The Island

Read about three girls who are best friends as they go through an adventure!!!


1. Preamble

This is a story about three girls- anamelia, nim, and everly- their personal stories and the ups and downs of their great friendship. Each girl is from a different place from the next and is on the road to great fortune. The fortune is unknown to most but those with loyal and determined best friends.

Watch Up closes as the girls meet, move in, and become housemates.  At first they don’t seem to get along to get along that well but times cried on them to each other in times of need.  They will get boyfriends, enemies and start a new school. Many things may happen but they now lean on each other. They learn that they are own person and to never change because of someone else.

Please join them in their adventure and exploration of life. Laugh with them in time of silliness, cry with them in times of heart break and smile at the little romantic things that they do with each other.  Sing with them to every song, dance with them the every ballad, and find you in the maze of life while reading their mistakes and corrections.  


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