Silent Nightmare (Silent Hill/Resident Evil)

As of 52 hours ago, the Presidents daughter Nereyda has been pronounced missing. Her last known location she was traveling with her security team in Pennsylvania back to Washington D.C. They lost contact with her after they were experiencing nightmarish illusions, hallucinations, and dreams. Apparently they were in an accident, something walked in front of them in the middle of the road causing them to drive off. We heard little reports from them here and there, some distorted and barely audible, but what ever was happening their wasn't good. They reported strange creatures roaming around during the night and day. But after a few hours we never heard anything from them again.

Now we are sending our best S.T.A.R.S. (Special Tactics and Rescue Squad) members to rescue Nereyda from..Silent Hill, the tainted town filled with death, sorrow, darkness, and fire. What we failed to mention to the team was Silent Hill's dark and evil past...

Will they





22. Off the Trails

Stepping off the trail and onto the road, Claire put's a hand on her hip's, "Let's go, we've spent enough time here." Everyone give's her a quick glance then nodding their head they all begin to continue walking down the road. Claire, Ada and James stay at the front of the group with their weapon's in hand. Leon notices a few street lamp's turning on as they pass by them, "You noticed them too?" Leon look's over to Jill. Nodding her head she put's a hand on her holster.

"You two shouldn't worry, nothing's going to happen or pop out at us. It's just that our energy is being absorbed into the lamp post's, it how just about everything work's here when we're with close range." Heather quietly mutter's as she grab's a flashlight from her pocket. Jill and Leon both watch her intently, Heather spin's the cap off dumping the batteries in her hand.

"What are you doing?" Jill curiously ask, Heather tosses the batteries back into her pocket. "No batteries right, in the real world they wouldn't work. But here," Heather click's the flashlight on, a bright white light shines the ground, "it does work. The energy we release get's absorbed by any electrical object within reach. It's weird I know, but it's interesting. So we shouldn't have to worry about light source." Heather click's off the light, lightly smiling at Jill and Leon staring at her with an amused look.

"So, does this little magnetic trick ever not work?" Leon ask's as he grab's the flashlight from his pocket. Heather nod's her head, "Yes, when the Darkness emerges. That's the only time it doesn't work." Jill nod's her head, "Why not?"

"It doesn't work because the Darkness absorb's the energy we release. And with the energy we release the Darkness uses it to manipulate us, so it make's it stronger and can make more and more creature's." Leon and Jill both nod their head's, Heather chuckles to herself as she put's the batteries back into the flashlight.

Lisa and Sherry both stay toward's the back of the group talking, "Lisa, you're not gonna believe how long I've known Claire and Leon." Lisa tap's her chin thinking to herself. Shrugging her shoulder's, "I'd say about maybe four year's?"

Sherry's smile brighten's as she shake's her head, "Nope! I met them over 12 year's ago when I was 15 from that incident in Raccoon City. They're like my older brother and sister, I'd do anything for them." Lisa's eyes widen in shock.

"Twelve year's that really is a long time, I can feel it though. That bond you have with them, it's nice knowing you have someone close to." Lisa lightly smiles at Sherry then turn's away from her to let out a sigh as images of Harry flood her mind. Sherry immediately notices the pain, she look's down at her own hand, then to Lisa's.

Lisa suddenly feel's a warm feeling envelope her hand, quickly looking down at her hand she realizes Sherry holding it. With her mouth open wide, she slowly look's up at Sherry, only to see Sherry smiling brightly at her.

"We have a bond too, Lisa. And it's just as special and important to me." Lisa closes her mouth, her lip's begin to tremble as her eye's begin to tear up, a small smile beginning to form at the corner of her lip's. Lisa stop's walking, tear's begin to stream down her cheek's, turning to face Sherry she embraces her in a hug.

"Thank you, Sherry. That mean's the world to me." Lisa chuckles as she turn's to check ahead of them. Realizing their getting left behind, she quickly releases Sherry.

"C'mon, we're getting left behind!" Lisa grab's Sherry's hand, they both begin running and laughing toward's the group. Carlos glances back to see them coming, "Where the hell were you guys? And why are you're eyes red Lisa?"

Lisa and Sherry both look at each and begin to laugh, "It's nothing, we're fine Carlos. Just some girl talk." Lisa explain's as she wipes away the few remaining tear's.

"At a time like this, seriously?" Carlos shake's his head and roll's his eyes as he walk's away. Claire immediately put's her fist up signaling everyone to halt. Quickly everyone crouches down, coming in closer to each.

"What is it?" Heather anxiously ask's as she attempt's to peer over Leon and Jill. James squint's shaking his head, "It's a Lying Figure, but some called it an Armless man." Claire and Carlos both give James a questioning look, noticing the look's their giving he sigh's.

"Some of these creature's are dangerous, some spew out poisonous mist and other's spew out acid. It's best to keep a distance. Carlos, you have the sniper right?" James peer's over the Carlos nodding at him. Carlos quietly grab's the sniper from his back, putting a silencer on it. He slowly take's aim at the Armless man fidgeting on the middle of the road.

