Silent Nightmare (Silent Hill/Resident Evil)

As of 52 hours ago, the Presidents daughter Nereyda has been pronounced missing. Her last known location she was traveling with her security team in Pennsylvania back to Washington D.C. They lost contact with her after they were experiencing nightmarish illusions, hallucinations, and dreams. Apparently they were in an accident, something walked in front of them in the middle of the road causing them to drive off. We heard little reports from them here and there, some distorted and barely audible, but what ever was happening their wasn't good. They reported strange creatures roaming around during the night and day. But after a few hours we never heard anything from them again.

Now we are sending our best S.T.A.R.S. (Special Tactics and Rescue Squad) members to rescue Nereyda from..Silent Hill, the tainted town filled with death, sorrow, darkness, and fire. What we failed to mention to the team was Silent Hill's dark and evil past...

Will they





27. Alice back in Wonderland

Alex shake's the can in his hand and spray's it all over Jame's body. Looking down at his arm's he see's the gashes healing itself. "Wow, that's nice. Pretty bad ass!" James say's as he flex's his arm's and leg's. He glance's at Claire to see her fluttering her eye's, "Why is she still here? She was knocked unconscious shouldn't she be gone or something?" James ask's with concern. Alex shake's his head, "She's still here because she's not dead. In the universe we were before we could pass on when we were unconscious or dead. Here it's just death." Claire look's around her with groggy eye's Alice's hazily come's into her view. Alice smirk's as she removes her holster with a katanna in it to the side. 

"Alice? Is that you? What the hell are you doing here?" Claire ask's as she sit's against the wall. Alice sit's down with her knee up. "How do you guy's know each other?" Alex ask's curiously. 

"A few year's back we were part of a convoy in the Nevada Dessert eliminating Umbrella's B.O.W.'s that were set loose. Their were a lot of us on the convoy, we lost the majority of them when Las Vegas was completely over run by the undead We nearly didn't make it out. We lost LJ, Chase, Betty, Mikey..K-Mart." Alice shake's her head, Claire let's out a sigh. "How did you guy's make it out?" James ask's as glances behind him. "It was only me, Claire and Carlos left. We evacuated in one of Umbrella's helicopter's. We didn't get far though, we were all separated after we were all captured by Umbrella. We were experimented on for a few month's till we were rescued by a mysterious man named Jake Muller." Claire say's as she scratches her head. 

Claire and James both sit their thinking, suddenly they both gasp loudly yelling, "Oh shit! Leon!" In unison. They both quickly get up and start running toward's the escalator. Alice and Alex quickly chase after them, Alice latches on her holster as she run's. "Where are you going?" Alice call's after them. 

"Leon!" James shout's echo's back to them. Alex and Alice quicken their pace as they catch up to Claire and James. Clicking on their flashlight's they continue running through the narrow hallway. 

"What happen to Leon?!" Alex anxiously call's out behind Claire. She glances back, "Something got Heather Mason, it was some kind of spider looking thing and it took her. He's going after it. We stayed back to finish off some monster's!" Claire shout's looking forward they see a light flickering on and off. Stopping they see the door ahead of them crumbled down, shining their light's at the ground ahead of them they see it gone. 

Shinning their flashlight's inside the hole they see the cement ground not far down. James sigh's as he leap's down. Claire and Alice jump down at the same time. Alex pull's out a handgun, holding his breath he closes his eye's and leap's down. Hitting the ground he aim's his gun around quickly.

Seeing nothing but bare wall they all shine their light's in the far corner to see a tumbled down wall. James walk's through it looking down at his feet he see's bullet cases. Picking one up, he hold's it in his palm. "It's still warm, he came through here. C'mon!" James shout's as he start's running into the cave through the narrow trail. Alice shine's her light on the wall's to see a slick thick white web string along it and the ceiling. "This isn't you're average spider, I'm guessing. Great." 

James slow's down catching his breath, looking back at Alice, "So Alice how did you end up here?" Alice slow's down her pace and let's out a sigh shaking her head. "I was one of the security member's that was with Nereyda on her way to D.C." James and Claire both stop and look back, nearly running into them Alex trip's over his feet and land's face first into the sandy ground. "What the hell happen? Who took her? How could you guy's let her get taken?!" Claire shout's as she throw's her hand's up in confusion. 

