Silent Nightmare (Silent Hill/Resident Evil)

As of 52 hours ago, the Presidents daughter Nereyda has been pronounced missing. Her last known location she was traveling with her security team in Pennsylvania back to Washington D.C. They lost contact with her after they were experiencing nightmarish illusions, hallucinations, and dreams. Apparently they were in an accident, something walked in front of them in the middle of the road causing them to drive off. We heard little reports from them here and there, some distorted and barely audible, but what ever was happening their wasn't good. They reported strange creatures roaming around during the night and day. But after a few hours we never heard anything from them again.

Now we are sending our best S.T.A.R.S. (Special Tactics and Rescue Squad) members to rescue Nereyda from..Silent Hill, the tainted town filled with death, sorrow, darkness, and fire. What we failed to mention to the team was Silent Hill's dark and evil past...

Will they





34. The Great Escape PART 1

AUTHORS NOTE- Well, here goes. That first part. I really hope you guy's enjoy it. <3 See you at the endddd! c:




Heather gasp's as she open's her eye's, looking around her she see's herself underwater with a mouth piece over her nose and mouth. Looking all around her she see's herself in a silky white outfit. Looking at the top corner of the tank she see's a red button, smashing it the water begin's to drain into the bottom of the tank. Heather removes the mouth guard from her face and tosses it to the side, the water completely drain's. The clear rubber door slides open to the side, Heather cautiously step's out and look's around the white room to see more rubber tank's mounted on the wall's with her team in them. "My god." Listening intently she hear's a ringing noise coming from each of the tank's, walking up to a tank to her left she peer's inside and see's Claire. Looking to the side of the tank she see's a small heart monitor screen with the line going straight across. 

Sherry's door suddenly slides open, water gushes out from the tank covering the entire floor. Sherry fall's forward coughing up water. Heather run's towards her. "Sherry! Are you alright?" Sherry nods her head, getting up they both look around them to see a large locker in the far corner. Walking towards it together, Heather open's it up to see there item's in it. Pulling it out they begin to change in there jean's and v neck's. Strapping on a leg holster around there thighs they place there handgun's in it, grabbing a machine gun from a rack they check the ammo. 

Sherry glances to the side to see Lisa; her face dirty and pale with black hair, putting the weapon on her back she walk's up the tank and presses her hand against the door. "You were the best mom I could of ever asked for, Lisa. I love you.." Sherry slowly lowers her hand to her side, bawling up her fist her face begin's to turn red. "She's gone. She's really gone." She mutter's to herself. "We need to go, I'm sure Chris and my dad are already out. We should try to find them." Heather cautiously stand's in front of the door, "We can do this. We can do it for them. All of them." Heather say's as she aim's her machine gun at the door. Sherry nods her head as she turns to face the door as well.


Chris quickly opens his eye's, looking around him he see's a small circle window in front of his face. Looking down at his feet he see's wires hooked up to his leg's, arm's, chest, and temple on the side of his head. Looking up at the top left of the rectangular shaped pod, he see's a red lever. Slowly reaching out for it he pull's it towards him. The Pod door immediately fall's forward, Chris begin's pulling out the wires in his body. Reaching out for the wires in his temple, he firmly grabs the two wires and slowly pull's them. Groaning in pain, he yank's it out as blood trickles down the side of his head. Gasping for air, Chris look's around him to see a mid-sized white four wall room with ten other pod's mounted on the wall's and a door in the far corner with a light bulb flashing red above it. At the center a desk with two large clear screen's and a swivel chair lay empty. 

Glancing down at his clothing completely changed to white pant's and short sleeve shirt with white flat shoes. Turning around he see's a small metal container next to his pod. Walking up to it he pull's the door open, he see's his weapon's, ammo and clothing. Pulling it all out he set's to the side and begin's to undress himself. Another pod behind him begin's to open, a person's foot step's out. Harry hazily reaches out with his face scrunched up, covering his eye's from the bright lite room. "Chris, is that you?" Chris nod's his head. Pulling on his jean's and shirt, Chris grab's his holster and tighten's it around his waist, placing his handgun in it. Turning around to face Harry, he see's him changing. 

