Those Blue Eyes [A Louis Tomlinson fan fic]

I'm Jana, I'm hated by absolutely everyone. My mum died last year and my brother moved away to London, so I'm left with my dad. He abuses me, I can't stand him. It's no better at school, I'm a 'nerd' apparently. Even if I am the stupidest person in school. Just because I'm quiet and no one talks to me.

The only people I have are Maddie and Rydien. Recognise the names? Yeah, wolf blood. That rediculus TV Show about were-wolf things.

My dad directs it and he thought it was a good idea to steal all our names.

My life is pretty much hell.

My birthday, I can't wait. Maddie has got me tickets to a One Direction show, and a meet and greet! It's so exiting! One night for myself.

Lest hope I last that long.


2. One Week to go

"JANA. GET UP NOW YOU LAZY COW." Dad shouted from downstairs. I quickly grabbed my school bag and ran downstairs.

"I'm here daddy." I said, trying to keep him happy.

"Good, let's go." He shoved me out the door and I entered the BMW while he locked the house up. If you didn't guess then we are rich. Sucks that it's just me and dad or I might enjoy the money.

Dad drove me quickly to school before practically pushing me out the car and rushing off to work.

"Jana!" I heard from behind me. By the way, my name in pronounced Yana. Just to inform who ever I'm talking to.

I turned to see Maddie and Rydien running to me. Maddie ran into my arms and Rydien then picked us both up in a huddle and spun us round.

"Hey guys." I said.

"One week! I can't wait! Can you?!" She asked, jumping. It's my birthday in exactly a week, and Maddie has got us two tickets to go to a One Direction concert with meet and greet too.

"Of course! Hope you won't get lonely Rydien." I said to my huge guy best friend.

"Na, I will just jeep ya dad company." He joked.

"Have fun with that." Maddie rolled her eyes. At that moment the bell went, making us all jump.

"Oh no! I have a science test! Damn it." Rydien went running off into science block while me and Maddie went to English.

"Only a week." Maddie repeated.

"Yep, you just said that." I pointed out.

"But in a week you can get away from your dad!"

"Just a thought, how did you pursued him to let me go?" I asked, truly curious.

"I-uh-just asked now got to go, bye!" She waved and headed to her English class as I went to mine.

I quickly entered unnoticed and went to sit at the back of the class. English went by slow, in fact the whole week went slow.

God I can't wait to get out this town, even if it's just for a day.

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