Never Enough

New girl who has a hard time in school, but when she meets a boy her luck with completely change, or will he be like all the other guys she dated? She is just trying to worry about school now but it will be nice for her to have a boyfriend, but she has a side romance that will soon blossom into something else.


2. New day

  Lola's P.O.V

  Today I didn't really feel like getting up. Today was Wednesday and I had to pick my best friend up and if I'm late she is late so I decided to get up. I took a shower and did my makeup, i put on my red tank top that says "Cutie" on it I put on my white skinny jeans and my red converse on and I was ready to go. I went over to Gina's house. I call her Gina instead of Regina because it got tiring over the years, and i guess my name got tiring to because now she just calls me Lo. I pulled onto her driveway and saw her standing there picking at the grass. I beeped the horn and she jumped. She flipped the middle finger at me and then I asked her what time she wanted to. She laughed and then hopped into the car. "What's up slut?" I asked her when she got into the car. "Nothing much dyke." She replied. We both laughed. We laughed and joked around until we made it to school. Me and Gina have all our classes together so we sit next to each other and talk all the time. School flew by really quickly and before i knew it, it was time to go. I waited for Gina in the parking lot when this really cute boy came up and asked me where the gym was at. I game him the directions and we went our separate ways. After he left Gina finally showed up. I dropped her off at home and then i went home. When I got home i grabbed an apple and then went to my room and closed the door. There was a knock on the door and then Leslie came in. "Oh hey." I said. Leslie lived with us since her mother and father kicked her out. "Nothing really just really bored.'' I looked up at her and then i really noticed how beautiful she really was. She was so pretty i kept staring at her. I then noticed we were both leaning in closer and closer to each other. I then felt my lips touch her lips.I was surprised that i felt so many sparks. I kissed her harder and harder and then my tongue entered her mouth. Our tongues fought for dominance and hers won. After that was was really turned on. I climbed on top of her and then unzipped her pants. I took he pantie off and began licking her tight pussy. She took my clothes off and started kissing my neck as i moaned in pleasure. We heard a noise downstairs and quickly jumped up and put our clothes back on. After we put all our clothes back on she kissed my on the lips and said "This isn't over." She kissed me one last time before she left my room. I immediately started questioning my sexuality. I enjoyed the little action that had happened a couple minutes ago, but that doesn't mean I'm bi. After me and Leslie had "sex" or whatever we had been flirting a lot. Like for instance we sit next to each other at the dinner table and we would reach down and touch each other or something like that, one time she touched my vagina and pulled my underwear aside and inserted two of her fingers in me. I jumped a little and everybody looked at me and Leslie tried her best to hold her laugh in. 

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