Silent Nightmare (Silent Hill/Resident Evil)

As of 52 hours ago, the Presidents daughter Nereyda has been pronounced missing. Her last known location she was traveling with her security team in Pennsylvania back to Washington D.C. They lost contact with her after they were experiencing nightmarish illusions, hallucinations, and dreams. Apparently they were in an accident, something walked in front of them in the middle of the road causing them to drive off. We heard little reports from them here and there, some distorted and barely audible, but what ever was happening their wasn't good. They reported strange creatures roaming around during the night and day. But after a few hours we never heard anything from them again.

Now we are sending our best S.T.A.R.S. (Special Tactics and Rescue Squad) members to rescue Nereyda from..Silent Hill, the tainted town filled with death, sorrow, darkness, and fire. What we failed to mention to the team was Silent Hill's dark and evil past...

Will they





1. The Past or Present?

Over 40 Years ago..

In a little town of Silent Hill, there was terrible fire that nearly burned down it to the ground..

 Nearly everyone died, some bodies were never recovered or found after words..

Those who did survive the catastrophe are scarred with the scent of death and cries of horrible pain and suffering; that will linger in there thoughts and dreams till the end of time..

As for those who caused the fire and died in it, are left to wander the abyss forever frozen in time to suffer in the Hell they caused..

Savaged by Hells creatures and below; for they cry out to God and plead forgiveness..

For He does not respond, for He has no right nor business dealing with Satan and his business..

The One who cast this curse upon this town and its people was a little girl, an innocent little 12 year old girl named, Alessa Gillespie..

For she was the one twas burned alive and lived to curse this retched town and people, who called upon the Reaper and Devil to help in her revenge for Satisfaction..

Those who enter Silent Hill and invited by the Reaper can see the town for its true colors..

But be warned, once you enter you will not be able to leave till allowed so by the Reaper..

Can you survive the Nightmare of Silent Hill?

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