Silent Nightmare (Silent Hill/Resident Evil)

As of 52 hours ago, the Presidents daughter Nereyda has been pronounced missing. Her last known location she was traveling with her security team in Pennsylvania back to Washington D.C. They lost contact with her after they were experiencing nightmarish illusions, hallucinations, and dreams. Apparently they were in an accident, something walked in front of them in the middle of the road causing them to drive off. We heard little reports from them here and there, some distorted and barely audible, but what ever was happening their wasn't good. They reported strange creatures roaming around during the night and day. But after a few hours we never heard anything from them again.

Now we are sending our best S.T.A.R.S. (Special Tactics and Rescue Squad) members to rescue Nereyda from..Silent Hill, the tainted town filled with death, sorrow, darkness, and fire. What we failed to mention to the team was Silent Hill's dark and evil past...

Will they





29. Jill Valentine

Standing their in front of a mid-sized Ferris Wheel spinning, Jill, Lisa and Sherry aim their guns at two people standing in front of them aiming guns back at them. "I said put your guns down!" Jill shouts at them. Sherry and Lisa glance at each other nervously. The two men begin to chuckle, "You really think you can kill us? You three don't stand a chance against us." Carlos say's as he takes a step towards Jill. She shoots at his feet startling him he leaps back. "I said don't fucking move." She says through clenched teeth.

Robbie the Rabbit is seen sitting on the Ferris Wheel watching them with the blood smeared across his mouth.

"I told you that I would get you, didn't I? We never fail our mission and now after all these years were finally gonna accomplish it." Nikolai says smirking. Carlos nods his head agreeing with him. Jill sighs as she shakes her head, "Carlos, why are you even with him?!" Jill anxiously ask's as she cock's her gun.

Carlos shakes his head, "Because I want revenge! I want you to feel the pain my family and friends did when S.T.A.R.S. murdered them! I want you dead.I'm gonna have fun killing you three, oh so much fun. Your gonna wish we killed you." Carlos shouts as in anger, his face turning red in anger. Suddenly Carlos shoots his gun twice.

Sherry looks down at her chest to see her clothing getting soaked in blood on her shoulder and stomach. Opening her mouth in shock she falls down on her back. Lisa gasps at her on the ground, quickly looking back she screams as she starts shooting at Carlos. Dodging out of the way he rushes towards a near building and runs inside it. Lisa follows behind him. Jill and Nikolai begin shooting at each other, she quickly hides behind the Ferris Wheel while Nikolai dives behind a large pole.

Walking up to the building Lisa see's the sign, 'BORLEYS HAUNTED MANSION' Creeping inside the building she sees a small living room with two couches, a small table in the center and a large mirror hanging over a few flower pots. Aiming her gun around, Carlos tackles Lisa onto a small table. Shooting her gun she drops it, he quickly gets up and kicks it away into the next room. He grunts as he grabs her by the hair and gets her up, groaning in pain Lisa grabs his hands trying to keep him from pulling her hair.

He yanks her towards him then throws her into the mirror, smashing it into pieces, falling to the ground she feels blood flowing down her forehead. Looking around the ground she quickly grabs a shard of glass and stabs Carlos in the thigh. Falling on his knee's, Lisa gets up towering over him. Grabbing his head she knees him in the face, falling on his back he quickly grabs his shotgun and aims it at her. Slowly getting up off the ground he cocks the shotgun, "Back the fuck off." His nose broken it begins turning purple.

Suddenly a roar is heard behind them in the next room, a Groaner launches itself out of the room towards Carlos. Shooting the shotgun it barely skims the demonic canine, it lands on top of Carlos causing him to drop the shotgun. Groaning, Carlos presses his arm up against the Groaners neck to keep from biting his face. With his other hand he yanks out the glass shard from his thigh. Digging it into the canines neck he kicks it off him. Breathing in quickly he sees the dog attempting to crawl away, he shakes his head and walks over to it.