A twig snap's to the right of them, Leon and Jill quickly dart their head's to the few tree's to see a Mandarin swinging down it's arm on them.

They appear to be distorted, female figures with grotesquely large arms, and a straight jacket-like garment covering their upper body while their legs dangle almost uselessly below them giving them some support. Their arms and face also appear to have vaginal type lips.

Leon quickly grab's Claire, diving out of the way. Jill shoves Carlos forward, kicking herself off of him she slides out of the way. The Mandarin's arm's slam against the ground, throwing ash into the air. Lisa and Sherry quickly take a few step's back as they notice another two Mandarin's walk onto the road. The Armless man quickly notices the group and begin's stumbling toward's them.

"Stay together!" Claire scream's as she notices the panic in everyone's reaction's. A Mandarin trudge's toward's her and Leon, they slowly take step's away from it, pulling out their handgun's, "What they hell is it?" Claire anxiously ask's as she cock's the gun.

"I don't know and I don't really wanna find out!" Leon shout's as he quickly glances at Sherry and Lisa running away from a Mandarin chasing them into the tree's, with Heather following behind. "Shit! Carlos, go after them!" The Mandarin in front of the Leon extend's it's arm over him and slam's it down, he quickly dives backward's and open's fire on the creature.

Claire charges for the creature pulling out her knife, she swipes at it's leg's. Barely cutting it, the Mandarin slap's her with it's right leg. Stumbling back abit, she feel's her cheek. Being distracted the Mandarin swipes it's right arm at her. Slamming the arm against her chest, knocking her back into the ground.

Carlos get's up off the ground, taking aim at the Armless Man, to see it gone. Looking away from the scope with a questioning look he begins to smell an unearthly smell. Covering his nose, his vision begins to blur, looking to his left he sees a vague figure standing a mere few inches from him releasing a light blue mist escape its body. "Oh shit." Carlos quietly murmurs to himself as he attempts to take aim. Dropping the sniper to the ground, Carlos looks down at his hands. "Why the fuck do I have three hands..?" Looking back up the Armless Creature extends its neck out from its body, biting down on his neck Carlos let's out a blood gurgling scream.

Fighting to shove the creatures head away, blood begins to pour out from his neck. Struggling and screaming, Carlos quickly pulls out a knife from his pocket. Lifting his arm up high with the knife in hand, slices downward cutting the Armless mans head clean off. Blood gushing out, Carlos falls back on his ass. The head begins to growl as it gnaws on his neck, slowly pulling it away the head begin to attempt to bite at him. His vision begins to blur again, James swiftly steps next to Carlos aiming his handgun at the head.

Pulling the trigger, the bullet explodes through the head. Carlos still in a daze looks up at James with a cold stare. "Carlos, you're face is turning purple." Realizing the amount of blood lost he quickly turns around to call for help when a Mandarin smashes its arm into his face. Falling backwards and hitting the ground hard, groaning he attempts to get up only to have the Mandarin smash its arms down on him. Spitting blood out from his mouth, he begin to wheeze in air.

"Hey!" Ada shouts behind the Mandarin, slowly looking back Ada charges at the creature, swinging at her. Ada swiftly slides under the attack, pulling her handgun out she aims its the creatures pelvis, shooting it multiple times. Screeching in pain, its bends down. Ada smirks as she grabs the creatures neck and snaps it. Dropping dead on the ground she chuckles as she walks over to James, sticking a hand out to him. He groans as he takes it, getting up they both crouch over Carlos.

Ada quickly rips of Carlos' sleeve, putting it against his neck the cloth begin's to quickly soak in blood. Gurgling Carlos slowly point's behind Ada and James. Turning back they notice Leon and Claire backing away from two Mandarin's. "Keep pressure on it!" James quickly tell's Ada, nodding her head she rips off another sleeve from him. 

James takes out his handgun and begin's shooting at the back of the creature's. The Mandarin on the right slowly turn's and swing's it's arm toward's him, ducking down he grab's hold of the arm as it reels back towards the creature. Letting go, he slide's toward's it's leg. Pulling out his knife, he slices of it's left leg. Blood gushes out, splashing abit on James faces. 

Leon and Claire both charge toward's the creature's. Claire grabs the Mandarin on the right by it's shoulder and flips over it, bending it over she knee's it in the face multiple times, blood smearing all over her knee. It's right leg lift's up to smack her, James quickly slices it off. Claire grab's it by it's lip's and begin's to rip them apart. 

Leon pulls out a knife and throws it at the Mandarin on the left in the chest, looking down at itself it look's up to see Leon kick it in the middle of it's face, falling back onto Heather. She bend's it's back over her knee, quickly digging the knife out from it's chest she dig's it into the creatures neck. Blood squirt's onto her face, and clothing. Dropping it, it's begin's crying and gurgling for air, after a few seconds it's stop's, a pool of blood forming around it's neck. 

