Silent Nightmare (Silent Hill/Resident Evil)

As of 52 hours ago, the Presidents daughter Nereyda has been pronounced missing. Her last known location she was traveling with her security team in Pennsylvania back to Washington D.C. They lost contact with her after they were experiencing nightmarish illusions, hallucinations, and dreams. Apparently they were in an accident, something walked in front of them in the middle of the road causing them to drive off. We heard little reports from them here and there, some distorted and barely audible, but what ever was happening their wasn't good. They reported strange creatures roaming around during the night and day. But after a few hours we never heard anything from them again.

Now we are sending our best S.T.A.R.S. (Special Tactics and Rescue Squad) members to rescue Nereyda from..Silent Hill, the tainted town filled with death, sorrow, darkness, and fire. What we failed to mention to the team was Silent Hill's dark and evil past...

Will they





25. The Tainted Town

"Comrade, it's been awhile. Has it not?" Nikolai ask's as he crouches down in front of Carlos, glancing at the bloodied floor. Looking back at Carlos with a grin, Carlos get's on all four's slowly getting up. Rubbing his neck, he doesn't feel the bite. "How am I still alive?" Carlos ask's as he places his hand on his holster. Nikolai shrug's his shoulder's rocking side-to-side, looking at his feet he notices the spray can. Picking it up he examines it, looking up at Carlos he tosses it to him. Tossing it over his shoulder, Carlos closely watches Nikolai smirking to himself leaning against the door. 

"Where's the rest of my team?" Carlos anxiously ask as he pull's out his handgun, holding it to his side. Nikolai shake's his head, "They left you. Because you're worthless to them, you got you'reself fucking bit by a monster, you went soft." Carlos frown's, "You don't know me anymore Nikolai, I'm not the same as before." Nikolai chuckles, "Clearly."

Carlos take's a few step's toward's Nikolai, "What the hell do you want?" Uncrossing his arm's he begin's to circle Carlos. "I want you to join me, we can be comrade's again brother." Holding his hand out for Carlos, he slowly reaches for his hand, hesitating he curl's up his hand's. "How did did you survive Raccoon city?" Nikolai scowl's as he stop's circling. "I barely survived, after you and Jill left me their to die I had no choice but to jump into the water. The explosion still hit me, I was burned. A man found me laying on the shores not far from the city." Nikolai closes his eye's, sighing he open's them again to see Carlos staring at him anxiously. 

"We have a chance to finish what we started comrade, finish the task we both failed to do. Why do you think Umbrella even used the bomb? They knew we had failed the mission, so they decided to take matter's into their own hand's, by destroying all evidence. Taking the surviving member's of Jill's team and the city, double whammy. Don't you think? We have a chance, please. Let us finish what we started many year's ago." Nikolai reaches out for Carlos again. 

"But what about everyone, these people are my comrade's. My friend's.." Nikolai scrunches up his face in anger, taking a step toward's Carlos, "We have no friend's, no feeling's, no emotion toward's anyone else other than our own. Did you forget Carlos?" Carlos let's out a sigh as he shake's his head. "No we did not. But-" Nikolai quickly cut's him off, "-No tell me something, have you're so called friend's known you since you were a mere child in hope's of joining the U.B.C.S.? No, I was their with you along with Mikhail Victor. We were the three no one dared underestimate. We were a team. That was until you helped that woman Jill, who was the mission and got Victor killed. But we have a chance to redeem ourselves comrade, please come with me." 

Carlos closes his eye's, images of the bomb soaring past him, Jill and Barry toward's the city. Exploding, a big flash blind's him. Closing his eye's, the light dim's opening them he see's a smirk on Jill's face and Barry laughing. Shaking his head images of his old life before Nikolai and Victor come flooding through his mind. His mother and father being killed in front of his eyes by S.T.A.R.S. member Albert Wesker. "Yes, we chose to kill them because we had out own reason's, we wanted revenge on S.T.A.R.S., how could you go so soft? Don't you remember when that man Albert Wesker killed you're parent's in cold blood when they were checking each house. He took away you're sibling's from you, and when you tried to fight back they beat you and left you for dead. You were just..13 year's old and you were left alone." 

Carlos bawl's up his fist, opening his eye's with an angered glare, "I do remember now comrade. And we will have our revenge on this team. Let us go." Carlos walk's up to Nikolai, putting a hand on his shoulder he gives him a slight smirk, "It's good to have you back brother. We must go, I heard what seemed like carnival music before I found you." Carlos nod's his head, "It is great to be back. We must go then." They both open the door and walk away from the lighthouse fading away into the fog letting the carnival music guide them. 