Kneeling down beside it he slowly pulls out the jagged shard and slices its throat. Getting up he turns around to see Lisa standing with the Shotgun in her hands. "Why did you do this to us Carlos?"

"I wasn't myself when I turned on Nikolai and helped out that bitch. I was devastated when Umbrella was gonna destroy the city with us with it. But I realize now that they only did that was because we failed our mission in eliminating S.T.A.R.S. I betrayed my mentor and best friend that day. Ever since that day I felt nothing but guilt and shame, but now..we'll finish what we started." Carlos smirks as he pulls out a small gun from his pocket.

Lisa shakes her head, immediately pulling the trigger she shoots off half his head. Blood splatting over the walls and floor. His body falls back on the Groaner. Lisa lowering the shotgun to her side she drops it, blood seeps down the side of her head. "That's for Sherry, you son of a bitch."

Jill and Nikolai continue shooting at each other. Jill hears her handgun clicking, "Dammit, I'm out of ammo." Glancing from behind the Ferris Wheel she see's Nikolai walking towards her. She tosses her handgun to the side, getting up she leaps into the air and grabs hold of a seat on the Ferris Wheel. Rising into the air Nikolai see's her and fires at her. She quickly lets go and falls into the center of the wheel nearly covering herself by the metal rails and poles.

Nikolai groans in annoyance, tossing his gun to the side he looks up at Jill. "You gonna hide up there all day?" Jill smirks as she leaps off the Wheel and lands on top of him. Rolling around on the ground, kicking mud and dirt into the air. She sits on top of him and begins punching him. Blocking some of her punches he jabs her in the stomach and kicks her off of him. Getting up off the ground he kicks her in the stomach, gasping Jill grabs her stomach. She spits out blood.

A few feet from them the 'Happy Carousel' begins to slowly spin. He smiles as he begins circling Jill, kicking her again in the stomach she gasps even louder. She slowly begins crawling towards the Carousel. "You can't run anywhere, Jill." Nikolai chuckles as he follows her. She rolls herself onto the Carousel, laying on her back see looks up at the ceiling to see the Umbrella logo covering it. Rolling onto her stomach she see's the horses made of real brown bloody skin. Getting up off the ground she walks towards the center, Nikolai hops onto the ride following her.

Nikolai makes an angered face, he grabs Jill's head and slams it into the metal plate covering the center of the Carousel. Falling onto her back, blood trickles down her face. Towering over he Nikolai smiles deviously and winks at her.

Sherry's bullet wounds begin to heal, slowly the bullets fall out of her. Looking around she groggily see's everything in a haze. "Lisa? Jill?" Suddenly she hears a shotgun go off in the distance then loud grunting. Getting up off the ground she opens up her sweater to see the wounds completely healed. Walking around the Ferris Wheel she see's Nikolai standing over Jill. Behind them she see's something limping towards them with a large pipe in its hand. "Is that...Heather?" Sherry anxiously ask's herself.

The creature stands behind Nikolai, raising the pipe over its head it hits him in the back of the head. Dropping to the ground the creature begin's bashing in his head, with a large thick pipe, over and over again. Jill and Sherry both watch in horror as it hits his head one last time, blood soaking the pipe. Looking down at his left over head, nothing but mush and meat is left.

Jill slowly gets up raising her hands in defence. "Heather, it's okay. You can stop." The creature begins twitching it's head, "My name is not Heather. I am..Dark Alessa." Suddenly Alessa hits Jill across her face, blood spewing out the side of her mouth.


Dark Alessa is a bloody, ragged twin of Heather but has a dead, pale, rotting skin with black hair. She has dirty clothes with soot. She also walks twitchy, erratic and limps.


Sherry immediately dashes for her, but a large burning hot flame surrounds the Carousel stopping Sherry in her track's. "Jill!" She begins crawling backwards away from Alessa, looking down at the pipe being dragged along her with the blood smearing on the floor. "You can't do this! Heather! Stop!" Jill shouts as she raises a hand to cover her face. "My name isn't Heather!" Alessa screams.

