Silent Nightmare (Silent Hill/Resident Evil)

As of 52 hours ago, the Presidents daughter Nereyda has been pronounced missing. Her last known location she was traveling with her security team in Pennsylvania back to Washington D.C. They lost contact with her after they were experiencing nightmarish illusions, hallucinations, and dreams. Apparently they were in an accident, something walked in front of them in the middle of the road causing them to drive off. We heard little reports from them here and there, some distorted and barely audible, but what ever was happening their wasn't good. They reported strange creatures roaming around during the night and day. But after a few hours we never heard anything from them again.

Now we are sending our best S.T.A.R.S. (Special Tactics and Rescue Squad) members to rescue Nereyda from..Silent Hill, the tainted town filled with death, sorrow, darkness, and fire. What we failed to mention to the team was Silent Hill's dark and evil past...

Will they





12. Black Hood

Chris looks into the air, the fierce wind begins to die down. He looks over the edge of the branch to examine the ground. 'I'm not too far from the ground' he says to himself as he begins to climb over the edge and lower himself down as much as he can.

He drops to the ground with ease. Chris begins to examine his wounded hand, he unwraps his blood soaked bandage. 'Damn, that stick got me good.' He says to himself with a smirk.

He rips off another piece of his sleeve and begin's to bandage the wound. Frowning he begins to look around his surroundings.

'Nothing but ash, tree's and more damn tree's. I can't see above them. Where the hell is the hill so I can get back up to Jill?' He say's annoyed.

'Ok, so the branch I fell is right above me. I flew in from the my best bet is to go that way.' He begins to follow the direction in which he fell from.

'I don't have a good feeling right now about all of us basically separated from each other and Nikolai on the run, he could be anywhere.'

Frustrated he begins to kick the ash in the air. He watches as the ash flutters in the air, being wisps away by the low drift of wind. He looks ahead of him and see's a black robed figure standing a few feet from him.

'What the hell?'

He begins to slowly walk towards the figure, hand on his gun holster.

'Hello? Leon, is that you?' He walks slower towards the still figure. Chris stops as the figure moves its head to the side observing him. Chris pulls out his handgun.

The black robed figure crouches a little and softly growl's at Chris. It begin's to pace in circles around him. He aim's his gun at the figure.

'What do you want? Who are you?' He asks suspiciously.

The figure stops circling. The long fingers begin to stretch out into long sharp claws. It begins to form a hunch back, long black hair flows down out of the hood.

The creature begins to crack its neck, then its shoulders as it gets on all fours. The claws begin to dig into the ground, pulling out dirt from it. The shoulders begin to rise above its head, pulling its front legs back in a running position. Red eyes appear from the dark black shadow of the hood.

'What the fuck?' Chris whispers alarmed. 

The creature still in a running position, cracks it's neck to the left once more. Then slowly turns it in a complete 360 turn back into place.

'Jesus Christ!' Chris yell's as he begins to shoot the creature.

It tramples it's way towards Chris, tearing down tree's and ripping the ground out from underneath it.

'Shit!' Chris yells as he dives out of the way. He rolls and gets up to aim his gun. Immediately he begin's shooting the creature's body. The bullets hitting it, blasting out blood left and right. Covering the grey white ash, crimson red.

The creature looks down at its body, then back up at Chris and smiles, showing the long sharp yellow fangs. The bullets begin to seep out of its body to the ground, heat radiating from them. 

'Really? God dammit.' Chris says rolling his eyes and shaking his head in frustration. Chris aim's and shoots the creature in the face. It's head jerks back, growling. Looking straight back at Chris it gives him a menacing evil glare. But doesn't see Chris anywhere in sight. The creature looks in every direction. It begins to sniff into the air for his scent. As it gets a whiff of his blood, he looks in the direction and begins to chase after him, roaring. 

Chris running as fast as he can away from it, hears the roar and picks up his pace. Scrambling to get far from it, he sees the Hill. 

"The Hill. I found it!' He says in joy. Chris nearly crashes into the rocky steep slope, immediately he begins to climb it. He looks over his shoulder and see's trees being crashed to the ground as the roaring gets louder and louder.

Within a few feet off the ground, the creature burst through the last tree. The tree flings forward towards Chris. He hears the creaking and cracking, looking back he see's the tree falling towards him. Chris jumps to the left as much he can, and grabs hold. The tree crashes against the hill, nearly shaking it. The branches slap him and scratch his cheeks. Grunting he climbs out of the tree and continues up.

The creature gets into a running position. It begins to run towards the hill leaping up onto the hill and climbing like a spider, dashing towards Chris. 

He hears the rocks under crumbling, he looks down and see's the creature.

