Silent Nightmare (Silent Hill/Resident Evil)

As of 52 hours ago, the Presidents daughter Nereyda has been pronounced missing. Her last known location she was traveling with her security team in Pennsylvania back to Washington D.C. They lost contact with her after they were experiencing nightmarish illusions, hallucinations, and dreams. Apparently they were in an accident, something walked in front of them in the middle of the road causing them to drive off. We heard little reports from them here and there, some distorted and barely audible, but what ever was happening their wasn't good. They reported strange creatures roaming around during the night and day. But after a few hours we never heard anything from them again.

Now we are sending our best S.T.A.R.S. (Special Tactics and Rescue Squad) members to rescue Nereyda from..Silent Hill, the tainted town filled with death, sorrow, darkness, and fire. What we failed to mention to the team was Silent Hill's dark and evil past...

Will they





28. Rebecca's Affliction

The Night Flutter swings at her, Ada closes her eye's waiting for the searing pain. After a few seconds pass she slightly opens them to see the Night Flutter on it's side with blood seeping out it's forehead. She groggily look's around the rooftop to see no one on it. "Ada!" Some one calls out.

She look's behind her only to see three people standing on the roof on the building next to her. They jump over the gap and run over towards her. They all crouch down around her. "Your gonna be fine. Rebecca, what do we do?" Rain ask's her anxiously. Rebecca bites her lip and looks around. Suddenly flashes of Jill crouching over Chris yelling at her to go get supplies to him come into mind. She gasp's and takes a few steps back. 'I didn't make it back to Jill and Chris in time when they needed me before. I have to do this right this time, no more being scared Rebecca. I can do this.' She says to herself, nodding her head Rebecca looks back at the buildings behind them.

"The Hospital was back there! I can get an antidote, I will be back! Try to wipe away the blood and suck out as much of the poison as you can!" Rebecca shouts as she begins running to the edge, leaping over she continues running and leaping.

Rain looks to Cybil, "What does she mean 'suck out the poison'?" Suddenly Rain realizes what she meant. Shaking her head Rain points to Cybil then down at Ada's wound's. "You can do it."

Rebecca leaps one more time landing on the Hospital. She looks back to see Cybil huddling over Ada with Rain looking around aiming her sniper. Looking in front of her she see's the roof top door slightly open with the door knob slightly bent. Pushing it open she see's a spiral staircase leading down one floor to an empty dark bare hallway. "Dammit, why does it have to be dark." Rebecca pulls out her flashlight and lights it down the hallway, slowly taking a few steps down she reaches the bottom and flashes her light around. The broken pipes begin hissing letting out steam from the ceiling.

Startling her she shines the pipes, slightly shaking she walks down the hallway. "God, it would have to be like last time. I couldn't bring the supplies to Chris in time, I had to even be rescued by Leon. And then to make thing's worse I turned on Jill and Leon. Three time's I let them all down and they've done so much for me. But not this time. I'm gonna do right, I'm not gonna let anyone down again. I can do this."

Looking at the brown stained covered wall's she see's a sign labeled 'Medicine Storage' with an arrow pointing to the left. Letting out a sigh of relief she looks to the left to see a large metal door. Pushing it open she see's near empty rack's. Looking in the far corner she see's brown bottles. Rushing to it she quickly grabs the bottle, "Yes! It's an Antidote. Now I can get back to them." Turning on her heels she see's steps out into the hallway. The lights on the ceiling begin flickering on.

Smiling to herself she puts the flashlight back into her pocket. The lights flick on illuminating the hallway in a green-ish blue tint light.

Jogging towards the stair's Rebecca stop's as she hear's metal scratching against a rough floor. Coming to a stop she see's three Nurses waiting. "Get out of my way!" Rebecca screams as she charges for the Nurses. One of them attempts to grab her, but Rebecca swiftly spins around the Nurse. "Take this!" Kicking the Nurse from the back, it tumbles down the stair's smashing its face into the very bottom ground, a stream of blood begins slithering down more step's.

Quickly pulling out her knife she cuts one of the Nurses stomach open, black thick blood pumping out it's intestines. A pool of thick chunks of meat slapping down on the ground. Falling on it's side, steam begins rising off it's body and blood. It slowly attempt's to rise from the ground, Rebecca quickly digs the knife into it's heart. Leaving the knife in she leaps back dodging a blow from the final Nurse. Rebecca quickly get's up and tackles the Nurse into the wall. punching it to the ground. Going into a frenzy Rebecca begins laughing sadistically as she kicks the Nurse several times, crouching down she sits on its stomach and begins punching it in the face.