"We should get going as soon as your done. Someone's bound to be coming after us to keep us from getting out. So we need to find the other's now. They're probably worried." Chris walks over to the door and pop's his neck.

"Chris, I don't think they need our help." Chris look's back at Harry to see him staring at the computer screen's, walking over to him he look's at the screen to see Heather, Sherry and Alice in a gunfight with Umbrella security. Chris shakes his head, "Where are they at?"

Harry look's at the top corner of the screen, "There in ROM 2 Hallway 5. We're in ROM 2 Hallway 3." Harry and Chris back away from the screen and head towards the door. Pulling out a shotgun, Chris aims it at the door. Harry checks his revolver and clicks it back in. Pressing his head against the door, Chris hear's gun fire and people screaming. Pressing a small grey button, the door slides open.

Stepping out Harry and Chris see's Alice stab a man in the neck with her Kitanna. "Alice!" Harry call's out to her, drawing her attention Alice pull's out the blade and jog's towards them. "Are you guy's alright?!" They both nod there head's, "Where are the other two?!" Harry anxiously ask's as he look's over her shoulder. 

Suddenly a soldier dressed in black armor and black mask get's flung towards the wall, smearing blood over it. Everyone watches as Sherry and Heather walk from around the corner towards them, "Dad!" Heather shout's as she embraces him in a hug. Holding her tightly, Harry rest's his head on the top of her head. "Hey, let's save the father-daughter love for later, huh?" Chris say's as he peek's around a corner. Seeing the hallway littered with bodies, he smirks as he chuckles, "You gal's kicked ass." 

The ladies smirk as they walk past Chris around the corner, "Should we split up? I mean we could find a way out easier and faster?" Sherry suggest as they all walk around the bodies and blood in the hall. "No, it's just giving them a better chance at capturing us again or killing us. We'll stay together. Understood?" Chris say's he glances back at Harry to see him nodding his head. "Good. I'm sure by now Umbrella know's these guards have been killed. They'll be sending more after us, let's keep it going." Chris says as he follows behind Sherry and Heather.

Alice at the front of everyone stop's, raising her hands up she bawls up her fist signaling everyone else to halt. Sherry lean's in behind Alice, "What is it?" 

"Something doesn't feel right. There aren't any alarm's blaring or people yelling over the intercom to hunt us down. It's quiet, it's just these few flashing red light's." Alice softly say's as she look's at the white wall to her left. "It is quiet. What do you think is happening?" Heather anxiously ask's. 

A slight humming noise buzzes in Chris' ear, looking around he see's something moving behind the white wall's. Staring closely at the wall's, his eye's widen in fear. "Move!" Shoving Heather forward she fall's onto Sherry, tumbling them over to the ground. Chris take's a few step's back as a red thick beam beam's out into the other wall. "Woah!" 

Two more red horizontal beam's beam out, they slowly begin moving toward's the ladies. "You guy's have to run! Run to that black door at the end of the hallway! Hurry!" Chris screams as Sherry and Heather get up off the ground. Alice begin's pulling them back, turning on there heel's they immediately begin running. The three beam's begin to pick up the pace, catching up to them.

"It's catching up to us!" Sherry scream's as she look's back. Suddenly one vertical line beam's out in front of them. Alice's gasp's as she leap's over it, Sherry and Heather close there eye's as they slide underneath it. Opening their eyes they get up and continue running with the other three horizontal beam's still following them. Alice stop's at the doorway, "It's not opening." She quietly whisper's to herself, turning around she put's her back against the door as Sherry and Heather reach her. 

"Why won't it open!?" Sherry ask's as she begin's pounding on the door. Heather begin's pressing the button's on the keypad. "It's not doing anything!" She scream's. Putting there back against the doorway also, they see two more horizontal lines appear, then five beam's beaming out from the ceiling making a checker board pattern. "Shit!" Sherry and Heather scream out as they close there eye's. 

