Silent Nightmare (Silent Hill/Resident Evil)

As of 52 hours ago, the Presidents daughter Nereyda has been pronounced missing. Her last known location she was traveling with her security team in Pennsylvania back to Washington D.C. They lost contact with her after they were experiencing nightmarish illusions, hallucinations, and dreams. Apparently they were in an accident, something walked in front of them in the middle of the road causing them to drive off. We heard little reports from them here and there, some distorted and barely audible, but what ever was happening their wasn't good. They reported strange creatures roaming around during the night and day. But after a few hours we never heard anything from them again.

Now we are sending our best S.T.A.R.S. (Special Tactics and Rescue Squad) members to rescue Nereyda from..Silent Hill, the tainted town filled with death, sorrow, darkness, and fire. What we failed to mention to the team was Silent Hill's dark and evil past...

Will they





17. Stone Portal

'We can probably confuse it! Separate!' Alex screams.

Jill and Alex race to the left towards the buildings, as Leon races towards the open field to the right. He doesn't feel Rebecca near him. He suddenly stops dead in his tracks and looks back. He see's Rebecca frozen in place from fear. The monster within yards of her. He quickly races back to her.

'Rebecca!' Leon shouts.

Not paying attention to him, she continues watching the monster charging towards her. Shaking the ground with each step. Leon reaches her and grabs her by the arm and yanks her towards him. They begin running towards the field of dismembered corpses from the graves and broken cracked field. Looking back Rebecca sees the Guardian watch them. 

'Leon! Look!' Rebecca screams as she points at it. Leon quickly running, immediately looks back. Stopping he watches the monster.

'What the hell is it doing?' Leon asks uneasy.

The Guardian digs its hands into the ground, slowly pulling out chunks of the ground. The ground shaking ever so slow. 

Jill and Alex both bash through a near building door.

'Jill, what are we doing in here?' Alex asks confused.

'We need to get to the roof!' Jill immediately replies gasping for air. Nodding his head, they both see the staircase ahead of them down the lobby. Dashing for it they begin running up the stairs. 

'Alex, in the books did it say anything about how to kill this thing?' Jill asks as they continue to run up the stairs. Thinking to himself, they abruptly stop as the building begins shaking, dust falling from the ceiling. 

'What the hell is going on?' Jill asks as she peers through a crack in the wall out into the field.

She peers closer through the crack in the wall, looking out into the field.

'The monster is pulling out huge Pillar's from the ground, it has about five of them out in an almost complete circle. What the hell is it doing?' Jill nervously asks as she looks back at Alex. 

'Thats not good! This is not good! We need to get to the roof now!' Alex shouts as he walks backwards, then turns around facing the stairs. 

'Whats it doing!?' Jill shouts.

Alex begins running up the flight of stairs, Jill following behind closely. Bashing through the rooftop door, Alex stops and scans the roof. Gasping for air quickly, both walk towards the edge of the roof over looking the field. 

'What. the hell. is it. doing?' Jill asks in between breathes.

'Its trying to get out of here.' Alex flatly replies. 

'What do you mean?' Jill nervously asks. 

'It's making a portal, its trying to free it self from this dimension into the real world. When it raises the ten stones from beneath the portal will open and stay open unless the stones are destroyed. It will also open on the other side, though if you walk through it then you will surely walk into this dimension. If it gets out, theirs no way it could be easily killed. It would cause chaos world wide, resurrecting the four other Guardians. Water, Blood, Light and Steel. If all five are together, this world will sure to end.' Alex anxiously says.

'How in the hell did it even get free!?' Jill asks annoyed.

'I don't know for certain, but we need to stop it.' 

'How?!' Jill scream's as she gives a concerned stare.

'I don't know, but we just need to attack it with everything we got. Though we don't have much..' Alex says bothered.

'No shit, but we work with what we got in our bags. We have one and Leon has the other. Find a sniper in that bag.' Jill demands Alex as she over scans the field for Leon.

