Silent Nightmare (Silent Hill/Resident Evil)

As of 52 hours ago, the Presidents daughter Nereyda has been pronounced missing. Her last known location she was traveling with her security team in Pennsylvania back to Washington D.C. They lost contact with her after they were experiencing nightmarish illusions, hallucinations, and dreams. Apparently they were in an accident, something walked in front of them in the middle of the road causing them to drive off. We heard little reports from them here and there, some distorted and barely audible, but what ever was happening their wasn't good. They reported strange creatures roaming around during the night and day. But after a few hours we never heard anything from them again.

Now we are sending our best S.T.A.R.S. (Special Tactics and Rescue Squad) members to rescue Nereyda from..Silent Hill, the tainted town filled with death, sorrow, darkness, and fire. What we failed to mention to the team was Silent Hill's dark and evil past...

Will they





26. The Omega

Looking above them they see a dark creature with eight leg's leaping down above them. Leaping back it land's in the middle of their circle, two of it's leg's grab Heather's ankle and yank her to the ground. Letting out a cry for help, "Heather!" Leon shout's as he and Claire both quickly aim their handgun's, the creature instantly begin's crawling away dragging Heather along with it. Rapidly crawling past the four creature's, it climb's up the escaltor's with Heather. Her cries growing faint each second. Shining their light's around the Mall, "Where are you! Heather!" James shout's out, realizing the four creature's in front of them. His eyes widen in fear when his light flashes across their faces, their eye's blood red, teeth baring out with saliva dripping off their teeth.

An Iron Maiden reaches out for Leon, ducking out of the way he barrel roll's to the side and begin's running for the escalator's. An Iron Maiden and Regenorador slowly turn around and begin following Leon. Claire and James both aim their handgun's and begin shooting at the two creature's, the bullet hole's slowly begin to patch itself up. James cock's his gun and put's it back into his holster. "How in the hell do we kill these thing's? How much longer do we have before the Darkness dissapear's?" James softly ask's. Claire shrug's her shoulder, "I don't know, but we need to find Heather now!" Claire scream's the last part as she duck's down, avoiding the creature's arm attempting to grab her. Getting up she run's for the two creature's, pushing the Regenorador's left shoulder down as she flip's over it and run's for the escalator with Leon half way up and the two creature's continuing to follow him at the bottom.

Claire jump's on a bench, leaping off of it she land's on the two creature's shoulder's and kick's off of them. The Iron Maiden quickly reaches out and grab's her ankle, yanking her to the side she hit's the railing and flip's over the escalator. Screaming out, she slam's down on the ground rolling on her stomach trying to sooth her back. 

The two creature's walk around the railing toward's Claire, looking at them she begin's crawling away. Leon look's down over the railing, "Claire!" Waving at him to go, "Leon go we'll take care of these. Find Heather!" Getting up Claire pull's out her handgun's and begin's shooting relentlessly. Looking at the front door's, Leon see's James standing over a Regenorador shooting it's chest with his shotgun. Smirking he take's a few step's back, "You guy's better be careful." Turning around he begin's jogging down the long narrow corridor. 

James shoot's his last shot, quickly barrel rolling out the way just before the Iron Maiden could grab him. He quickly turn's around and shoot's his last shot, blasting a hole through it's chest. The Iron Maiden look's down at it's chest then back up to James. Dropping his shotgun, he begin's backing away from it. Looking down at the Regenorador he see's it slithering toward's him. Widening his eyes in fear, he turns on his heel and attempt's to run away. Leaping onto his back, the Regenorador bites down on his shoulder. 

Letting out a scream James begin's shaking off the creature, with one last shove the Regenorador jerk's back with bit's of flesh in it's teeth. Blood gushing out from the open wound, James fall's on his back. He immediately begin's putting pressure on the wound, blood seeping in between his finger's. "We can't kill them, but maybe we can contain them..somewhere." James softly say's to himself as he turn's onto his stomach to see the Vestal Gigastore in front of him. Groaning he get's up and trudge's into the store. Looking back he see's both creature's walking toward's him. 