Harry and Chris' eyes widen in fear, they immediately begin running towards them, screaming out for them. Alice grab's Sherry's hand as Sherry grab's Heather's. "It's been a fun ride." Alice softly say's to them. 

The beam's gain speed, Sherry squeezes Alice's hand. "Is it gonna hurt?" Alice shrug's her shoulder answering her a caring soft tone, "I don't know..." The beam's close in on them, Alice closes her eye's as the beam's reach them. 

Suddenly the beam's stop within a mere inch of their bodies, feeling the heat from the beam's they all open there eyes gasping. The door behind them slide's open's, falling backward's they all let out a scream as they hit the ground. The door's close, trapping them in complete darkness. 

"Sherry! Heather!? Alice!" Chris and Harry scream out as the door closes with the ladies in it. The beam's disappear, as they both draw closer toward's the door. Pressing his hand against the door Harry call's out for Heather, "Heather, sweetie you there?" No response. 

Glancing at Chris he gulp's, "Can you guy's hear me?" Chris take's a step back from the doorway. Looking at the keypad he see's a model of an elevator with the number '5' above it. "I think when Heather was pressing button's she typed in 5." Harry walk's over to the keypad to see a model of the entire facility. They both peer closer to see the elevator going up to the top. "Are we underground?" Chris nod's his head. 

"We must be at the very bottom, we'll meet them up there. We'll just call it back down. There still haven't been any guard's. Why?" Chris ask's as he presses the up button on the keypad, to call down the elevator. 


The two Scientist sitting in there large chair's, click a button on there arm rest. A screen show's up in front of there faces. The woman smile's, "They are quiet persistent. We can't let them escape this Facility. We've worked too hard to come this far and have them ruin everything." She say's as she let's out a rough sigh. The man chuckles, "Yes, I know. Which is why I plan to eliminate them. But before we do, let us have some fun with them. How about we let them die with there friend's." The man say's as presses a few more button's on his armrest. 

Another screen pop's up in front of them, showing glass tank's and pod's. The woman look's at the man and shake's her head, "This is going to make it ton's more interesting and fun indeed. Do it. And when their all dead, we can just start clean with a brand new slate of agent's." The man nod's his head. Looking down at his armrest, he presses one button. It begin's flashing red. "Let it begin." 


The door's to the elevator open, Alice peek's out to see another long white hallway. Slowly stepping out she signal's Sherry and Heather out. Stepping out, the elevator door's close. 

"Where the hell are we going? There's no sign's, or-...or people! Nothing!" Sherry softly shout's as she look's around the empty hallway. Heather shushes her, "We should still keep a low profile. We don't know what could happen." 

Alice cautiously walk's, stopping she see's a black door ahead of them. Walking past it, "Shouldn't we check it? I mean we could probably find something useful in there or something?" Sherry suggest as she eye's the door. Alice shakes her head, "We should just keep moving. I don't want any more surprises, especially after that laser beam." Suddenly a loud ring blare's throughout the hall, the red light's begin flashing brighter. Putting there back's to each other they aim ahead of them. 

A few minute's pass by, Sherry's hand begin's shaking. Dropping her hand to her side she rub's her wrist. "Was something supposed to happen?" She quietly whisper's. Heather shrug's her shoulder's.

The door's at both end's of the hallway slide open, a thick mist blow's out from them. Black silouhette's appear in the thick mist, Sherry quickly aim's her gun again. "I don't like this." Heather say's as a bead of sweat slide's down her forehead. A low growl startles them, slowly a Black Hooded creature crawl's out from the mist. Sherry and Heather gasp, as they press there back's tighter against Alice. "Can we go in the room now?" Sherry softly ask's as she eye's the door a few feet from her. "I think that's a good idea. On my count, run. 1...2..3- run!" 

