Silent Nightmare (Silent Hill/Resident Evil)

As of 52 hours ago, the Presidents daughter Nereyda has been pronounced missing. Her last known location she was traveling with her security team in Pennsylvania back to Washington D.C. They lost contact with her after they were experiencing nightmarish illusions, hallucinations, and dreams. Apparently they were in an accident, something walked in front of them in the middle of the road causing them to drive off. We heard little reports from them here and there, some distorted and barely audible, but what ever was happening their wasn't good. They reported strange creatures roaming around during the night and day. But after a few hours we never heard anything from them again.

Now we are sending our best S.T.A.R.S. (Special Tactics and Rescue Squad) members to rescue Nereyda from..Silent Hill, the tainted town filled with death, sorrow, darkness, and fire. What we failed to mention to the team was Silent Hill's dark and evil past...

Will they





23. Fight to Live

Lisa and Sherry both stare at the man, taking a step toward's him Sherry extend's a hand out reaching for him. The door begin's to shake and crack, as the creature's begin ramming into it. Object's holding the door back begin to topple over, Lisa scurries toward's the door pushing the object's back against it. 

"Hurry and check him!" Lisa scream's as she jerk's forward from the door, rushing backaward's she slams herself into the furniture. Sherry nod's her head, running her hand under the man's jacket, she check's his pocket's. Slowly pulling out a badge, "His name was Jesus Sanchez FBI" Dropping the badge, she dig's back inside his pocket's. Grabbing hold of something she pull's out a few ammo clip's, shoving them in her pocket's. She get's up shaking her head, "Nothing, their's nothing else on him! C'mon Lisa!" Sherry hold's her hand out, Lisa glances behind her through the crack's in the wooden door at the Licker and Mandarin scratching and ramming into the door and wall. The Armless men begin creeping up the staircase.

Lisa gasp's as the Armless men begin releasing a mist from their bodies, some begin spitting acid at the Mansion. Looking back at Sherry with her hand's still reaching out for her, "This door won't hold any much longer, check the back door and see if any of them are out their! Go!" Sherry quickly nod's her hand, turning on her heel with the handgun in hand she run's through two different living room's with few chair's and couches. As she exit's the last living room, she notices a desk to her left and a staircase next to it. Stopping, she look's at the door then back to the desk. Walking toward's it she notices a sign behind it.

"Lake View Hotel." 

"Sherry!?" Lisa scream's out. Sherry run's to the door, opening it she peer's out to see a small yard with a playground, pool and Toluca Lake at the very back. Leaving the door open, she turns around and runs back to Lisa. Screaming out, "Lisa! C'mon it's empty. Let's go!" Running into the small dinning room with Lisa pushing at the last two pieces of furniture. Looking back Sherry she nod's her head.

Running away from the boarded up furniture, Sherry begin's running with Lisa behind her. A small smile form's at the corner of lips as she see's the backyard still empty from the hotel. Looking back at Lisa, "Lisa! We'll be able to make it back to Leon!" Looking back at the door her eyes widen in fear. A Licker crawling to the door, Sherry look's the left and dashes for the staircase with Lisa following suit. Running up the staircase she call's out for Lisa.

"Lisa! We can climb out a window and-!" Suddenly she hear's Lisa let out a blood curdling scream and a loud crash. Barely turning around to watch, Sherry's eyes widen in horror as the Licker pounces on Lisa's back, both slamming into the ground and through the staircase into the basement. Dust and ash exploding into the air. "LISA!" 

"Run-!" Her voice cut's off as blood launches into the air, and onto the staircase wall's and a few drop's hitting Sherry's face. Standing their in shock, she slowly turn's her head to the right, seeing the Mandarin's crashing through the wall's. Sobbing she begin's to cry out for Lisa. The Armless men wobble into through the open door, they begin releasing the mist. 

"Lisa, no no no no no!" Crawling backward's up the stair's she reaches the top and run's to the left. Tear's streaming down her face she attempt's to open each door, only to have them locked. Slamming her fist multiple times into the last door, she slides to the ground crying. Hearing the roar's and screeches from the monster's attempting to climb the stair's, Sherry peer's down the hall. 