"Leon! Claire!" Ada scream's out for them, they all dart their head's in her direction to her over Carlos. Rushing toward's him, they hear twig's snapping all around them and growling. Stopping midway they notice a dozen more Armless men fumbling toward's them. They run toward's Ada, stopping to examine Carlos. Ada slowly look's up shaking her head, "He's gonna die."

Leon quickly help's her up, standing in circle around Carlo's body the Armless men slowly circle them. "Heather! Where's Sherry and Lisa!?" Heather gasp's. 

"One of those creatures chased them, and then a few Armless men went in their direction! I tried to help them, but they were too far from me! Then Jill ran past me following them." Heather quickly scream's as her hand's begin to shake with the handgun in her hand. Shaking his head in anger, Leon scrunches up his face "Dammit, we gotta get outta here!" Leon shout's as he cock's his gun ready to shoot, he suddenly feel's a tug on his pant's. Looking back behind him on the ground, Carlos slowly get's up. Helping him, he stand's in between Claire and Leon with James and Ada.  

 Running side-by-side through the tree's and brush, Lisa quickly look's back to notice the Mandarin and a few Armless men a few feet behind them. Looking ahead of her, pushing and shoving branches away from their face, a few tree branches begin cutting their cheek's and neck up. Little trickle's of blood flowing down their neck soaking into their clothing. 

"Lisa, what are we gonna do? We can't keep running, and we can't turn around and shoot with these branches and tree's in our way." Sherry nervously ask's as she glances at Lisa's terrified eyes looking straight ahead. 

"We just need to keep running until we get to an open clearing and set up some kind ambush! We have two grenades, our handgun's and a machine gun and ammo for them. We can do this!" Lisa shout's with a smile of assurance. Sherry quickly nod's her head, glancing back she notices the another Mandarin running along with the creature's. "Shit! Lisa we can't kill them all, another one of those thing's is behind us. More and more are following us!" Sherry winces from pain as she grab's her rib's. 

"Sherry, look out!" Lisa scream's. Sherry look's up from the ground, ahead of her to see a Licker pouncing at her. Widening her eye's in fear, she continues to run. Nearly about to pounce on her, Lisa tackles Sherry to the side and down a hill. Both rolling down, they ram into a few brushes and root's, finally sliding to the bottom they both grunt as they look at the top to see all of the creature's staring down at them. Crouching backward's, Lisa gently pull's Sherry's shoulder back with her. The creatures begin to holler as they slide down the hill howling and groaning. The Armless men begin to stumble and fall rolling down. Rolling down, one of the Armless men ram's into a root sticking out from the ground piercing it in the head. 

Another Armless man run's it's gut straight through a branch, blood oozing down it's leg's coloring the ash red. 

"Lisa, look! Their's some kind of Mansion ahead of us!" Sherry excitedly point's ahead of them with a smile. Lisa follow's the direction and notices the top of a building over the tree's a few feet from them. Sherry quickly grab's her rib's again from the pain, slowing down Lisa stop's and grabs her hand's. 

"Sherry! C'mon, we're almost their!" Lisa begin's pulling her, Sherry grunt's as she begins wheezing in air. "No! C'mon, I'm not gonna leave you!" Lisa yank's Sherry into her and lift's Sherry over her shoulder. Running as fast as she can, Lisa begin's to wheeze in air. 

Sherry look's up from the ground to see the monster's gaining on them, she begin's to shake as she attempt's to grab her handgun from her holster. Finally pulling it out, she take's aim and begin's opening fire on them. Hitting an Armless man in the shoulder it jerk's backwards to the ground. Landing it's neck on a large rock, a loud snap is heard echo. Shooting more and more at the Mandarin, it does little to slow them down. Taking her eyes off the Mandarin, she begin's shooting at the Licker leaping from the tree's. 

Lisa let's out a loud sigh, as she notices the four story Mansion's large yard with two squared off grass areas and in the center a wide brick trail to a few step's and a little patio. Gaining speed, she races past the yard, nearly up the stair's as she trip on the top step. Falling face first, she drop's Sherry. Both groaning in pain, they slowly look back and see the Licker at the head of the creatures crawling toward's them on the grass. Sherry quickly grab's Lisa's shoulder and hooves her up. Jogging through the wooden door, they slam it shut and begin's piling furniture to black the door. Grabbing chair's and couches and shocking them in front of the door, they both take a step back as they hear growling at the door.

"Lisa, what are we gonna do?" Sherry asks in between breath's, glancing at Lisa shaking she takes her hand. Lisa still shaking jump's as the Licker begin's smashing at the door. Taking more and more step's back, Lisa trip's backward's over something. Quickly getting up, she takes out a flashlight and shines the ground. Opening her eye's wide, Sherry cover's her mouth in shock. A man in a black bloodied suit, with his eyes gauged out and hands and feet cut off in a circle of blood. Looking at the furniture and wall's they notice more and more blood scattered on them. 

"Isn't he one of the men who was guarding Nereyda?"

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