Immediately they begin running toward's the door, the two Black Hooded creature's lung towards them. Sherry and Heather begin shooting at the Hooded creature in front of them. Reaching the door, it stay's closed. "It won't open again!" Sherry scream's out as she presses button's on the keypad. "Stopping pressing button's! Press the fucking 'Open' button!" Alice scream's out as she shoot's a Hood in the head, blood spur's out the back of it's head. Jerking it's head back forward her it give's her a devious grin.

Turning around Alice see's the other Hood leaping towards her, crouching down she lift's up her foot kicking it up from the chin. Launching it into the air, it's face smashes against the ceiling. A Hood claw's her back, giving her three long scratches along her back. Letting out a scream Alice feel's the blood oozing down her back. Heather fire's her machine gun at it's face, blowing holes in it. Blood gushes out as it fall's on it's back. Sherry presses the 'Open' button, the door slides open. 

Helping Alice in, Heather yank's in Sherry as the door closes, leaving them in complete darkness. The Hood begin's smashing into the door, trying to pry it open. 

The light's in the room begin to flicker on from the ceiling, Sherry and Heather gasp as they see a dozen pod's in front of them. Alice grab's bandage tape from her bag, she begin's wrapping it around her chest to cover the wound's. 

Getting up she stands in between the other's, carefully looking at the other pod's. "This is where they were at." Alice say's as she begin's walking toward's the pod's. 


Chris and Harry hear a ding as the elevator reaches them, the door's slide open. They suddenly hear a scratching noise behind them, looking back they see Leon walking toward's them. His skin dead, pale and rotting with black hair. His clothes dirty and covered in soot, he begin's walking twitchy toward's them with his knife in hand scratching it against the wall. Cybil walk's out from behind him in the same type of clothing and skin with her baton in hand. 

"Leon? Is that you?" Chris take's a step towards them, Harry grab's his shoulder. Looking back at him, he see's Harry shaking his head. "It's not them. We need to go. We can't waste time fighting them. We need to get to the other's." Chris sigh's as he walk's into the elevator. The door's close as Leon and Cybil begin running towards them. "I can't believe Umbrella would do this to them, making them that way. They are gonna pay." Chris murmur's to himself.

"I know, we will Chris." 

Looking up at the number's changing, it passes 5. "Wait, it passed 5! It's going to 3!" Harry shout's as he presses the 5 button. The door open's in front of them and behind. Looking back and forth they see a Hood standing in front of the door. Widening there eye's in fear they jump back out of the elevator. The Hood huff's as a thick mist begin's to seep out of the ceiling of the elevator, stepping in it the door's close, locking the Hood inside the elevator as it descends down. "Jesus, that was close. We should just-" Harry cut's himself off as he turn's around to see Lisa, Alex, Leon and Cybil in the dirty clothing and rotten skin trudging toward's them. Chris gasp's as Harry's mouth drop's.


"What have they done to them?" Chris ask's in disbelief, his eye's begin to swell up. The four team mate's stop and turn there head's to the side. "We have to take them out, Chris. They've been through enough, we have to let them rest." Harry say's as he look's down. His vision begin's to blur as his eye's water up. 

"Chris." Someone call's out, they both look up to see someone trying to get past them. Claire and Rebecca, both with the dirty skin and black hair, walk out from behind. A tear slide's down Chris' cheek. "Oh god." He feel's a lump in his throat as he attempt's to hold back the tear's. "Hurt's." Claire say's as her head twitches. "Kill. Us." Lisa say's in between breath's. 

"There has to be another way! I don't want to go through the pain again!" Chris shout's out as he grab's his chest, "Must. Do. It." Alex say's in between breath's. "Save. Us. Please." Rebecca plead's. "Run. Before. We. Attack." Claire shakily say's as she trudge's to the side along with the other's. "Enter. The. Door." Leon say's as his left arm barely lift's up, pointing at the door on the left. Chris and Harry cautiously walk toward's them. 

"Faster!" Lisa scream's in a demonic voice. Startling Chris and Harry they both dash pass them toward's the door. "We. Are. Loosing. Control." Alex struggles to say as he closes his eye's with the other's. Opening them again there eye's begin to glow red, they immediately begin running after them. Looking ahead of them they see a door of the elevator on the other end of them open, Sheva, Josh, Barry, Anne and Murphy step out of the elevator, in the dirty clothing and rotten skin and black hair and there eye's glowing red. 