"I'll tell you all everything that happen and more when ever we meet up with everyone." Alice say's as she take's a step back. Claire frown's in confusion, "You haven't told anyone yet? Alex where did you guy's find her?" He slowly get's up off the ground spitting out sand from his mouth. "I found her by myself, she was being attacked by two Regenorador's. She hasn't told me anything, we had met about fifteen minute's before I found you guy's. We should really get going." Alex begin's walking. Claire and James glance at each then turn on their heel's and start running with Alice close by. 

"I think I see light ahead of us!" Alex excitedly shout's pointing ahead of them. Running to the light they all stop to see it coming from the ceiling with ash falling down, they see a ladder attached to the wall leading up. Claire breathe's in air and slowly begin's climbing up the ladder. Popping her head out from the ground she look's around to see them still in the town. Turning to look behind her she stop's and open's her eye's wide in confusion. "What the..?" Gulping loudly she climb's out and stand still staring ahead of her. "Claire, what is it?!" Alex call's out. "Dammit." He mutter's to himself. James begin's climbing with Alice right behind him. "What the hell is this doing here in Silent Hill?" Alice curiously ask's as she lean's close. 

James read's the sign on the building, "Raccoon City Police Department Station". Claire and Alice take a step only to hear a mucky mush noise underneath them. Looking down at their feet they see web's and green goo making a trail toward's the front gate and door's. "Is that Leon's footprint's?" Alice ask's as she point's at footprint's in the ash walking toward's the building. Nodding her head they all walk up to the gate, pushing it open the gate shriek's. Walking up the few step's they all stop at the double door's. Claire take's a deep and open's the door. They walk into the building, closing behind them. 

"Why haven't they answered me?" Alex ask's himself, sighing he begin's climbing up the ladder. Popping his head out he call's out for Alice. "Alice? Claire?" Climbing out of the hole he see's the bridge across from him. He see's a black hazy figure on it standing still. Shaking his head he turn's around to see a little boy. Letting out a small scream he begin's gasping for air holding his heart. "What the hell kid what's wrong wit-!" He cut's himself off to see the little boy be his little brother Joshua. "Joshua? You aren't supposed to be here. You're at peace, you can't be here. You just can't." Looking at Joshua with his hand's begin his back smiling. 

He pull's out a small boat from his back and begin's laughing, moving his lip's no word's come out. "I put you to rest Josh. You have to go." Alex take's a step forward. He suddenly stop's when he hear's the ground cracking, looking below Joshua he see's the ground crumble dropping him into water. "Joshua!" 

Alex dive's into the water swimming down to the bottom. Flashing his light down he see's Joshua sinking fast. Reaching him he grab's his arm's and yank's him up. Quickly breaching the top he begin's gasping for air. Pulling himself out of the water he drag's Joshua out. Looking back at the water he see's the little toy boat floating in the water. 

"C'mon buddy you can't qui-!" Turning around he see's Joshua gone. Looking back at the water he see's it disappeared, patting himself down he feel's his clothes dry. Anxiously looking around he see's the black figure still standing on the bridge. Gulping loudly he get's up, walking backward's. Bumping into the gate he pushes it open it, turning on his heel he run's through the double door's. Stopping at the door his eye's widen in confusion. Cobb web's covering nearly everything in the building the statue, desk's door's and the second floor walkway. His eye's immediately land in front of him to see the Mannequin Monster. 


It's similar to a spider, but with mannequin head's and leg's, with the head's serving as it's eye's. 


Opening his eye's wide in fear to see Alice and James in it's hand's squeezing them, Claire underneath it trying to pry away from it's body and Heather on the creature's back pulling out her knife. Something swinging from the ceiling catches his eye's, looking up in the corner of the building he see's Leon hanging in a cocoon on web with his face sticking out. "Alex!" Alice scream's as she pull's out her Katanna from her holster. Swinging it around she slices off one of it's mannequin head's. Letting out a screech the Spider fling's her and James to the side. Sticking them to the wall they start struggling to free themselve's. 

Claire slide's out from underneath it while pulling out her handgun. Heather dig's her knife into it's back, Claire stand's up and begin's shooting at it's arm's and leg's. It's face open up revealing a worm like creature with a tongue like mouth protruding from the center of it's face, letting out an even louder screech. Alex look's to his side to see a Emergency Fire Case covered in web's, running to it he tries tearing it away. 