'Really!?' He screams as he pulls out his handgun and begins to shoot at it. The creature dodging swiftly and leaping left and right, gets closer and closer. Within a few feet from him, Chris rolls his eyes and shakes his head.

The creature roars as it extends an arm out to grab Chris' leg. He groans as he looks back down under him and aim's his gun. The creature wraps it's claws around his ankle and pulls him. Chris groaning and pulling his leg, shoots the creature's head. It's head jerks back loosening its grip on the hill and Chris.

Chris puts his gun back in his holster. He turns his body around facing the trees and looks down as the bullet seeps out of the creatures head.

'This is gonna hurt like a bitch..' He says annoyed, Chris jumps down onto the creature, both free falling to the ground. Chris grabs hold of the creatures back and begins to shoot it in the back of the head. Screeching and screaming the creature tries to grab hold of him. He shoots off all four hands, blood spilling out against the hill side.The creature falling, stomach to the ground, crashes into the ground. Sending Chris soaring off and landing on his side. Gasping for air he looks at the creature, twitching on the ground. A pool of blood soaking into the ashes, forming a pool of blood around it.

'That wasn't too bad..' He says slowly, wiping away ash from his shoulder.

The creature begins to slowly lift up its head, half of its brain hanging out in the open. Chris shoots it, splattering bits and pieces. 

The creature screeches softly, and dies out.

Chris hears a branch snap behind him. He slowly looks behind him and see's another black hooded creature in a pouncing position, staring directly at him.

'Offff course!' Chris says shouting. He shakes his head and begins to run up the broken down tree, the creature watching him intently does a low growl.

Chris jumps off the tip of the tree and begins to climb fast. The creature watches him get more than half way up the steep rocky hill and runs to the wall and begins to climb it. Rapidly crawling towards him.

Looking underneath him and then back up to see a flat clearing a few feet above him. Climbing even faster, he gets onto the flat clearing. Chris looks over the edge, only to see the creature jump up and over him onto the clearing. Stunned Chris watches as it slowly turns its body at him. Smiling it makes it's way towards him.

Chris stepping back, nearly walking backwards off the edge. He looks over and see's falling rocks hurling to the ground. He looks back and takes out his handgun. He aim's and shoots. But the handgun makes a clicking noise, he shoots again. Nothing. No ammo. He throws his handgun to the side and pulls out his knife.

The creature charges at him, he dives out of the way. He gets up but the creature smacks him to the ground. He touches his face and feels blood.

Chris gets up and charges at the creature, but it grabs him by the wrist twisting it. Making a SNAP noise.

Screaming, Chris falls to the ground and begins to crawl away from it. The creature inches it face towards him. Sharp shark like fangs pop out as it bites his leg. Not letting go of him, Chris stabs it multiple times in the face. Both screaming as blood gushes out from both of there wounds. The creature flings Chris towards the edge, he rolls to the edge and stops.

He looks at his bleeding leg then to the screaming creature. He see's the knife next to the creature. 'Shit'

The creature jerks it's head towards Chris' bleeding leg and licks it lips. It rushes towards him and stop's within inches of him.  The creature moves its head towards his leg and sniffs, it jerks it back and raises its claws and opens its mouth wide open. Blood dripping from its claws and teeth. It lashes at Chris, slicing across his chest. Blood splattering against the ground. He screams in pain.

It raises it's claw again, as it is about to slash Chris. Jill runs out from behind the tree towards them. The creature raises a claw at her. But Jill tackles it over the ledge. Both Jill and the creature scream as they go over the ledge to the ground.

'Jill!!' Chris screams.

Quickly Chris reacts and reaches out and grabs hold of Jill's hand. Chris hanging nearly half way over the edge, and Jill looking down at the creature as it crashes into the ground. She see's the blood splattered onto the ashes.

She looks back up at Chris smiling.

'Hey.' She simply says.

Chris chuckles as he groans, trying to lift her up. 

'I can't life you up Jill! I'm loosing my grip on you!' Chris shouts.

'Chris don't let me fall!' Jill pleads back.

'I can't!' Chris says as her hand slips out his hand. Jill screams, but another hand quickly grips her hand.

Both Jill and Chris see it to be Rebecca. Both Rebecca and Chris lift Jill up over the ledge. Gasping for air Chris falls on his back and looks up into the sky. "We found Cybil, but she's gone. We heard all this noise coming from back here, so I came rushing over her hoping to find you!" Suddenly Chris' eyes begin to close. 

'No! Chris! You can't do this to us also! Chr-!' Jill's voice gets cut off as he falls into unconsciousness


"Goodnight Chris"

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