Stepping into the store, James look's around the television store to see it nearly empty with nothing but empty shelves and t.v. boxes scattered on the ground. "I just need to get past them and close them in. Then I'll help Claire and we can go after Leon." Smirking to himself he glances to the cash register and see's something shining on it. Rushing toward's it he quickly grab's the item. Putting it in his pocket, he turn's around and see's the Iron Maiden leaping toward's him. Ducking out the way, the creature leap's over him slamming into the wall head first. Getting up he jump's on top of the shelve's, running on them the Regenorador attempt's to grab him. James dive's out of the way, sliding on the ground out the door he quickly closes the double door. Looking down he see's a wooden plank, putting it through the handles he step's away. The creature begin's attacking the door.

Turning on his heel James see's Claire running up the escalator. Claire stop's at the top of the escalator and turn's around to see them following them, looking even farthur back she barely see's James. Claire let's out a sigh and pull's out her knife, holding it to her side. 

"What the hell is she doing?" James whisper's to himself, "Is she stupid? She can't kill them both with her knife! Claire run!" James scream's as he waves his good arm around. Claire ignore's him and eye's the two creature's half way up. Glancing down at her feet she see's a bottle, lifting it up with her foot she kick's it at the Regenorador. Smashing the bottle in it's face, it stumbles back and tumbles down the step's. James pick's up a block of cement from the ground and lift's it over his head. Standing over the Regenorador he slam's it down on it's head, blood splating over his ankles. 

It's leg's begin to twitch for a few second's then stop's moving. Breathing in slowly, James look's to see Claire dodging the Iron Maiden's spike's. Digging in his pocket he pulls out a green grenade.

He suddenly hear's glass smashing into pieces behind him, quickly looking back he see's the two creature's limping toward's him. "God dammit! Just fucking die!" James scream's as he leap's onto the Regenorador's chest, pulling the pin he shove it's inside the Regenorador's chest. Head butting it, James let's it go and shoves it into the Iron Maiden. Diving behind a pillar a loud explosion echo's throughout the Mall. Dust and dirt begin to drizzle down as the building slightly shake's. 

Peeking out from behind the pillar he see's the two creature's gone, with nothing but black oozing blood splattered along the ground. "Thank god." 

Looking back at Claire he see's her running toward's the wall with the Iron Maiden chasing after her, running up the wall Claire leap's backward's off it flipping over the creature. Smirking to himself, "Show off." 

Claire flip's out her knife and throw's it at the creature's head. Lodging it half way deep in it's skull, the creature continues to stride toward's her. Backing away Claire stop's at the step's, moving out the way the creature jerk's forward. Nearly tumbling down, the creature's struggles to balance. Claire jump's and kick's it in the back, tumbling down it slam's it's head a few times into the railing's. 

Rolling off the stair's it struggles to lift itself up. Flipping on it's stomach it begin's slithering toward's the dead Regenorador. James anxiously step's away from it, keeping a distance. Walking toward's the stair's he meet's Claire at the bottom. 

The Iron Maiden leap's on top of the Regenorador, biting down on it's shoulder. Blood begin's oozing out, suddenly worm's begin to wiggle on the Regenorador's body. The worm's begin to latch onto the Iron Maiden's body pulling it in. Suddenly both their bodies begin merging with each other the worm's on both their bodies latching onto each other. A pile of mush form's, slowly a body begin's to form. 

The body begin's to slowly lift itself up off the ground, worm's dropping off it. A larger, more muscular body form's with thin needles sticking out it's chest and arm's. It's chest burst's open with a bright yellow heart pumping loud. 

Claire and James mouth drop's as their eye's widen, the Omega standing straight towering over them at 20 feet. It's slightly open's it's mouth, large fang's overlapping it's lip's. "James, how the hell are we gonna kill that?" Claire softly ask's. James completely ignore's her as he watches the Omega stretching it's arm's over it's head reaching out for the ceiling. Claire nudge's his rib's, glancing at her he frown's. "We just have to survive the last few minute's until the Darkness fades. We've got about maybe three minute's left." 

"We should be keeping our distance then." Claire say's as she begin's walking backward's up the step's slowly. James follow's her lead. 

Nearly up the step's James step's on shattered glass. The Omega dart's it's head toward's them, it let's out a light screech. Taking big step's toward's them, Claire and James turn on their heel's and start running up the stair's. The Omega run's to the side and backhand's James, blood spewing out the side of his mouth. "James!" Claire scream's as he slam's into the railing. Sliding to the ground James spit's out blood, "Run Claire! I'll hold it off!" Claire stop's at the top of the stair's, looking back at him. 

