Silent Nightmare (Silent Hill/Resident Evil)

As of 52 hours ago, the Presidents daughter Nereyda has been pronounced missing. Her last known location she was traveling with her security team in Pennsylvania back to Washington D.C. They lost contact with her after they were experiencing nightmarish illusions, hallucinations, and dreams. Apparently they were in an accident, something walked in front of them in the middle of the road causing them to drive off. We heard little reports from them here and there, some distorted and barely audible, but what ever was happening their wasn't good. They reported strange creatures roaming around during the night and day. But after a few hours we never heard anything from them again.

Now we are sending our best S.T.A.R.S. (Special Tactics and Rescue Squad) members to rescue Nereyda from..Silent Hill, the tainted town filled with death, sorrow, darkness, and fire. What we failed to mention to the team was Silent Hill's dark and evil past...

Will they





31. Bridge of Death PART 2

AUTHORS NOTE: This whole chapter there will be fighting, I tried my best to make it cool without seeming...repetitive and boring. So, hope you enjoy it. :)




"Chris! What the hell are we gonna do?!" Harry asks as he glances at Lisa to see her breathing heavily. He quickly grabs her hand, "Lisa, we'll get through this. We will get through this, I promise you!" She looks into his eyes and see's his determination. She nods her head and draws her attention to the enemies. "We are gonna kill these things, and we'll keep going. Just as we have this entire time!" Claire says as she eyes the Asphyxia slithering towards them. "Have any of you taken on these creatures, before?" Sherry asks as she presses her back against Leon. Alice, Cybil, Alex, Chris and Heather nod there heads.

Leon takes a breath of air, closing his eyes. He slightly opens them up and see's Ada's red dress out the corner of his eye. Looking at her, he see's Ada with her handgun aimed at the Axe Man.

"There getting closer!" Harry shouts as his hand tightens around Lisa's hand, "Stay close to me. Don't get out of my sight." Harry says as he lets her go. "Sherry, stay close to us!" Lisa shouts as she see's Sherry getting her machine gun ready. Sherry looks back at Lisa and lightly smiles at her, "I've got this mom." Lisa gasps as her mouth drops. Sherry's face widens as she realizes what she's said. Lisa smiles as her eyes begin to water up.

Harry quickly turns on his heel to Heather, "Heather, when you get the chance I want you to leave and take Sherry with you. I want you to run!" Heather gasps as she turns around, "No! I'm not gonna leave you!"

"Everyone, we fight together!" Chris screams as he aims his machine gun at Asphyxia. Suddenly Alice and Rain begin running towards Nemesis. Ada and Cybil look at each other and nod their head's, they begin running towards the Axe Man. Leon watches as Ada runs off, Alex punches Leon's chest drawing Leon's attention. "Let's go!" Alex yells as he runs towards Valtiel. Leon quickly follows behind him. Chris and Claire both look at each, "This is it, you ready?" Chris asks Claire. She winks as she nods her head, "Hell yeah!" They both begin running forward towards Asphyxia. Harry and Lisa look back at Sherry and Heather. "Run." They both say at the same time.

Heather and Sherry both open their mouth to object but Harry and Lisa turn around and begin running towards Pyramid Head. Standing there watching them run towards it, they turn around to see Rebecca standing their twitching uncontrollably as she looks down at the ground. Her shoulder's begin to go up and down, slowly Rebecca lifts up her head to reveal her laughing. Sherry and Heather both take a step back, they glance at each other then back to Rebecca. Rebecca slowly stop's laughing, looking into there eyes Rebecca smiles then quickly lunges for them.

Valtiel holds his butcher knife closely to his chest as Leon and Alex both charge towards him. Valtiel quickly swings it at Leon, Leon swiftly bends back dodging the knife. Alex picks up a chunk of cement from the ground and bashes Valtiel from the back. He quickly grabs another one from the ground and hits Valtiel across the face. Blood drips down the cement and onto the ground. Valtiel backhands Alex, flinging him to the ground. Leon kicks it in the gut from the side, dust brushes off it's body. Leon does a back flip avoiding Valtiels knife. Landing on his feet, Leon smirks as he flips his hair out his face. Valtiel begins swinging his knife randomly trying to cut Leon. He swiftly dodges it's attacks like a breeze. Leon quickly flips out his knife and swings at the Valtiel, there knifes sparking on impact. Swinging at each other there knifes continue to spark and clang. Alex rubs his cheek as he watches in amazement.