She smacks away Jill's hand with the pipe. Letting out a loud scream, Jill looks at her hand to see it with a long gash across her palm. "Stop!" Raising the pipe again, suddenly someone tackles Alessa to the ground. Dropping the pipe it roll's towards Jill. Lisa pins Alessa down, "Alessa you have to stop this! We haven't done anything to you! Do you remember me? I was your Nurse when you were in the hospital! I helped you!" Lisa shouts into Alessa's face.

Alessa roar's, kicking Lisa up into the air she hits the ceiling and lands back down on the ground. "Lisa! Are you alright?" Jill helps her up, they both look around to see Alessa gone. They see the Horses kicking around trying to free themselves from the ride.

They see Alessa walk towards them, Jill growls as she grabs the pipe in one hand. Hitting Alessa across her face, a large crack is left. Jill quickly covers her chest before Alessa hits her in the chest. A loud snap is heard, blood escapes Jill's lips. Sending her soaring back she slams into the metal wall surrounding the center of the carousel. Hitting the ground she lets out a loud gasp of air. Blood dripping down her chin and nose. The carousel begins to spin faster.

Lisa quickly picks up the pipe, "Hey, bitch!" Alessa look's at Lisa. Swinging the pipe like a bat, she hits the creature in the neck snapping its neck to the left in place. She drops the pipe and dashes for Alessa. Leaping into the air she kicks Alessa with both feet. Jerking backwards into the flames a loud roar is hear, slowly the flames begin to die down. Lisa runs to Jill, "We gotta get off. C'mon!" Lisa helps up Jill they trudge towards the edge. Leaping off the ride they roll to a stop. Sherry and Lisa watch as the Carousel begins to spin faster and faster, digging into the ground. After a few seconds the ride is completely in the ground, a bright light shines out of the hole then fades away.

"Jill!" Sherry screams as she races next to her. Crouching down over her, Lisa crawls to them. Lisa begins hyperventilating fast, Sherry and Lisa's eyes widen. "Mouth to mouth!" Lisa screams. Sherry quickly presses her hands against Jill's chest, but she lets out a scream. Moving her hands Sherry looks up at Lisa. "Oh no." Lisa say's in a soft tone.

"What is it?!"

"Her ribs are broken, when Alessa hit her in the chest she broke her ribs. If we apply any pressure to her then she'll feel an excruciating amount of pain." Lisa softly says looking down at Jill breathing in fast, staring at them both. "Then what are we supposed to do?!" Sherry exclaims as she looks down at Jill.

"Nothing. Theirs nothing we can do for her. She's even lost too much blood." Lisa look's down at Jill, grabbing her hand she firmly. Jill's eyes begin to water up, a tear slides down the side of her face mixing in with the blood. Sherry lightly smiles down at Jill. Her face begins turning white, lips purple.

"We'll see you on the other side, alright Jill?" Lisa say's as a tear slides down her face. Trembling she smiles as more and more tears flow down her face. "Thank you for saving us." Sherry say's with a light smile. Jill slowly closes her eyes, loosening her grip on Lisa's hand. She lets out one last breath of air before closing her eyes. Her hands slides out of Lisa's hand, they both begin to sob over her body. "Oh, Jill. I'm so sorry." Sherry sobs.

They hear a loud crunch behind them, "Chris? Harry?" Lisa anxiously ask's as she sniffles. Chris see's Lisa and Sherry huddled over an unknown person. "What's wrong? Wheres Jill?" He looks over their shoulder.

"Chris, don't!" Lisa say's blocking him with her arms. Moving her out of the way his eyes drop down to see Jill's corpse, her face pale, lips purple with a pool of blood around her. Chris' eyes begin to water up, dropping himself down onto the ground he lifts her head up and sets it on his lap. Caressing her face with his thumb, he begins sniffling. "Jill, you have to wake up." He tries to open her eye lids, but they slide back down. Drops of tears begin to fall onto her face, leaning down over her Chris begins trembling.