She finally see's him sneaking through cracks in the ground towards the Guardian, with Rebecca next to him.

'Leon is getting close to the Guardian, is he safe?' Jill nervously asks. Alex looks up from the bag with a hunting riffle in hand, handing it to her Alex looks over the field.

'I don't know, I'm not sure what this thing is capable of really. I only read a snippet of this monster, before I was chased off.' Alex says bitter.

Jill looks back towards the field, she raises the rifle. Looking through the scope, she zooms in focusing on the monster. 

'It has about 7 stones up already, if we're going to do something, we need to do it now.' Jill urgently shouts.

'How are we going to tell Leon about what we know?' Alex anxiously asks.

'I'm going to distract it, you go and tell him what you know. From there, we act and try to kill this son of a bitch. Got it?' Jill arrogantly says. Alex nods his head, and walks backwards towards the door.

'Alex!' Jill shouts after him. He looks back confused.

'You might wanna take this.' She says smiling. Tossing Alex a machine gun, he catches it with one hand. He nods his head at her, as he walks backwards. Turning on his heel he races towards the door and rushes down the step's.

Jill walks back over to the edge positioning herself, she looks through the scope.

'We can do this, right?"




Leon pulls Rebecca along with him as they crawl and leap over chunks of the ground and cracked ground underneath. 

'Leon, what are we doing? We should regroup with Jill and Alex. Together we can think of a way to stop this thing. But separated, we are at a higher risk of dying.' Rebecca pleads to him.

'I know, but we don't even know where they went. Besides we have a bag of weapons and ammo. Right now our only option is to get a closer look at this thing, and see if we can find some sort of weak spot.' Leon says slightly annoyed.

'Alright, but why does it keep pulling out those stones from the ground?' She anxiously asks.

'I'm not sure, lets go.' He says tiresome.

Leon grabs Rebeccas hand as they creep under a boulder, watching the monster intently. 

The Guardian thrashes its hands into the ground, and begins slowly pulling out a stone. The ground begins to shake violently. Leon quickly looks up and see's the boulder shaking, dirt falling through the cracks. He quickly slides out, as he gets up he pulls Rebecca by her feet, she grabs hold of the bag to her chest. The boulder falls down, nearly smashing her head in. He lifts her up as the ground shakes slower.

'Leon, is this getting worse cause we are so close?' Rebecca nervously asks, as she nearly falls. 

Nodding his head, he grabs her hand and pulls her close to him.

'Careful' He calmly says. They crawl over a chunk of rock as they closely watch the monster.

Rebecca begins to hear grunting and moaning behind them, wide-eyed she slowly looks back and sees a "Closer" lifting up its club-like arms. 

'Leon!' Rebecca screams as she kicks Leon off while pushing herself off of him and rolling off the rock as well. The Closer smashes the rock into bits and pieces.


Its body seems to mock the female form, as its entire face resembles a pair of lips; it seems to be wearing a mini-skirt. The Closer is a tall, menacing creature, with thick, all-encompassing arms. Some sections of the creature's arms seem to be stitched together and bandaged into a club-like form. 


Leon surprised by the sudden kick, he sees the creature slowly lifting its arm out from the shattered rock. 

The Guardian, startled by Rebecca's scream. It scans the field for them, and sees them within a few yards from it. It roars as it walks towards them. 

Leon crawling backwards, looking at the Closer and then back to the Guardian, with anxiety, as they make their way towards him.

'Hey ugly bitch! Over here!' Rebecca screams at the Closer. 

Swaying backwards it faces her and sees the bag on the ground next to Rebecca with a shotgun in her hand. 

Shooting it directly in the face, blowing off its head. Blood squirting at Leon, spraying him in the face. He attempts to cover his face. 