Claire and Chris both shoot at Asphyxia as they run towards it. The centipede-like creature begins twitching in anger, it lets out a light growl as it crawls towards the two siblings. Chris tosses his handgun to the side, Claire catches it and aims both handguns and immediately begins shooting. Chris pulls out a machine gun from his back and begins shooting. Asphyxia curves around Chris, grabbing him by his legs and drags him along it. Claire turns on her heel and aims at the arms. Shooting off it's arm, Chris rolls to a stop. She runs to his side and helps him up, "You alright?" Claire ask's him, he nods his head. Asphyxia crawls rapidly towards them and leaps over them both. Claire and Chris look up at the belly of it. One of the creatures hands grabs Claire by the throat and pulls her along. "Claire!" Chris yells out for her in fear. Claire struggles to get free, Asphyxia stops and lifts her up next to it. "Chris!" Claire barely gets out. Asphyxia slightly smiles and turns it's head to the side. 

"Rain!" Alice screams as she see's Rain skid across the ground, hitting the cement rail of the bridge. Breaking through it, Rain turns her head below her to see the river flowing underneath her. She quickly gets up and jogs next to Alice. Nemesis roars in anger as he eyes the two. "How'd you fucking fight this thing?" Rain ask's as she wipes away blood from the corner of her mouth. Alice shakes her head, "I barely fought him off. Jill kicked his ass." She says as she looks around Nemesis. Alice holds up her Katanna and runs forward. Nemesis lifts up his hands, Alice twirls her Katanna around once and swings it at him. Cutting his chest and arms she takes a step back, her blade dripping blood. Nemesis roars loudly, he grabs the tip of her blade with one hand. Alice widens her eyes, she then pushes the blade into Nemesis digging it into his gut. He pulls the blade deeper into his self, pulling Alice closer to him. She quickly lets go, but Nemesis grabs her hands and kicks her in the stomach, tossing her upward into the air. He grabs her hands and swings her over him and onto her back. Gasping for air, Alice rolls onto her side. Nemesis lifts his foot up over her head, suddenly Rain tackles him. Barely moving him a few inches, Nemesis elbows her in the back, grunting in pain Rain falls down on all fours. He grabs her and lifts her up over his head, "Ugh! Put me down!" Rain screams as she pull's out her handgun and aims it down at his head. Shooting him twice, he drops her on the ground. Flustered Nemesis takes a few steps back. Looking in front of him he see's Alice twirling her blade and Rain reloading her gun.

Ada somersaults backwards avoiding the Axe Man's axe. The axe clangs, cracking the pavement. Cybil shoots at his back, he turns around to face her. Cybil quickly reloads her gun, crouching down she avoids his axe from nearly cutting her head off. Running backwards away Cybil aims and shoots his head. The Axe Man swings his Axe backward, "Shit!" Ada shouts as she leaps over the axe, landing on her knees she slides through his leg's. Getting up she stands next to Cybil. Axe Man raises his Axe over his head, swinging it down on the ground he misses them. Cracking the ground even more. He begins running towards Cybil, raising his axe again the Axe Man shoves the handle of the axe into a crack and lifts himself up and kicks her with both feet flinging Cybil back far. Hitting the lamp post, she groans in pain. Ada shoots at his back as he walks towards Cybil. Stopping he turns around and runs towards Ada. Cybil looks to her side to see Rebecca's foot over Sherry's chest on the ground, while choking Heather. She groggily get's up and jogs towards them, grabbing at her chest she gasps in pain from breathing.

"Rebecca!" Cybil shouts. Rebecca smiles evilly as she tightens her grip on Heather. Sherry attempts to pry away her foot from her chest. Cybil flips out her police baton, taking in one more breath of air she hits Rebecca in the ribs. Groaning in pain Rebecca lets Heather go and gets her foot off Sherry. Sherry rolls away towards Cybil, Heather coughs loudly holding her throat gasping for air. Cybil bends her knees a little as she holds the baton tightly in her hands. Rebecca frowns as she cracks her neck. "Rebecca, you have to stop this! You can't break now! Fight it!" Cybil shouts at her. Rebecca shakes her head grinning.