The Spider quickly turn's around shooting a string of web at Claire, hitting her in the face. Slamming on her back she attempt's prying away the web, kicking and screaming she continues struggling. "Claire!" James scream's. Heather dig's the knife deeper into it's back, the Spider suddenly begin's running toward's the wall and leap's onto it. She grab's hold to it, looking down she see's the ground getting smaller. The Spider begin's crawling along the ceiling, blood dripping down to the ground. Stopping at the center of the ceiling the Spider looses it's balance and let's go falling downward. Heather gasp's as she see's the ground getting closer. Pushing herself away from it she slam's down on the desk's breaking it. The Spider slam's down on the statue, cracking it's back nearly in half. Rolling away from the statue the Spider attempt's to lift itself up, but fail's falling back down. Looking up from the ground it see's Alex with the axe in his hand's. 

Lifting it over his head he fling's it down on it's head digging the axe deep in it's skull. it begin's twitching, kicking around it's leg's squealing. After a few second's it's movement slow down to a stop. He quickly run's to Claire, "Claire, I'm right here. We're gonna pull together alright!" Claire nod's her head fast. They both begin pulling away the web, stretching the web it slowly pull's off her face. With one last yank it come's off completely leaving little white dot's on her face. She quickly begin's gasping for air. 

Alice slices away the web from her, freeing herself with her Katanna. She help's down James, sighing to himself he see's Heather walk toward's them grabbing hold her arm, biting her lip she slowly walk's in front of James. "I think my shoulder is broken or out of place.." James nod's his head, grabbing her shoulder Heather gasp's in pain. Quickly putting it in place, her bone snap's. Heather scream's as she yank's her arm away from James. Walking from them a tear slide's down, leaning against the wall she slide's to the ground. James, Alex and Claire walk over to her. 

"Hey! A little help would be real great!" Leon shout's from the ceiling. Alice smile's as she pull's out her handgun and aim's him. Shooting him down he hit's the second floor with a loud thud. Unwrapping himself he take's the stair's down to the lobby.

Walking toward's the group he see's them up against the wall sitting, taking a seat in between Claire and Alice he let's out a sigh. "That was one hell of a spider. It got me by surprise, I didn't even see it. After I freed Heather it caught me." Leon shake's his head in embarrassment. Claire chuckle's, "Alex, do you know where my brother is? Is he safe?" Everyone look's over to him, he nod's his head. "He's going after Jill."

"How do you guy's know where we are?" James ask's as he reload's his handgun. "Call it intuition. You guy's were taking too long, so we decided to come to you all. We were gonna go as a group, but their's no time. Everything here is changing drastically. We're running out of time. When we got here we found clues about Umbrella when we were in the Mayor's office. Back in the late 1960's when Umbrella was still under wrap's, the founder Oswell E. Spencer talked with the Mayor of Silent Hill Ryan Overturn at the time. They were in discussion about how Silent Hill would be the best town to conduct a psychological experiment on the people. They wanted to use the Progenitor Virus they created on the town to see the outcome by using it air born and dumping it in the water system. Soon after the town's people started going crazy committing suicide, saying they were seeing nightmarish creature's everywhere and that they were mentally trapped. The fumes and water supply were never rid of, people came and went but never the same." Alex say's as he closes his eye's. Claire, James, Heather and Alice slightly open their mouth's, but no word's come out. Staring at him in disbelief they all let out a sigh. 

James cough's loudly and get's up off the ground, "We have to tell everyone else, should we go to the Bridge and wait?" James ask's as he look's down at them all. They all nod their head's and get up off from the ground. Walking toward's the door, Alex stop's and yank's the axe out from the Mannequin Spider. 

"Alice, don't forget you still have to tell us everything that happen with Nereyda also when we all meet up. We have to find out out what took her and why." Claire say's as she pushes open the double door's they all walk out of the building. "I know Claire, trust me I haven't forgotten." They continue walking to the bridge disappearing in the fog. 


Running past tree's and jumping over root's sticking out from the ground, Ada dives out of the wood's. Barrel rolling onto the road Ada look's around in front of her to see Alchemilla Hospital their quickly jogging across the road Ada glances back to see dozen's of monster's walking out of the wood's. "Dammit, I was sure I lost them. At least I made it into the town." She mutter's under breath. Stepping up to the door she pushes the double door's, "Locked." Ada say's in annoyance. Looking to her side she start's running to the side of the building to the back. Rounding a corner she suddenly stop's as she hear's a low growl behind her. 