"But James! We can hold off till the Darkness dissapear's! We can fig-" James cut's her off. "No, we can't!" His eye's widen in fear as he eyes the Omega lashing out at Claire from behind. Claire quickly turn's around to see the Omega reaching out for her. Covering her face the Omega grab's her and lift's her up. "Claire!" 

Trying to pry away it's grip, Claire struggles to inhale air. "James, I can't breathe!" She scream's out as she closes her eye's. The Omega grab's Claire with both hand's and pulls her toward's it spike's. Opening her eye's she see's the spikes closing in on her, opening her mouth she let's out a shriek. James get's up and run's toward's the railing and leap's off reaching for Claire. barely able to grab her ankle, he drag's her down through it's hand's. James pull's Claire close to him, with his back to the ground he closes his eyes. 

Opening his eye's he see's the ceiling gone, with the dark stary lite sky showing. He see's a black figure falling over him, light shines it face. "Mary." James softly say's with a smile he reaches out for her. Mary smiles lightly at him her face glowing with happiness. "My James, you've done so much for these people who you don't even know. I'm so proud of you my love. I know you're tired and in pain, but I can't let you come with me just yet. She still need's you." Mary softly say's float's back up into the sky. "Mary, please. I need you!" James shout's as a tear slide's off his face and fall's toward's her. 

"But they need you more, we will be with each other again my love. Later though, I love you. Be safe and stop being so reckless." She giggles as she fades away into the star's. 

James closes his eyes and open's them again to the vein covered ceiling and Claire holding onto his chest. He slam's down onto a wooden bench. Dust and dirt fogging up the air. Groaning in pain James roll's Claire off of him. He instantly feel's a sharp pain in his leg. Looking up at it he see's a wooden stake jabbed through his thigh. "James!" Claire begin's dragging him away from the Omega. A stream of smeared blood following them. She goes around a pillar and lean's him against it. "We have a minute left!" Claire shout's excitedly. 

"Hear." James hand's her his knife, "My last one. You can take it on." James reassure's her. Claire look's down at the knife and nod's her head. Taking it from him she walk's from around the pillar with the knife to her side. 

Running toward's the creature in full throttle, the Omega extend's it's arm's out toward's her. Claire stop's and does a back flip avoiding the hand's. Landing it perfectly she immediately run's up the left arm avoiding the spike's. She leap's off of it and grab's on a spike near's the yellow beating heart. "Take this!" Claire scream's as she begin's slicing the heart. 

The yellow heart begin's pumping faster and faster, the Omega let's out a loud screeching. She raises the knife over her head and dig's it into it's chest. White puss beign's oozing out the heart. The Omega grab's Claire and fling's her to the side, slamming into the pillar she hit's the ground knocking her unconscious. James crawl's out from behind the pillar to see the Omega losing it's limb's, slowly the worm's begin decaying into the ground. The Omega shrinking with the knife still in it's chest. 

Suddenly everything around them begin's transforming back to normal. The ground and ceiling slowly fading back to cement. The vein's burrow into the ground. 

The Omega let's out one last screech before it plop's on it's back, sinking into the ground. A few second's pass before everything is in tact again. Looking around James see's the double door's to the outside shining in some light. The light's above them flicker back on and the television set's turning back on. 

"We fucking made it." James say's as he let's out a chuckle. Dragging himself toward's Claire, he stop's and drop's to the ground in front of her. He eye's her and see's her head bleeding along with more scratches and gashes over her leg's. 

James suddenly hear's the double door's open and close a few time's. Glancing at the door's he see's two people walking toward's him. They both stop within a few inches from him and Claire, looking up a smile form's at the corner of James' lip's. Setting his head back down, "Thank god we found you. We've been looking for you guy's. Where's everyone else?" James ask's as one of the two people crouches down over him. "They're out looking for the rest of you're team." Alex say's as he pull's out a spray can from his pocket. 

"Who are you?" James ask's the other person crouching down over Claire. The woman look's at James and smiles at him, "My name is Alice." 

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