agents, gave them the virus and just watched. They didn't make it past the Light Guardian in the Graveyard. They soon found out that a group of agents were headed to America for an award. They were captured by H.U.N.K Umbrella's top agent. It was Sheva Alomar, Barry Burton and Josh Stone. But they weren't enough, so they put them in deep freeze at the lowest level of the lab. Then after a few month's of waiting for another group of agent's to come by, none came. So they got desperate." Alice takes a step towards Ella frowning in curiosity, "What did they do?"

Chris and Sherry both glare at Ella, "They went to the President for help. They wanted his daughter to be fake kidnapped so that the best of the best would come looking for her. He denied them on the spot. But little did the President know what Umbrella planned. They knew that his daughter would be coming back to him from North Virginia, after spending time with her grandmother. She never flew because she was terrified of flying. So when Nereyda and her body guards were driving through Virginia, a lady named Anne Cunningham was being controlled by Umbrella's scarab. She drove them through Silent Hill. The gas was released into the air, and they all crashed. H.U.N.K recovered the child and injected the bodyguards with the chip. We sent Anne Cunningham into the Nightmare with Sheva, Barry, Josh and some prisoner who tried to escape named Murphy Pendleton. They all made it past the Light Guardian, but were slaughtered at the Bridge. Then we let out the body guards to see how good they really were so they were sent into the Night-" Suddenly Alice punches Ella across her face, hitting the painting Ella slides down to the ground. "Bitch!" Alice pops her knuckles. Ella wipes away a trail of blood slithering down the side of her mouth.

Sitting there Ella chuckles, "When the body guards barely killed the Blood Guardian, they were easily slaughtered in the next realm. Except for you I'm guessing." Ella say's looking at Alice.

"When you die in the second realm, there's a 2:10 chance you will wake up in reality. Anyways, after the guards S.T.A.R.S. sent there best team commanded by Chris Redfield. Umbrella was jumping in joy to finally be able to test the Nightmare to its full potential. We actually didn't think Nikolai would ambush you all, when you all crashed we let out the gas and captured you all. In the Nightmare only two survived, then his little sister, Claire Redfield, surprised us by bringing more agents to rescue her older brother. As soon as they supposedly saw the bright light in the sky they were already captured." Ella say's as she get's up from the ground. Chris frowns in confusion, "Wait, you said you've been here for years. Why? How could you possibly know all this?!" Chris shouts at her aiming his gun. Ella's eyes widen in fear. "Umm.." Chris clicks his gun, Ella quickly holds up her hands in defence, "They made me do this! I was supposed to lead you back into Old Silent Hill so that you would be killed, but when I saw that you survived I decided to help you get out. I've had enough of Umbrella's shit! I've wanted out ever since they messed everything up! I swear everything I told you about me before was true!" Ella gulp's loudly as she look's them all in the eyes.

Suddenly the painting behind Ella changes color, fading to complete black. Two people appear on the painting, sitting in two chairs completely covered by darkness. "We finally found you. There's no way to escape." One male figure says, the female speak's up laughing, "Oh and Ella. Your done for." Ella gasp's as she turns on her heel's, "I don't have much time. behind this painting is the way out back into the real world! When you wake up, there will be a red lever at the top left of you, pull it and the case will open! All of your weapons and ammo will be in a small metal container to the side of you!" Ella quickly shouts as she breathes in heavily.

"What's wrong?!" Sherry anxiously ask's as Ella gulps loudly. "There gonna kill me in the real world. I'm gonna disappear in a few seconds! I'm sorry, I didn't want to betray you all! Escape the faci-!" Ella suddenly disappears. Chris, Alice, Sherry, Harry and Heather all quickly turn around as they hear the double door crack. Looking back at the painting, Heather smiles, "I still have this!" Pulling out a grenade she look's at Chris. "One last shot!" She screams. Heather throws the grenade at the painting, Chris aim's his gun and shoots. Hitting the bomb, exploding the pressure sends them all falling on there backs. Groaning in pain everybody feel's a bright ray of light shine against there faces. Leaning on there elbows they see a bright white light beaming from the shattered painting.

Looking back they see all the monsters, claws, tongues and heads breaking through the door. Everybody quickly gets up as soon as the door collapses down. Running towards the bright light everyone jumps through.

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