Looking back she see's three Groaner's slowly following her from a distance. Raising her handgun Ada aim's it at them. 


Groaner's are large hairless demonic dog's with rotten brown skin and large open jaw's. The canine dog's look starved, and are sensitive to sound.


The three Groaner's dash for Ada, shooting one of them in the face. It drop's dead with half it's skull missing, she shoot's another in it's chest blood and flesh exploding out the it's spin. Ada quickly roll's to the side, avoiding the last Groaner. It begin's circling her, she shoot's but it only make's a clicking noise. "Of course." Ada scowl's as the canine leap's for her. Doing a backflip she stick's point's out her left leg kicking the Groaner in the jaw. Jerking it's jaw up, it's spine snap's. 

Landing her flip she see's the Groaner snapping it's uneven jaw at her. Shaking her head she turn's around to see even more Groaner's. They all dash for her. Ada pull's out her Hookshot gun and aim's it at the roof. Shooting it, the hook securely latches onto the rooftop. Reeling herself up the canine's nearly bite her ankle. Making it onto the roof she glance's down at the bottom to see the Groaner's clawing at the building. She then see's the other creature's the Mandarin, Armless creature, and Lying Figure coming from around the building corner. "You just missed me." Ada chuckles as she walk's away from the edge. She suddenly stop's, holding her stomach she winces in pain. Her lower dress torn and full of ash. 

Ada suddenly hear's a squawking sound and wing's flapping behind slowly looking back she see's a flock of Night Flutter flying toward's her in the distance. Scowling in annoyance Ada look's away and begin's running to the other end of the roof, leaping over the side she land's on the second building rooftop. Continuing to run she take's another leap off the roof, landing on another rooftop. Stopping at the end she look's over to see no more building's and the bare street at the bottom. "Damn." Ada mutter's, facing away from the edge she see's the Night Flutter closer to her. 


It's head is replaced by a solid mass of worm's and it's body is more humanoid in shape and large wing's for arm's. 


In the corner of her eye she see's the back of a sign, "Town Center Mall. I can probably hid in here." Looking around the rooftop she see's no doorway down. Pulling out her handgun Ada hold's it next to her head. She see's the Night Flutter's getting even closer to her. "Their are about three of them. I can do this. But I don't have much ammo." Squinting her eye's she see's broken pipe sticking out of the ground. Smirking to herself she aim's her handgun at the creature's. 

Closing in within a few feet of her Ada shoot's one of the creature's feet. Screeching out in pain, Ada shoot's another three bullet's into it's feet and leg's. Blood dripping down it begin's descending to the ground. Ada dashes for it, grabbing it's leg's she swing's it down to the ground. Impaling it's chest, it begin's fluttering it's wing's scratching her arm. 

Turning around one of the creature's land's on the ground and kick's her in the stomach. Stumbling back the other creature flies past her scratching deep into her back. Groaning in pain Ada clenches her teeth as blood drip's down her back. Aiming her gun she shoot's the ground creature in the crouch. Letting out a loud squawk, it lunges for her it's worm mouth opening wide. Ada kick's it across the face, scratching her thigh. Ada let's out a cry of pain. The other flying creature tackle's Ada to the ground, pinning her arm's down. It's worm mouth opening wide lunging down at her. She groan's as she slide's under it, while still grabbing of it's wing's. She quickly pull's out her handgun and shoot's it's ass. Kneeling down the Night Flutter let's out a screech, Ada cover's her ear's. Taking a few step's back she see's the creature lunging at her face. Moving her hand's from her ear's blood flow's out of them. 

She swiftly spin's around the creature, grabbing it's thick neck she twist it. The final creature stop's screeching, it float's into the air as blood drip's from it's feet. Ada take's a step toward's it but suddenly stop's. A sharp pain cutting through her. She grab's her stomach, falling to the side a trickle of blood slide's down the side of her mouth. "What?" She softly ask's herself, widening her eye's she see's the Night Flutter's wing's claw's dripping with a purple substance. "Poison." Ada say's chuckling to herself, "How careless of me. I didn't even think of that." Groaning in pain she struggles to open her eye's. 

The Night Flutter's claw's extend out more. Floating toward's Ada, she take's a breathe of air. "I did such a selfless act, yet I'm still gonna die. I should of never of did it. Leon. You idiot, you were supposed to come after me." Ada softly say's. Looking up the Night Flutter raises it's clawed wing over it's head. 


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