Robbie the Rabbit peek's his head out at her, staring at each for a few second's he moves back into the room. Sherry begin's to tremble as she hold's up her handgun aiming it down the hall. Robbie peer's out another door, closer to Sherry this time sticking an arm out and waving at her. 

Goosebump's begin to cover her body, as he goes back into the room. The door next to her begin's to slowly open, creaking with every inch. Opening her eye's wide, she begin's to tremble aiming her gun at the open door. Peering into the room, she see's nothing but pitch black darkness. Another crash is heard down the hall, looking back she see's a Mandarin's arm crash through the ground. Pulling away the floor, it begin's to climb up. Crawling into the empty room, she takes out a flashlight and scan's the complete empty room. The door suddenly slam's shut, startling Sherry she shoot's the gun at the wall. 

The Mandarin in the hall turn's toward her direction and begin's walking toward her door. Another Mandarin climb's up through the hole and follow's. 

Sherry put's her handgun back into her holster, and open's the patio door. Looking out she see's dozen's more Armless men and Mandarin's on the lawn walking toward's the Hotel. Gulping loudly, she look's up above her to see the bottom of another patio. Walking to the edge, she peer's over and see's the creatures piling into the Hotel. "Shit" Looking back at the door, a loud bang is heard. Climbing onto the rail, she stand's holding the patio above her. Grabbing the railing's she climb's up slowly, grunting loudly a few Armless men hear her. 

Peering up they notice her and begin shooting out acid bomb's at her. Nearly hitting her, she let's out a cry as one explodes near her leg's. Feeling the heat sizzling off of it, she climb's faster. "Dammit!" She cries out. Throwing herself over the railing and onto the patio ground, she pant's fast. Looking to her side, she see's the cement fading away from the acid. 

Quickly getting up she look's at the ground all around her to see it breaking off. Diving for the door, she quickly open's it to see a zombie lashing out at her. Screaming she fall's backwards onto the patio, rolling to the side the zombie land's on the ground. The floor underneath them gives out, crashing to the very bottom the zombie lands on it's head. Smashing it flat, a few cement pieces crushing the monster's underneath. 

Sherry groan's as she barely hang's onto the window perch, "I can't keep this..up." She quietly mutter's to herself. Pulling herself up she shoot's the window out and throws her self in. Breathing in even more quickly, she get's on all four's and slowly crawl's through the room. Stopping herself, she hear's cracking underneath her. 

Scrunching up her face in confusion, she begin's crawling toward's the door. Suddenly the floor beneath her crashes up, sending her soaring to the side, slamming through the door she breaks through it into the hallway. Groaning in pain, she look's into the room to see the Mandarin climbing through. Pulling out her handgun she begin's shooting at it. Climbing all the way into the room, Sherry get's up and begin's jogging away. Grabbing at her side, a sharp pain stop's her. Panting, she look's back to see the Mandarin walking toward's her.

"Leave me alone!" Pulling a grenade from her bag, the Mandarin quickly charges for her. Pulling the pin, Sherry tosses the grenade at the Mandarin, aiming her handgun she shoot's the bomb as it near's the creatures face. The bullet makes contact with the bomb, blowing the creature up blood bursting into every direction, the floor and walls crumbling down. The pressure send's Sherry backward's, crumbs of the wall and ground, nearly covering her. 

A loud ringing noise crushing her thought's. Slowly lifting herself up on her elbow's she see's a another Mandarin climbing through the hole. Tear's begin to stream down Sherry's face as she roll's onto her belly and begin's pulling herself forward. 

'No one's coming to help me, I'm all on my own. I couldn't even save Lisa, I didn't do anything to help her I just stood their hearing her cries. Oh Lisa! I'm sorry!' Sherry stop's pulling herself, setting her head on the ground, "I'm sorry Lisa." Turning herself on her back, she see's the Mandarin over her with it's arm's above it's head. Closing her eye's, she set's her arm's to her side. Slowly images of Jake smiling at her come into mind. Leon and Claire laughing, Lisa smiling with a big smile. And her mom holding her as a baby. 