Sitting their along the edge with their leg's hanging over the side, they each look out toward's the lake. The ash continuing to fall ever so slowly, the sky and ground grey and the lake green. James look's to his left and tap's Leon on the shoulder, "Leon, do you think the girl's are alright? I'm really worried about them. Do you think we'll find them soon?" Claire and Heather both lean in closer to anxious to hear. "I don't know, their was so much happening when we lost them. Their's no telling if they've made it or Jill even made it to them. The best thing for us to do is to keep going with the plan and move on to the town." Claire and Heather both widen their mouth's abit in shock, "Leon, are you sure?" 

Nodding his head slowly he let's out an unsure sigh's, "I think Jill or even Sherry would head toward's the town. We should get going actually. Let's go." Sliding back he lift's himself up and jump's through the window. James and Claire both leap over the window, Heather stop's suddenly stop's before leaping through. Hearing faint music, she slowly turn's around toward's the wood's "Is that..the..carnival?" Walking away from the window, she lean's against the rail trying to listen more carefully while overlooking the wood's. "Heather?" Claire and James both stand at the window watching her attentively, "I hear carnival music. I think it's the Lakeside Amusement Park. See!" Pointing ahead of them, Claire and James stand next to her staring at a colorful array of light's deep in the fog. 

"It sound's like it also, do you think we should go their?" Claire anxiously ask's. Heather shrug's her shoulder's. "No, we're gonna go to the town", everyone quickly turn's around to see Leon at the window waiting for them, "that carnival is bound to attract the monster's and we don't have any more time to waste. Let's go." Walking away from them he descend's down the ladder. Claire and James follow him down, looking over the railing toward's the bottom they notice the pool of blood, but no body. 

"Where's his body?!" James nervously ask's as he descend's down the stair's faster. Leaping over the railing, he land's next to the pool of blood. Leon slowly making his way down stop's at the bottom step with Claire behind him anxiously awaiting his answer. "He's disappeared. Probably gone to the final level of this place." James shake's his head in disappointment as he walk's past Leon and Claire near the door, Heather making her way down the stair's she stop's and examines the blood. "He's gone?" Claire nod's her head, scoffing Heather walk's past them and out the door with James. Following them they all begin walking down the path back toward's the street. 

Walking through the path Leon keep's an eye out looking everywhere, Heather notices his anxious look. "Leon, are you looking out for Ada?" Leon gulp's, coughing he fixes his collar. "Yeah, yeah I am actually." Continuing to keep an eye out he keep's walking with Heather by his side behind the other two. 

Walking onto the road they all let out a sigh as they start walking toward's the town. A few feet in front ahead of them, a green sign on the side of the road with big letter's reading, 'SIMMONS STREET 1/3 MILE AHEAD INTO TOWN'

"Simmons street lead's into the town, let's hurry. The faster we get their the faster we can meet up with the other's and I can finally see my father!" Heather shout's as she begin's to jog. Jogging with her they quickly pass the green sign. Groaning Leon begin's panting, "What's wrong Leon? Can't keep up?" Claire teases him as she run's past him. Watching her in pass him, he inhales air and begins running alongside her with Heather and James both giving them odd look's from the back trying to keep up. 

Stopping after a few minutes Leon and Claire both bend over panting fast and hard, Heather and James both reach them barely panting. Sweat dripping from all their faces, they all wipe away the sweat and look ahead of them. Getting back up they see the Simmons sign post in front of them. Looking around they see the building's washed out of their original color's, car's parked on the side of the street's covered in ash. Gulping loudly, Claire and Heather both take out their hand gun's while Leon and James pull out their machine gun's. Taking a small step onto the road, they all stay still and aim their gun's around. 

The howling of the wind echoing throughout the town, setting their gun's to the side they all take another step on the road. Standing completely still they all aim their gun's again, waiting for anything to attack them. "I don't think anything's gonna attack us..yet." James softly say's as he lower's his weapon along with Claire. Walking in the middle of the road, they make it half way down the block in the town when they all notice "Silent Hill Town Center" Heather softly read's the sign to herself. Staring at the two story mall, they all slowly walk toward's it with their weapon's ready. 

They suddenly hear a loud static noise coming from inside the house, and a child's pleading for someone to help them. Everyone glances at each other not sure of what to do, "Fuck it." Leon mutter's out as he run's to the glass double door's, kicking them open they all walk in to see in almost completely dark. "Heather why aren't any of the light's coming on?" Leon ask's as he glances at Heather looking above them. Holding up her finger to him, "Give it a second." He slowly look's up to see the light bulb's slowly flickering on glowing very dim. 