Cybil pulls out her handgun and tosses it to Sherry, "Go. Lisa and Harry said to run. Get Heather and go. Now." Cybil says as she stares at Rebecca. Sherry nods her head, she jogs towards Heather, while Heather groggily gets on all fours. Suddenly Rebecca kicks Heather in the stomach, sending her soaring towards Sherry, knocking them both to the ground. Cybil dashes for Rebecca. Swinging her baton at her face, Rebecca dodges it and punches Cybil in the gut. Cybil knees her back in the gut. Cybil swings hitting Rebecca across the face, bringing the baton back she hits her again to the ground. Rebecca roars in anger as she quickly gets up and jumps on Cybils chest, scratching her face, shredding her clothes, clawing her neck. Blood slithers down her neck and soaking her shirt. "Get the fuck off!" Cybil screams as she shoves Rebecca to the ground, lightly touching her face she sees the blood. Looking back down at Rebecca, she raises the baton and hits her over and over. Blood spilling into the air, soaking up the baton, a pool of blood forming around them. Rebecca begins laughing sadistically as Cybil continues beating her.

Cybil takes a step back to see Rebecca chuckling. Her body covered in blood, fingers broken, nose dislocated, a bone sticking out her right arm and a large gash across her neck. Cybil huffs as she tosses her baton to the side. It clangs on the ground as it rolls towards the large cracks in the ground.

Rebecca lightly laughs, looking up at Cybil with wide eyes she licks her lips at her. "I'm sorry, Rebecca." Cybil says as she crouches down over her, covering her mouth and nose Rebecca tries to pull away her hand. The bone sticking out squirts blood out as she uses it to push away Cybils hand. Cybil grabs her from the back of the head and quickly twists it, snapping it, Rebecca lets out a small gasp. Her eyes open in shock, Cybil gets up breathing in heavily, walking away from the body she see's Alex and Leon struggling.

"We have to get it off the Bridge!" Rain shouts as she uses her last magazine for her machine gun, reloading it. Alice reloads her handgun, glancing up at Nemesis she see's him pulling something out from his skin. Widening her eyes in shock, Alice puts her hand on Rains shoulder to get her attention. "What the hell is it?" Rain looks up and see Nemesis pull out a long, thick, blade from it's wrist. "Do you have an extra katanna?" Rain ask's as she lowers her machine gun.

Sherry and Heather run past Alex and Leon towards Old Silent Hill, Sherry slowly stop's. Heather looks back at her frowning in confusion, "What are you doing?! They told us to run!" Heather shouts pointing at Old Silent Hill. "We can't just leave them! We have to help them all! Just because we're the youngest doesn't mean we can't do anything! We found something when we came here, we both did. We found our parents." Sherry says as she grabs Cybils handgun.

"Lisa isn't even your real mom. And my dad was dead! I saw him with my own eyes. These people aren't our real parents." Heather counters as she takes a step towards Sherry, with her hand out. Sherry shakes her head, "He's obviously not dead! He's right there fighting for his life with the woman he loves and as do I! She may not be my real mom, but she's pretty damn close! And I'm gonna go back with or without you Heather!" Sherry shouts as she gets Cybils handgun ready. Turning on her heel Sherry starts to run back. Looking to her side she see's Heather running next to her. They both nod at each other.

Asphyxia roars in anger as it tramples backwards trying to take out the knife from it's face. Claire smirks as she looks back at Chris on the ground with an uneasy look on his face. "I told you I could do it." Suddenly Chris' eyes widen in fear, he points behind Claire. Looking behind her Claire see's Asphyxia reaching out for her, grabbing her hands and legs it lifts her in front of it. Chris dashes towards her, but the creature's arms grab his legs, tripping him to the ground. Landing on his face, blood rushes out his nose.

Claire's heart begins beating fast, suddenly she lets out a loud gasp. Gulping loudly she coughs up blood rushing down her chin. Looking down she see's Asphyxia digging Claire's own knife into her heart, twisting and pushing it deeper into her chest Claire wheezes. "Claire!" Chris screams as he attempts to get up, but the creature holds him down. He looks up at Claire, "No! Stop! Please!" Chris cries out. The creature pulls out the knife and shoves it's hand into her chest. Claire screams in pain, the creature pulls out her heart. Her heart barely pumping, Claire looks down at it, her eyes begin to close. She barely hears Chris' screams. "Don't...stop..fighting." Claire says with her last breath. Asphyxia drop's Claire to the ground, a pool of blood forming around her body. The creature holds her heart, suddenly she crushes Claires heart. A mass of blood and mush in her hands dripping down. Chris watches in shock, his heart beating slowly beating.