'No! I won't give up! I won't cower with all my friend's fighting to stay alive! I will live!' Quickly opening her eyes ,"I will fight!" She scream's as the creature slam's it's arm down. Sliding in between it's leg's, the Mandarin slam's it's arm's into the floor. Getting them stuck in the floor, Sherry get's up and grab's a wooden plank from the ground. She smack's the creature's back, screeching in pain it's gets on one knee. Smacking it across the face, it faces backward's. Getting on top of it's stomach, she begin's slamming the wooden plank down on it's face multiple time's, blood covering the wooden plank till it finally breaks apart. 

Panting quickly she slides off the monster, it's face completely crushed in. Looking back at the hole she see's a Mandarin attempting to climb up, getting up she quickly pulls out her last grenade. Pulling the pin, she tosses it down. Exploding on impact with the ground, blood squirt's onto the ceiling. 

Turning around she see's four Armless men wobbling toward's her. they immediately begin shooting the acid at her. Gasping, Sherry dives into an open door nearly missing her. Putting her handgun to her chest, she begin's panting quickly. Reloading her handgun's she, run's back out into the hallway shooting at everything. Sliding and diving everywhere, trying to avoid the acid. 

Putting down the last Armless man, she turns around at the bloodied hallway. Reloading her handgun again, she see's a flight of stair's a few feet from her. Cautiously creeping to the stair's, she feel's the floor trembling. Peering over to the bottom she see's an Insane Cancer wobbling up the stair's. 


They are almost completely covered in fatty, cancerous-looking bulbous flesh, with pus-like excretions oozing from open sores. Their heads aren't very distinct, being small bulbs with a wound-like opening as their only feature. 


Widening her eye's, "What the hell?" Turning on her heel, she run's up the spiral staircase to a closed door. Attempting to open it, she slam's her hands against it. Pulling out her handgun, she shoots the knob out. Feeling the tremble close by, she slowly turn's around to see the Cancer half way up the staircase. Busting through the door, she slam's it shut and put's her back to it. Looking around ahead of her, to see the rooftop. 

'I thought this Hotel was four floor's? Was it an illusion?' Scanning the rooftop, she notices blood on the other end. 

Jerking forward from the door, the creature begin's slamming it's arm's onto the door. Groaning, she pushes the door. Struggling to push, her arm's begin to shake. The Cancer slam's inself into the door knocking it down with Sherry. On the floor, she quickly turns on her back and begin's shooting at the creature. Attempting to pull herself up, she stop's as she notices her foot trapped in a crack in the ground. 

Gasping, she begin's pulling her leg. Groaing in pain, the Cancer bend's down to grab her. Screaming and kicking at it, the Cancer grabs her arm and yank's her up, pulling her foot out. Holding her up over it's head, it slam's her down on the ground. Spitting blood out on impact, she quickly begin's wheezing. Opening and closing her eye's, struggling to stay awake. She slowly attempt's to crawl away, grabbing at her chest she slowly stands up. Standing at the edge, she turns around to see the Cancer trudging toward's her. 'This is it, I can't win. I'm never gonna make it out of this place. But I'm gonna take this son-of-a-bitch with me.'

Wheezing in for more air, Sherry struggles to hold up her handgun, missing a few shot's she drop's the gun. The Cancer nearly charging into her, Sherry jump's out of the way. The Cancer grab's her foot as it fall's, pulling her over with it. Letting her go, it fall's to the bottom smashing into the pavement making a loud SPLAT 

Struggling to hold onto the edge one hand, she attempt's to pull herself up but fail's. "I don't have the strength. I'm done for." Looking below her, she see's the creature gathering underneath her waiting. Smiling to herself, she begin's to chuckle, "I fought my way through this fucking Hotel, and I'm gonna die by falling to my death. Ironic." Laughing to herself, she winces in pain. "Well, this is it." She softly say's to herself, with a small smile. Closing her eye's, she let's go. 

"NO!" Someone scream's out, quickly opening her eye's she see's Lisa and Jill reaching out for her. 

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