'Leon! Watch out!' Rebecca screams as she points above him. He quickly looks up and see's a foot coming down on him. Quickly reacting he dashes towards Rebecca, he then dives out of the way as the foot makes contact with the ground. Shaking the ground fiercely, Rebecca loses balance and falls down. 

Dirt blowing through the air, mixing with the falling ash. Leon rolls over onto his back and sees another foot coming down on him.

He quickly sees a crack into the ground near. Getting up he runs towards it. Rebecca watching him intently.

'Leon!!' Rebecca screams as the foot comes down on him. 

As the foot is nearly about to touch his head, he slides into the crack swiftly. Clouds of dirt and ash smothering him. 

'No! Leon!' Rebecca screams again. She aims the shotgun at the creature and begins to shoot at it. 

Barely doing any damage to it, merely breaking off pebbles. The Guardian turns to Rebecca as she climbs onto a rock and shoots again. The Guardian roars. Covering her ears she screams as blood begins flowing out of her ear.

Leon peers out of the crack and sees Rebecca. 

The monster stops roaring. Bringing its fist down on her. Rebecca nearly getting crushed, leaps backwards off the rock shooting another shot at it. 

'Rebecca behind you!' Leon screams. 

Taking a quick glance back as she falls backwards she sees another Closer. Winding its arm to the side, it swings at Rebecca. Smashing its arms against her ribs, a crack is heard. Soaring to the side she slams into a gravestone. Cracking it, she slides to the ground dead. 

Leon quickly dashes out of the crack in the ground and rushes towards her. The Closer begins to slowly make its way to her. The Guardian slams its fist to the ground, causing a burst of energy to escape its attack. It launches Leon into the air swirling and twirling as he slams into the ground.

Gasping for air, he gets on all fours and scans for Rebecca. The Closer within a few inches of her, lifts both of its arms over its head. It slams its arms down.

A gunshot is heard echoing through the air.

Leon looks at the Closer, frozen in place. He looks at its arms withing a few inches from her head. Blood begin streaming down its arms. Leon notices the bullet hole through its neck. The closer falls backwards. A pool of blood surrounding it.


Leon scans the area and see's Alex running towards him. Alex stopping next to Rebecca he slowly lifts her off the ground and into his arms, bridal style.

Alex jogs towards him.

'Leon, are you alright? Look, we need to keep a safe distance from this thing. Its are only chance.' Alex anxiously shouts. 

The ground begins to shake violently. Alex and Leon turn to see the Guardian walking fast towards them. 

Another gunshot is heard echoing through the air. Then another.

'Who is that?' Leon asks weary.

'Jill! Shes buying us some time. C'mon!' Alex shouts as he shiftsRebecca his arms, Leon slowly gets up. They begin jogging away from the monster. 

The monster begins to feel the bullets as more and more pebbles break apart from it, barely revealing tissue and muscle from it.

It turns to face Jill's direction on the building. The scopes lens shines abit. 

The Guardian begins roaring ferociously. It stops and immediately digs into hands into the ground and scoop's up a ball of rock and dirt, mixed with the ash and blood. 

Jill looks away from her lens and watches in fear as the Guardian lifts up the boulder over its head. 

Leon and Alex both look back at the sight, and see the Guardian throw the boulder at the building Jill's on.

'Jill!!' Both Alex and Leon shout in unison.

The boulder comes into contact with the building. Shattering through the walls and rolling out the back of it, the building begins to crumble apart fast. 

Jill grabbing hold of the bag of weapons and wraps the rifle around her shoulder. The roof begins swaying to the sides, it draws close to a near building. As it sways towards the nearing building again, Jill runs towards it and leaps towards it.

Leon and Alex both watch in horror as the building begins collapsing, they suddenly see Jill's blue uniform as she leaps off the roof.

While in mid-air she tosses the bag onto the roof. Extending her arm out she grabs hold of the edge with one hand. Looking down she sees the sharp rocks and concrete.

'Oh shit!' Jill shouts irritated.

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