The Axe Man slices downward towards Ada, she jumps back avoiding the axe. Hitting the ground it makes another long crack in the ground, connecting to the other cracks in the bridge. Ada walks back clicking her handgun, "Out." Ada says shaking her head. Tossing it over her shoulder it goes over the bridge. Bumping into the railing and lamp post she looks back down and see's the sharp rocks underneath her. The Axe Man runs towards her, Ada smirks as she runs towards him. Sliding underneath him, she shoots her Grapple Gun through his throat. Twirling around the lamp post Ada gets up and shoves him into the railing causing the Axe Man to crash through it. The Axe Man grabs her ankles and pulls her down with him. "No!" Ada screams as she grabs onto the edge. Looking across from her she see's Leon, Alex and Cybil fighting off Valtiel.


Leon continues fighting, not hearing her cries over every ones battles. Ada groans in pain, the skin on her legs begin to slowly stretch apart from the Axe Man grabbing hold of her. Her eyes begin to water, trying to hold back the screams. "LEON!" Ada screams out for him once more.

He continues fighting off Valtiel, there knifes sparking on impact. She gasps in pain, looking down she tries to kick the creature off of her. Her heel slowly slips off of her and falls towards the bottom. Ada reaches out and grabs the lamp post and struggles trying to pull herself up. The lamp post loosens up out the ground, Ada gasps as she looses her grip. Letting go she cries out one last time, "Leon!"

She goes over the edge with the Axe Man, free falling towards the ground Ada hits the creature over and over in the face with her Grapple Gun. The Axe Man shoves his fist into her stomach, blood gushing out.

Leon kicks Valtiel in the chest causing him to stumble back into Cybil, she bashes him in the back of the head with her baton. Alex jumps on his back and stabs him in the neck with a sharp rock. Leon glances back where Ada was to see no one. Alex yelps out in pain, Leon looks back at Alex and rushes to him.

"Watch out!" Harry screams as he grabs Lisa's head and ducks down avoiding Pyramid Heads sword. Pyramid Head swings his sword around in a circle, Harry shoves Lisa to the side. Harry shifts his body to the side, but the sword slashes his back. "Harry!" Lisa screams as she runs towards him. Harry puts his hand up to her. "Stop! Don't move!" Harry screams, Lisa stops and looks above Harry to see the sword coming down on him. Closing his eyes, Lisa tackles Harry to the side. Pyramid Heads sword slashes her ribs, blood spilling into the air. They roll to a stop, Lisa groans in pain, she punches the ground as she breaths in heavily. Blood drips down her ribs, dripping onto the ground.

"Lisa, how bad are you hurt!?" Harry asks her as she spits out blood. Lisa shakes her head, "I'm fine! Lets go!" She gets up and puts her hand to her ribs, blood seeping out in between her fingers. Through clenched teeth Lisa frowns, "We have to get the sword away from him!" She dashes forward towards him, "Wait!" Harry shouts behind her.

Pyramid Head lifts up his sword over his head and slams it down on Lisa, she swiftly moves to the side dodging the sword. Leaping off the sword she grabs hold of his Pyramid helmet and trys to pry it off him. Lisa pulls out a dagger from her side pocket and starts stabbing the helmet trying to pierce it. Groaning in anger, Pyramid Head grabs her with one by the hair and yanks her down. Slamming on the ground she looks up and see's him holding the sword with both hands, she rolls out the way before it comes down on her. Getting up she twirls her dagger and throws it at his chest.

Heather and Sherry both wave their arms around trying to get Harry's attention, "Dad! Lisa!" Heather and Sherry scream over every ones shouting. Harry looks back and see's them, frowning in confusion he yells at them, "What the hell are you doing? We told you to run!" Sherry and Heather stand in front of Harry, they both slowly turn around.