Sherry, Lisa and Harry back away from him. Hearing his soft cries in the back, they circle around each other. "What should we do?" Sherry asks as she glances back at Chris. Lisa stares down at the ground looking at Harry's feet. "We should give him a few minutes to mourn." Harry say's looking at Lisa. Putting his hand on Lisa's shoulder, she slowly looks up at him. Theirs eyes meeting. "Are you okay? Your bleeding." He wipes away some blood on her temple. She gives him a faint smile, nodding her head she turns to Sherry.

"Did your wounds heal up properly? Do you feel any pain?" Lisa ask's softly. Sherry nods her head, "Yeah, I'm fine. Did Carlos get away?"

Lisa lets out a sigh, "No. I got him." Sherry smiles brightly "I knew you could do it. He must of been begging for you to stop!"

"Actually, he could of killed me. If he wouldn't of gotten distracted, he could of blown my head off. Luckily he did, and I got him." Lisa softly says as images of Carlos without half his head come flooding in. Shaking her head she tries to get the images out of her head. Harry embraces Lisa in a hug, stopping her she gasps surprised by the hug. "I'm glad your safe, Lisa. I truly am." Harry softly says in her ear. Wrapping her arms around him she tightens her grip. Resting her head on his shoulder a big smile forms.

Sherry watching them in 'awe' crosses her arms, turning her gaze to Chris. She see's him sitting their staring at the ground. Uncrossing her arms, she makes a puzzled face. "Chris? Where's Jill?" Lisa and Harry both let each other go, holding each others hand they stand side by side each other looking at Chris.

"She's gone."

Chris slowly get's up, wiping his nose he turns around with his head held high. He walks past Sherry. "Chris?" Sherry call's out after him. "Lets go." Harry says as he walks behind Chris with Lisa still holding his hand. Sherry look's back at the pool of blood on the ground. She then hears a chuckle. Looking around she see's Robbie still sitting on the Ferris Wheel watching her with both his hands covering his mouth.

Staring at each other, Sherry frowns in confusion. Suddenly the Ferris Wheel stops spinning. Robbie stands up in his seat and slowly turns his head to the side. Sherry continues to stare at Robbie, putting her hands on her hips she squints her eyes giving him a deathly glare. Robbie suddenly disappears. Sherry suddenly tenses up when she feels someone behind her, slowly going for her knife, she grabs the handle and slowly pulls it half way out.

"Sherry?" A woman's soft voice calls out. Sherry eyes widen in shock. Releasing her grip on the handle she turns around to see her mother, Annette Birkin. "Mom?" Sherry softly calls out.

"I can't believe your afraid of some damn Rabbit! Get a hold of yourself! I thought I raised you better and stronger! Your weak! If I had let you die, I would still be alive and you'd be nothing but ashes in Raccoon City!" Annette screams shaking her head. Sherry mouth slightly opens still in shock. "But mom-!" Annette cuts her off, "No! I don't wanna hear it! I hate you! Your such a disappointment to me and your father!"


Annette slaps Sherry across her face, taking a few steps to the side Sherry lightly touches her cheek to feel a slight pinch. Looking back at her mom she stands straight and walks up to her. Annette crosses her arms and gives Sherry a disgusting look. Standing within an inch away from her mom, "You aren't my real mother."

Suddenly Annette opens her mouth gasping looking down she see's Sherry's knife dug inside her gut. Looking back up Annette gulps loudly, a trickle of blood flowing down the side of her mouth. "My mother and father loved me, even in the end my real mother cared for me and thought of only me." Sherry digs the knife deeper and deeper into her gut. Annette's eyes widen in pain, her eyes roll into the back of her head as she drops to the side.

Sherry crouches down and pulls out the knife, wiping off the blood she glances down at the body to see it turning static every few seconds. "What the hell?" Sherry nervously says as the body disappears. Looking around, Sherry begins to walk backwards. Turning on her heel she dashes after Lisa, Chris and Harry.

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