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Melody is a fifteen year old girl, separated from society since she was a young. Even her family classes her an outsider, but why? She meets friends that are also rejected from the community, Jonah, Carly, Remi and Ava. Together they try to figure out what's happening and why.


1. The First Chase

Run. I keep thinking to myself. Keep going. Run. A final rush of adrenaline flows through my veins as I swiftly approach the edge of the woods. Jonah and Ava are already there but I can't see them through the dense overgrowth of vegetation. Remi and Carly are behind me, hopefully they have outran the Ranks.

The Ranks are the police of my city, the only difference is that they have the authority to kill any Wisps that set foot inside of the metropolis. Wisps. I am a Wisp. My friends are Wisps. Everyone I know is a Wisp. We call ourselves Wisps because we sneak around the city and then escape Ranks like we disappear into thin air, like wisps. The Cores, or Insisders, refer to us as "the differents". The reason our corrupt leaders gave us for our separation was that "Born a Wisp. Always Wisp. Never trust a Wisp." They say that we pose a threat and are dangerous when, from what I gathered, we are no different from Cores. We Wisps, live on the go, with only each other and no family. I never knew anyone that I could call my parents. We all don't. After anyone is born, they are tested for 48 hours to be identified. Cores are returned to their family and Wisps are sent to an orphanage until they are 11 years old and then are let out to defend themselves in any place unoccupied by Cores. Not even the parents know what their kids are tested for.

I am distracted by the small Core child watching me through the window of his family home. I snap out of my daydream at last and realise how behind I must be. I pick up my pace as I can hear the treads of heavy boots just a couple of feet behind me.

I skip over the obstacles in my path just as I feel a single finger swipe for my thin shoulders. I was able to dodge the hand but my backpack slid from my shoulders and was hanging from the crook of my arm. A aggressive force fell short of my body but got a hold of my backpack which was forcibly taken from my possession. 

I turned the sharp corner and just at that moment, the feet of the two Ranks were caught in the Rope Trap. Thank heavens I set that this morning. I hurriedly made my back to our camp but when I reached my destination I realised that I was completely alone. I called out to my friends. "Ava? Jonah? Carly? Remi? It's me, Melody! I lost the Ranks, it's okay to come out." I shouted in a desperate voice but I got no reply.

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