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Melody is a fifteen year old girl, separated from society since she was a young. Even her family classes her an outsider, but why? She meets friends that are also rejected from the community, Jonah, Carly, Remi and Ava. Together they try to figure out what's happening and why.


2. Pack Your Things

It's okay. They just got held up. They're fine. I'm fine. I force myself to think positively as its the only way to stop the paranoia and anxiety from settling in. Keep myself busy and they will be back soon. It's been almost two hours since I got back to our resting place and since then I have lit a fire, retraced my steps, found my backpack tossed behind a holly bush and searched the perimeter. No sign of them. They've got be back soon, I saw them in front of me, didn't I? I reach for my grey backpack which is decorated with little white owls that have black sequins for eyes, even though more than half of the have fallen off. I search my bag and my hand finally grasps what I need, my mirror. I decide that a good way to keep my mind off the others is to focus on myself. 

Through the dust and dirt covering the edges of the mirror I can see my rosy cheeked reflection. My brown, almost black, hair falls to my elbow in natural, loose curls. My vision moves from my hair, to my pale green eyes, to my small but rounded lips. I look like I have a temperature from my highly coloured cheeks but unfortunately that's what I look like at the best of times. I have quite a rounded face but my cheeks have started to sink because I haven't had much to eat lately. Food is scarce around this time of year. It's Fall so that means all of the woodland animals hoard the food and go into hibernation. I find it hard to cope when the cold weather comes. I'm only about 5'3 which is on the shorter side for a 15 year old girl. I'm also quite skinny so when the weather does get bad, I rely on other people for heat.

A snap of a twig makes me jump out of my skin. I drop my mirror but quickly pick it up and throw it in my bag. Another snap. Now I hear footsteps. I grab a small pocket knife from my jeans. "Who's there?", my voice is trembling now. "Come out! I won't hurt you if you don't hurt me.". My hands are shaking which is making me even more nervous. "It's okay, Melody, it's me, Jonah! I'm with the others!". Oh thank God! I thought I was about to take my last breathe. Jonah approaches me quickly with the others close behind. "Grab your stuff, we're leaving", he said in between harsh breaths. "What? Why?", I asked as Ava pushed me towards my tent, urging me to hurry. "Long story. We will tell you on the way.", Carly yelled from across the camp and with that, Remi helped me finish packing and we started running in the opposite direction.

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