The child's cries even louder echoing throughout the mall, looking around everyone begin's to panic. "Where the hell is the kid?" James shout's as he lower's his gun wiping away sweat from his brow. "Claire and James I want you two to stay down here and check, we'll go up to the second floor. Hurry!" Leon shout's as he begin's running to the center of the Mall. Going around a fountain in the center, they both quickly run up the escalator's. Heather stop's at the top of the escalator, listening to the child pleading for help. Leon dashes past her and run's by every store window glancing inside them. Claire and James both circle the bottom floor stopping in front of a store called, "Just Cat's" Heather softly say's to herself as she turn's around looking down at Claire and James in front of the t.v. store. 

Walking down the escalator, Leon begin's panting as he lean's over the railing, "Did you guy's find the kid!?" Claire and James both nod their head's as they stand in front of the store window. Small and Medium sized television set's stacked on top of each other turned on showing a static channel. Suddenly every few second's a child's face takes up each screen. "Daddy help me? Please, where are you?" The little girl say's with a confused and terrified yelp, staring off the little girl look's down as a tear trickles down the side of her cheek. 

Heather gasping make's her way past Claire and James standing in front of the window, the little girl and Heather staring at each other. The little girl put's her hand to the screen, slowly lifting up her hand she presses it against the glass in front of the little girl's. Pressing her forehead against the glass, she bawl's up her fist as the television begin's to show static again. 

Putting a hand on her shoulder, she slowly turn's around to see Leon, "Do you know her Heather?" Leaning against the glass Heather let's out a sigh, "Yeah, that was me when I was child. I was locked in some kind of room sitting in a chair just calling out for him." James and Claire both glance at each other anxiously, "My father was here when he first came looking for me, he stood here in the exact spot as you Leon. I don't know why it showed again. Maybe time's repeating itself again, we're following in everyone's footstep's again. My father, James, Me, Alex it doesn't make sense to you guy's but in a way it does to me." Pushing herself off against the mirror she walk's past them giving her an odd look. Stepping out of the Mall Heather look's around the street to see a parking lot across from them. Feeling a gust of wind rise up her shirt, she shiver's abit before crossing her arm's. 

In the distance she hear's a faint siren blaring. Slowly looking up she see's the sky turning black as bird's quickly fly past the Mall away from the dark sky. Holding her breath she quickly look's down at the ground to see the grey ash lifting from the ground, turning everything orange and red, the crack's in the building's turning to pumping vein's, burning ash begin's falling from the sky. Taking a few step's, someone grab's her from behind. Letting out a scream, Leon pull's her into the Mall. James quickly shut's the door's barricading them with a bench. "The Darkness, how long do they usually last?!" Leon quickly ask's as he turn's to face Heather, "They last about twenty minutes at the most. But the lights-" Cutting herself off the light's in the mall all shut off leaving them in the pitch dark. Quickly taking out their flashlight's they click them on to see the entire mall changing. 

The paint on the wall's begin to slowly peel off flopping onto the ground making a wet noise revealing the bare wall covered in blood. The ground tiles begin to crack apart, vein's slithering throughout the mall covering up the crack's. A low thump noise echoing throughout the place. The glass window's begin to slowly envelope by a brown dirty color with red thin lines marked along them. 

Taking a few step's back, Claire gasp as she hear's a window shatter. They all suddenly hear an erratic and stained heavy breathing coming from the floor's above them, Leon gasp's as he realizes the creature making the noise. Quickly pulling out his machine gun, everyone give's him a concerned look. "Leon, do you know what it is?" Claire nervously ask's as Heather and her both pull out their handgun's. James cock's his shotgun and aim's it around, Leon nod's his head slowly listening attentively as the breathing begin's to get louder. Everyone turn's on the flashlight's at the end of their gun's, shining their light's around they all slowly shine the top of the escalator's. 

Leon and Claire both gulp loudly while Heather and James both widen their eye's in fear, "What the hell is that thing?" James anxiously ask's as the creature begin's to shake alittle and twitch. 

"It's a Regenerador." Leon slowly say's out loud, shivering a bit he groan's, "I hate these fucking thing's." Suddenly another Regenerador appear's to it's left. Leon scoff's loudly, taking a step back.




Leon take's another few step's back along with everyone else, "If Leon is terrified of this thing, then it must be one hell of a bitch to fight." James softly chuckles as he takes a few more step's back. They all bump into the bench, suddenly another two creature wobble next to the two other Regenorador's. Leon's mouth drop's along with everyone else, "That one so happen's to be an Iron Maiden" Leon softly mumbles out in horror. 




Everyone's heart begin's to beat faster and faster, the four creature's begin to slowly make their way down the escalator. "Leon, how do we kill them?" Claire anxiously ask's as sweat pour's down her face. "We can't their's no way to kill them without having the infared scope. We just have to fight till the darkness dissapear's again." Leon softly say's in a discouraging tone. Suddenly everyone see's a huge much of saliva smack down in front of them. Everyone slowly look's up to see an Iron Maiden above them, everyone's eyes widen in fear as the creature roar's and leap's down on them. 


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