Silent Nightmare (Silent Hill/Resident Evil)

As of 52 hours ago, the Presidents daughter Nereyda has been pronounced missing. Her last known location she was traveling with her security team in Pennsylvania back to Washington D.C. They lost contact with her after they were experiencing nightmarish illusions, hallucinations, and dreams. Apparently they were in an accident, something walked in front of them in the middle of the road causing them to drive off. We heard little reports from them here and there, some distorted and barely audible, but what ever was happening their wasn't good. They reported strange creatures roaming around during the night and day. But after a few hours we never heard anything from them again.

Now we are sending our best S.T.A.R.S. (Special Tactics and Rescue Squad) members to rescue Nereyda from..Silent Hill, the tainted town filled with death, sorrow, darkness, and fire. What we failed to mention to the team was Silent Hill's dark and evil past...

Will they





33. Sneak Peek of "The Great Escape [Part 1]"

So, as I've been saying the past few chapter's Silent Nightmare's about to be finished and I'm really sad. I kinda wish it wasn't about to be finished. But none the less all good thing's come to an end. I've been working really hard to make this just an epic two part finale! I'm writing them both out and just post them one at a time. I'm actually almost done with the first part! Here's a little sneak peek:


"It's catching up to us!" Sherry scream's as she look's back. Suddenly one vertical line beam's out in front of them. Alice's gasp's as she leap's over it, Sherry and Heather close there eye's as they slid underneath it. Opening them they get up and continue running with the other three horizontal beam's still following them. Alice stop's at the doorway, "It's not opening." She quietly whisper's to herself, turning around she put's her back against the door as Sherry and Heather reach her. 

"Why won't it open!?" Sherry ask's as she begin's pounding on the door. Heather begin's pressing the button's on the keypad. "It's not doing anything!" She scream's. Putting there back against the doorway also, they see two more horizontal lines appear, then five beam's beaming out from the ceiling making a checker board pattern. "Shit!" Sherry and Heather scream out as they close there eye's. 


And here's one more, just because I'm feeling generous to my lovely fan's:



"What have they done to them?" Chris ask's in disbelief, his eye's begin to swell up. The four team mate's stop and turn there head's to the side. "We have to take them out, Chris. They've been through enough, we have to let them rest." Harry say's as he look's down. His vision begin's to blur as his eye's water up. 

"Chris." Someone call's out, they both look up to see someone trying to get past them. Claire and Rebecca, both with the dirty skin and black hair, walk out from behind. A tear slide's down Chris' cheek. "Oh god." He feel's a lump in his throat as he attempt's to hold back the tear's. "Hurt's." Claire say's as her head twitches. "Kill. Us." Lisa say's in between breath's. 



So, I'm gonna finish part ONE today. And then start with part TWO. I'm most likely gonna stay home tomorrow and I'll write all day. If I can hopefully finish before Nov. 6 I'm gonna add this story to the WATTY's Fan Fic contest! Let me know what you guy's think is happening in these two scene's and don't forget to vote and tell you're fanfic friend's about 'Silent Nightmare' I could use the more fan's for the contest. <3 

Anyway's, I just wanted to give you guy's an update since you've been patient reader's. c: Now to continue writing! Wish me luckkk! Have a fabulous diaa mis amigos!

P.S.-Be aware that the TWO part's are gonna have more than, probably, six pages of story. So be prepared. I'm trying to fit in as much as I can to make it epic. I really hope you guy's enjoy it. 

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