Lisa see's them, a slight smile forms at the corner of her lips. She suddenly feels a sharp pain rip through her. Looking down she see's the sword through her stomach and chest. Harry, Sherry and Heather both watch with their mouth's slightly open in shock. Pyramid Head pulls out the sword, spinning around he swings his sword, slicing open her stomach. Her eyes roll in the back of her head as she drops to the ground. Harry's eyes dart from Lisa to the blood to the sword drenched in her blood and back to Lisa's corpse. A silver knife falls from his sleeve, catching it he rushes towards Pyramid Head. Sherry and Heather follow close behind him.

The creature raises the sword over his head, Harry quickly slices open Pyramid Heads wrist, blood gushing out. Letting go of the sword it clangs on the ground, his hands hanging merely by skin on both his hands. Heather and Sherry slide behind it and shoot at the back of it's knee's, blood gushing out. Falling onto its knee's, it roars in pain.

Heather see's the black bag full of ammo next to her, she see's a green grenade out of the bag next to it rolling around. Quickly picking it up she tosses it to Harry, pulling the pin he shoves it up the helmet. Turning to the side, the helmet pops exploding blood, chunks of meat and metal in every direction. Falling onto his back, blood quickly forms around the creature's body. Sherry and Heather walk next to each other towards Harry crouching down over Lisa crying.

Chris runs up the back of Asphyxia grabbing Claire's knife he stabs it into the creatures neck and slowly digs it deeper into its neck as he pulls the knife around its throat. Blood overflowing out its neck and down its body. Slamming to the ground Chris yanks out the knife, with blood oozing off the knife. Wiping it on the body he see's Alice and Rain on the ground with bruises, cuts and busted lips. Looking to the right he see's Leon leaping into the air about to kick Valtiel, but Valtiel swiftly moves out the way and kicks Leon to the ground. Alex on his back bleeding out his chest and Cybil over him, her left arm sliced up.

"Regroup!" Chris yells out. Leon rolls away from Valtiel, getting up he rushes towards Chris. Cybil helps up Alex and makes there way to Chris. Alice and Rain both get up and limp towards Chris. Heather, Harry and Sherry walk towards them sniffling, there faces red.

Nemesis and Valtiel both walk side-by-side, stopping away from the group facing them. "We just have two left, we can do this. We can do it..." Chris says the last part in a low whisper. Leon frowns, wiping away blood from his eyes, "Where's Ada?" Everyone looks around, Leon gulps loudly. "Oh god no." He hoarsely whispers to himself. Suddenly Valtiel throws his butcher knife at Alex, hitting him in the middle of Alex's face. Blood squirts out over Sherry's face. Heather and Cybil gasp as they cover their mouths. Alex's body jerks backwards, landing on his back. Blood flowing down the sides of his face.

Chris twirls Claire's knife in his hand, Alice lifts up her broken katanna, Rain bends down and pulls out a pair of brass knuckles from the black bag, Cybil flips out her baton. Rushing towards him they yell trying to intimidate Nemisis, Nemesis roars as he charges towards them. Valtiel rushes towards Leon, grabbing his knife Leon yells at Harry, "Get behind me! I can counter his moves." Harry, Heather and Sherry stand behind him. Sherry cocks Cybil's gun. Valtiel stops in front of Alex's body, stepping on his chest he pulls out the butcher knife. Chunks of meat stuck to the knife, he licks it up and swallows it.

Chris slices Nemesis' arms, Cybil hits him across in the temple, Rain uppercuts him then hits him in the chest where his open heart is. Nemesis roars out in pain. Alice comes up from behind him and stabs him in the shoulder, shoving it deep into it. She lets go and backs away from him. Nemesis roars even louder, stomping his feet the cracks in the ground get larger and larger stretching from both sides of the bridge. Chris and Rain both stand by each other and rush towards him, Rain slides down and try's to kick his leg out from under him but he lifts up his foot. Chris slices upwards, digging Claire's knife into his arm.

"I think we're slowing him down!" Cybil shouts. Rain and Chris both run by each other again, she kicks him across the face. Going for another kick, Nemesis grabs her foot. Lifting her over his head, he slams her down on the ground. The ground slightly crumbles apart. Groaning in pain Nemesis grabs Rain's shoulder and ass, lifting her up over his head he bends his knee. Alice's eyes widen in fear, "Let her go!" She rushes from the back, Nemesis jerks his foot back hitting her in the chest sending Alice soaring back. Cybil rushes to her Alice's aid.