Rebecca smiles as she slams her fist down one last time, wiping her mouth she smears blood across her jaw. Fluttering her eyes she look's down at the mass of blood covering the wall, floor, and Nurse with it's face crushed in. "What the hell?" Looking down at her hands she begins shaking uncontrollably. Looking around she see's the other dead Nurse. Gulping loudly she slowly get's up, continuing to shake, she walks up the flight of stairs. Pushing open the door she see's Rain and Cybil guarding Ada. Taking in a breath of air, she closes her eye's. "This can't happen again, last time something took over me I hurt Leon and Alex. I have to control myself. I can't loose control." Opening her eye's again she let's out the air.

She quickly dashes for the edge and leap's over.

"Look she's coming I told you she coul-.." Cybil slowly cut's herself off as she notices the blood on Rebecca. Rain frowns in confusion as she stands next to Cybil watching Rebecca leap onto their roof. "Rebecca, what the hell happen? Are you okay?" Cybil anxiously ask's as she takes a step toward's her. Nodding her head, Rebecca pull's out the Antidote from her pocket and tosses it to Rain. Rain catches the bottle and pops off the top, crouching down next to Ada she lift's up her head. "Here, this'll help you. You just gotta drink it." Rain presses the bottle to Ada's lips, drinking down a few sip's Ada immediately begins to cough. Moving the bottle, Rain set's her head back down.

Cybil walks up to Rebecca, "Hey, are you alright. Is this you're blood?" She shakes her head. "It's not my blood, I'm fine. Ada should have the poison out of her system in a few minute's, then we'll be on our way to the Bridge which should be just by the Hospital actually. I'm gonna try to clean myself up." She walks away from Cybil towards the other end of the roof. Rain then stands next to Cybil watching Rebecca.

"Something's wrong with her, ever since we found her in this realm she's just been...different. You know?" Cybil ask's as she glances at Rain. Nodding her head, "Yeah, she has been. We've just gotta keep an eye for her. Remember what Alex told us what happen? How she just went fucking crazy and attacked Jill, Alex and Leon." Shaking her head she sighs as she looks down at Ada to see her fluttering her eye's. "She's waking up."

Suddenly Ada launches herself up right and begins barfing up a green bile. Rain and Cybil take steps' back. Looking over at Rebecca, they see her already next to them with most of the blood cleaned off her. "She's fine, she just has to puke out the poison."

Ada begins breathing in heavily, wiping away some bile on her mouth she look's over at everyone. Laying back down on her back she wipes away sweat from her forehead. "How are you feeling?" Cybil ask's as she glances at Rebecca. "I feel better. We need to keep going, Leon's around here somewhere." Ada slowly get's up, straightening her back she lets out a sigh. "What hap-?" Ada get cut off as they hear a blood curdling scream below them.

Rushing to the edge all look down at the street to see a lady in old grey attire running through the street with a large creature chasing after her. Every ones face widens in fear as they see the creature stop and swing its massive long Axe at her. Slicing her in half her upper body drop's to the ground as her lower half get's flung into a nearby pole. Blood squirting out of her the creature turns around and walks begins walking away while dragging along it's Axe.

"What the fuck was that?" Rain curiously ask's. Everyone closes their mouth and shrugs their shoulders. "We should go, the longer we stay here the more likely we'll attract that thing. C'mon there's a stairway along side the building." Cybil say's as she quietly makes her way to the stairs with everyone following closely behind. Walking down the stairway they make it down. Walking onto the street they see the two pieces of the woman surrounded in blood. Walking around the pool of blood they start walking in the middle of the street with there guns in hand.

"Which way do we go?" Ada ask's as she glances at the building's. Cybil points to the street leading to the left. Walking onto it they see the river on their right covered in a thick cloud of fog. The street lamps begin to flicker on giving off a little yellow glow as they pass them. In the distance they see the Bridge connecting this part of the town with the other half of the town.

Ada, Rebecca and Rain all stop in front of the Raccoon City Police Department building to their left. "Is that..?"

"It is." Ada answer's Rain's question. Cybil scratches her head, "What is this place?" The three of them glance at her, "This building was destroyed in the Raccoon City explosion several years ago. What the hell's it doing here?" Rain ask's as she glances down at her feet to see a trail of green goo and spider web pieces making a trail inside the building.