Gasping they both stop in front of the door, looking down at the keypad Harry presses the 'Open' button. Suddenly Chris groan's in pain, looking at his shoulder he see's blood soaking his shirt. Looking over his shoulder he see's Leon's knife in his shoulder. The door open's Harry quickly run's into the pitch black space. Chris yank's the knife out and drop's it, leaping through the door it closes shut. The other's begin banging against the door, roaring and screaming. 

The light's above them shine red, lighting up the auditorium sized room, dozen's of pod's appear mounted in row's on the wall, with a ladder leading down next to each of them. 

"Chris, is you're shoulder alright?" He nod's his head, wrapping a bandage tape around his shoulder he tighten's it. Walking toward's the pod's he peek's inside them to see normal people in them. "Why in the world do they have civilian's here? What is all this?" Harry anxiously ask's as he look's around the wall's full of pod's. Chris walk's over to the center of the room to see a tall stand with a tablet mounted on it. Standing over it, he look's down at the tablet to see a graphic picture of the room with a square next to each of them with the word's, 'Close' highlighted in red above the word, "Open'. 

"Let's get these people out of here." Chris say's as he begin's pressing open for each of the pod's. Soon the door's to each of them begin to open, people in white clothing and shoes begin stepping out and climbing down the ladder. The loud banging begin's to draw some of there attention. "Harry, make sure no one open's the door." He nod's his head as he begin's walking to the door.

A little girl walk's out of a pod, looking around she begin's trembling. A black man climb's down the ladder and stands next to her, "Are you alright?" She nod's her head, "Are you're parent's here?" She shakes her head no, he give's her a soft smile, "My name's Glenn." He extend's his hand out to shake, she hesistate's. Reaching out for his hand she slowly shakes it, "My name's Nereyda."

"What happen?!"

"Where are we?!"

"What's going on?!"

People begin screaming out in fear as the banging on the door and roar's become louder. They immediately begin huddling around Chris, "Everyone stay calm! Be quiet! Listen up!" The people begin to quiet. "We don't have time to inform you all on what's happening, just know that we have to get out of here. There's an elevator just outside this hall that could take us out-!" A woman cut's him off. 

"Why aren't they open!" Chris sigh's, "There are...thing's out there trying to get in. We have to get past them to get out. If we wanna get out we have to fight our way out!" The people begin whispering themselves and to those around them. "What are we gonna fight with?" 

Nereyda tug's on Glenn's shirt, he look's down at her to see her pointing in the far part of the room. His face brighten's up, "Over there!" He shout's pointing at the corner. Chris and Harry make there way toward's the far part of the room to see a keypad with the word, 'Closed' highlighted. Pressing the 'Open' button the wall begin's to shift, the wall spins to reveal gun's covering the wall. Everyone's face drop's, Chris look's back at everyone. "Take your pick." They soon rush toward's the wall grabbing weapon's. Nereyda and Glenn walk up to the wall grabbing a shotgun. 

They all stop as they hear the banging become even louder, soon the door begins getting indent's. Chris and Harry walk to the front the crowd. The door suddenly get's toppled over, revealing the agent's standing there smiling deviously with weapon's in each other there hands. Chris sigh's as he see's Claire looking at him. "Everyone, if you have the chance to run, take it! Go!" He scream's as he begin's running toward's the enemies, everyone follow's as they begin shooting.


Alice, Sherry and Heather walk up to the pod's, peeking in the one closest to them they all gasp, "Is that..?" Sherry anxiously question's, taking a few step's back her eye's widen in shock. Alice and Heather run to another pod to see Travis Grady in it. "What the hell are these guy's doing in here?" Heather anxiously ask's as she look's back to see Sherry standing in front of a tablet. 