Nemesis bends his knee again, Rain struggles. Dropping her on his knee, her back bends back snapping. Falling onto her side the ground around her begins crubling away, slowly pulling herself towards Nemesis. Nemesis walks to Alice, Cybil see's him coming and steps in front of him. He swings at her, but she quickly ducks down. He's tries to knee her face, but Rain grabs his legs from behind, who is still lying on the ground. Looking back down at her, Cybil rushes towards him as the ground underneath them crumbles.

"I said get behind me!" Leon screams at Sherry. Blocking an attack, Leon side kicks Valtiel in the face. Leon huff's loudly, Harry groans in pain from his back. Heather lifts up his shirt to see the gash turning green. Grabbing Harry's dagger she holds it close to the wound, "Dad, this is gonna hurt." Harry groans, "What do yo-!?" He lets out a loud cry of pain as Heather digs the dagger into his wound.

Leon and Sherry both glance back at them, Valtiel swings his butcher knife at them. Sherry falls onto her back holding her cheek, blood drips down her cheek. Leon's ear get's cut off, yelling through clenched teeth. He throws his knife at Valtiel, stabbing him in the thigh. "Go Sherry!" Leon yells out. Sherry runs towards Valtiel shooting at him, hitting him in the arms and shoulder's she tosses the handgun to the side. Grabbing his shoulder she leaps up over him, landing on her feet with Valtiels and Sherry backs to each other she continues to grab hold of his shoulders. Heather runs up to him and and leaps on his chest grabbing his head she lifts it up. Yelling in fury Heather wraps both her arms around Valtiels neck and yanks up. It's neck stretching up, she pulls one last time ripping off his head with its spine. Falling onto her back Heather see's the head rolling around on the ground a few feet from her. The ground underneath it gives out. Sherry shoves the body off of her, getting up she see's Leon rushing towards Cybil and Rain.

"What are you doing!?" Sherry screams out.

Nemesis begins kicking Rain in the stomach over and over, grabbing Cybils whole head in Nemesis' hand, the palm of his hand opens up revealing a worm like creature. It slowly wiggles towards her mouth. Leon jumps on Nemesis back, the floor under them continues to crumble bit by bit.

Chris, Sherry and Alice run after them. They are quickly cut off as the floor in front of them crumbles down.




The floor crumbles away from underneath them, all four of them fall towards the ground. Free falling towards the ground Leon see's Ada's red dress sticking out abit underneath the Axe Man. Cybil and Rain see's James splatted body impaled on a sharp rock. They all look at each other then close their eyes.

"Noo!" Sherry screams as she see's them hit the ground, blood splatting everywhere.

Heather pulls the dagger out of Harry's back with a parasite stuck to the tip of it. Showing him the bug, Harry grabs the dagger and throws it over the side of the bridge. "When that creature cut you, that bug crawled inside you. It could of eaten you're inside. I barely saw it." Harry lightly smiles at her.

Slowly getting up, Heather wraps her arm around his shoulder, to help keep him standing. Walking towards Chris, Sherry and Alice they look around to see the bridge completely drenched in blood. Stopping next to them they look over the large hole to see the others there at the bottom.

"I failed them. I failed all of them. I couldn't save anyone. I couldn't even" Chris barely manages to get out. A tear slides down his bloody face. Chris falls down on his butt, dust blowing into the air. Everyone else sits next to him. Looking around, Chris sees everyones bodies littered around.

"I told you that this would happen." Looking up they see Ella looking down at them with sorrow.







Reading back on this I realized how gruesomely I killed off those who died. It was nasty, lol. I don't what the hell I was thinking. But whats's done is done. I updated this chapter and a few others as well. The edits aren't too drastic, just errors and what not.

Sooo....thoughts? Like seriously I had so much fun writing this chapter, but sad I killed off everyone basically! But theres still more to come! About three chapters left! Whats gonna happen now?!

We'll my friends in the next chapter, you guys are gonna finally solve the mystery of this Hell. c:< Can you take a guess at what's gonna happen now?

I hope this chapter was satisfying. I think the only part that was difficult was trying to write what I pictured in my head and how to make each fight different and fun but keeping it simple cause the entire chapter is fighting!

anyways, I had a few hours of free time. So I took this chance to write. <3 Till next time. Which will most likely be next weekend or if I have any time Sunday! :) BYEE HAVE A FABULOUS DIA!

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