Taking a step towards the gate they all push through it. Walking up to the door they get their guns ready, slightly pushing it open Ada peeks through the door. She see's the Mannequin Monster dead on the ground. Opening it completely they all see the entire room covered in web's. "It's dead." Rebecca say's as she crouches down in front of it, sliding her fingers through it's cracked open skull. Cybil, Rain and Ada walk around it towards the statue. "This place used to be where we would go to recruit soldier's for Umbrella." Rain say's as she walks around the statue towards the large door at the back.

Stopping she see's the door covered in web's, pushing her hand's through it she begins stretching it apart. Slowly the door begins to show, revealing the Umbrella logo labeled across it. Taking a step back Rebecca and Ada stand behind them looking at the logo. Rebecca shakes her head smirking deviously. "Of course, I should of known. This place isn't real. We aren't real! Everything around us isn't real!" Rebecca begins screaming out, running her hands through her hair she begins looking around the entire room. Ada, Rain and Cybil begin backing away from.

Rebecca looks into the ceiling shouting, "This isn't real! We aren't real! Wake up! We have to wake up! WAKE UP!" She screams as tears begin to slide down her cheek's. Rebecca begins slapping herself, "I have to wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up!" Closing her eyes she begins yanking her hair. Cybil tackles her to the ground sitting over her, she grabs her hands and pins her down. "Rebecca, open your eyes!" She begins kicking and yelling at herself to 'Wake Up'.

"Open your eyes, look at me!" Rebecca gulp's loudly, slightly opening her eyes she looks into Cybil's clear blue eyes. Slowing down her breathing Rebecca nods her head, "I'm sorry. I don't know what's happening to me. I keep getting these flashes in my head of me laying in a bed of water looking above me to see people in white suits writing stuff down." Cybil lets her go, Rebecca rubs her forehead, sweat dripping down her neck she wipes it away. "I'm sure it's nothing. Try not to think to much about it. C'mon, we should get out of here before you have another meltdown." Cybil joke fully says as she helps up Rebecca. Nodding her head they all begin walking towards the door, suddenly the door's burst open.

Leon, Alex, Heather, Claire, James and Alice barge through the door aiming there guns at the the four ladies, Ada and Rain quickly aim their guns at them. Standing their for a few seconds everyone realizes who each of them are. "Ada?"

"Leon? What are you doing here?" Ada ask's as she lowers her gun along with everyone else. Leon look's around and see's the Umbrella logo at the back on the door. "We heard what sounded like Rebecca screaming and came over to check it out. What happen to you?" Leon ask's as he takes a step towards her, looking down at Ada's wounds on her body. "We'll I had everything in control until they came. I'm fine." Ada say's as she crosses her arm's. Leon shakes his head smirking.

Rain and Alice both widen their eyes in shock. Slowly they both make their way towards each other. Standing within a few inches of each other they both shake their head's smirking, "I can't believe your here Rain." Alice says as she embraces Rain in a forced hug.

"How do you two know each other" Alex ask's as they both pull apart from each other. "We were one of the first to come in contact with the virus in the Spencer Mansion. After Rain, myself and another survivor made it out Rain went her separate way." Alice say's as she lets out a sigh. "And what happen to the other person that was with you?" James curiously ask's.

"After Rain left us we were both captured by Umbrella. They experimented on us, Matt was his name. He mutated into the Nemesis and was let loose in the city. It was going after Jill Valentine, we helped each other out defeating him. In the end I died, and Jill had to leave me. But Umbrella was able to bring me back to life when they recovered my body."

James shakes his head, "Sounds like you've been through a lot of shit, just like the rest of us..." Turning to face Rebecca, "Why were you screaming?" Everyone turns there attention to look at her. "It's nothing, I'm fine. We should get going to the Bridge to wait for Chris. He should be getting back by now with Jill."

James watches her closely as she walks past them all and out the door, everyone else walks out after her. Cybil stops at the door and looks back eyeing the room. Stepping out the building she slowly closes the door.




Heres a itty bitty little snippet of whats to come in the next chapter.


Jill slowly gets up raising her hands in defence. "Heather, it's okay. You can stop." The creature begins twitching it's head, "My name is not Heather. I am..Dark Alessa." Suddenly Alessa hits Jill across her face, blood spewing out the side of her mouth. Sherry immediately dashes for her, but a large burning hot flame surrounds the Carousel stopping Sherry in her track's. "Jill!" Jill begins crawling backwards away from Alessa, looking down at the pipe being dragged along her with the blood smearing on the floor. "You can't do this! Heather! Stop!" Jill shouts as she raises a hand to cover her face. "My name isn't Heather!" Alessa screams.

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