Looking down at it she presses the 'Open' button, the door's to each pod open. Standing by each other, the ladies see the few people walk out of there pod's. Sherry and Jake make eye contact, he give's her a small smirk. Sherry's face brighten's up as she dashes for him. 

All the people begin to crowd over Alice and Heather, "What are your names?" Alice softly ask's them.

"Piers Nivan's"

Jake shout's his name from his pod, standing next to Sherry. "Jake Muller"

"Billy Coen"

"Travis Grady"


"Helena Harper"

"Eric Lake"

"Where are we?" Piers ask's as he look's down at his white clothing. "We are in an underground Facility. Me and my team are going to stop whoever is controlling this place. We need you're help to get to them. Umbrella's captured us-" Suddenly the banging on the door's become louder, cutting Alice off. "We don't have time to explain! Next to you're pod's there's a metal container! In it you're weapon's are there! We need to escape, there's an elevator at the end of this hall we can take to get out." Sherry shout's as the other's hurry to there thing's. "What exactly is behind those door's trying to get us?" Jake ask's as he put's on his holster. "Creatures, it sound's like theres more than a dozen out there."

One final pod open's, drawing Alice's attention. Her eyes widen in anger, as the person step's out of it. Alice dashes toward's him, pinning him to the pod with her arm pressing against his neck, "What are you doing here?!" She screams out to his masked face. Everyone run's around them, "Alice what is it? Who is this?" 

"It's him. HUNK." Alice presses her arm against his neck tighter. Travis grab's her arm and yank's it back. "Whatever he did, no matter what he did. He can help us escape." HUNK pop's his neck, "Umbrella betrayed me. I intend to repay them for putting me in this shithole. I'll help you all escape, but as soon as  we do I'm leaving." Alice cautiously look's at him. Nodding her head she steps away from him.

The door to the room suddenly crashes down, everyone gasp's as they all form a line by each other aiming there weapon's. Standing there quietly aiming there weapon's, Alice pull's out her Kitanna. 

All of a sudden, dozen's of creature's flood through the door. Everyone's eyes widen in fear as the creature's begin roaring, "There's are reason Umbrella wanted us! Let's show them it was a huge mistake to let us live!" Alice shouts as they all begin running toward's the creature's shooting and screaming. 



The two Scientist still sitting in there seat's, with a screen in front of each of them, begin chuckling. "They both gave a little pep talk before fighting. How sweet, but they won't last. None of them will. The creature's have been modified with extra strength and agility." The man say's as he eye's his screen, showing Alice and her group barely being able to fend off the creature's. Creature's crawling over everything, blood spraying in every direction. The woman grin's as she look's down at her screen showing Chris' army of civilians getting slaughtered by the experimented agent's, blood and bodies littered everywhere. "The dark agent's are splendid. They are everything we hoped them to be. The perfect Super Soldier's." The woman say's as she grin's bigger.

"These battle won't wage on much longer. There all unprepared. In a few minute's it'll be done. I believe after this is over we should celebrate, don't you think Wesker?" The woman ask's him. Wesker glances at her through his black shade's and softly nod's his head.

"Indeed Dahlia. If only Jake didn't betray me, he would be here with us. Such a shame."






That was the first part of the Finale, what did you think? I know, it was excruciatingly long. But what's done is done. Anyway's, just be prepared. Part TWO will most likely be just as long or longer. 

I actually was kinda sad when the old team mates came back as villains, Chris has his near meltdown when he realized they had to die one last time. *cries*

I realize that both there stories were very similar, but different. Well I intended to do that, I chose Alice to have the main protagonist of both series. It was sooo hard to find anyone leftover from the Silent Hill universe that was good! My gosh! I wanted more SH character's but that's all that was left that I felt people sorta knew or heard of. 

For the RE character's I was gonna have character's that were already dead, but decided not to. Too complicated, besides I already have a few that are meant to  be dead like Piers, Harry, Lisa. :P

 Like I said, I really hope you guy's enjoyed it and tried to finish the chapter. The next chapter will be up before Wednesday or that day. :) Finger's crossed I can do it! 

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