Never Enough

New girl who has a hard time in school, but when she meets a boy her luck with completely change, or will he be like all the other guys she dated? She is just trying to worry about school now but it will be nice for her to have a boyfriend, but she has a side romance that will soon blossom into something else.


3. Confused?

      Leslie's P.O.V 

       I love Lola and I'm worried that she wont feel the same way. We had sex twice and I'm kind of starting to think she feels the same way but not really. Today was the day I was going to break up with Joey. I love him but I'm not in love with him like I'm in love with Lola. The whole family had just woke up and Lola was the only one who came out the room to get some breakfast. I gave her a slow and passionate kiss and I could feel her smile through the kiss. I kissed the tip of her nose before i went back to cooking. 

       Lola's P.O.V

        I loved when me and Leslie kissed. It took all the worry out of my body and it felt like we were the only two there. She had kissed the tip of my nose before she went back to cooking and I loved her so much, the only problem is that I am afraid she wont feel the same way. Leslie had given me my breakfast and went back in the kitchen. I ate my breakfast and went to go pick Gina up. When me and Gina made it to school we went our separate ways because we have other friends. The same boy I helped yesterday walked up to me and thanked me for showing him the directions. "Thank you so much." The boy said and then Introduced himself as Jessi. "Hey Jessi and your welcome." I replied. "So do you maybe wanna grab a bite this Saturday?" Jessi had asked. "Sure." I said with a smile. He smiled back and left.--couple days later-- The date with me and Jessi was perfect and we are even dating. Today Jessi was coming over and I was excited to for him to come. Jessi had finally showed and he greeted me with a kiss and I invited him in. We chatted and laughed for hours when Leslie walked in. At the same time Jessi had to leave. We said our goodbyes and he kissed me, but I didn't kiss back because Leslie was standing over there. When Jessi left I looked at Leslie with "I'm so sorry" eyes. She took a few steps back as I took a few steps closer to her. "I'm sorry bae!" I tried saying. A lump grew in my throat and I looked away from her for a few seconds. I walked up to her and kissed her she kissed back and told me that she was in love with me. "I love you so much!" I told her. "You love me back!" She said surprised. I didn't say anything but to show her I did love her I made love to her that night. I made her lay on her back as I took her clothes off and gave her a massage. I kissed her neck and made her moan in pleasure. I started rubbing and licking her pussy as her pussy got wetter and wetter i started fingering her. She screamed as I inserted more and more fingers. ''I'M GONNA CUM!!" She yelled. She kept telling me to stop but I kept going faster and faster. I started licking her pussy as I was fingering her. Finally she has squirted all over my face. She huffed and puffed, trying to catch her breath. I kissed her slow and passionately before telling her I loved her.

     Leslie's P.O.V

     She fucked my brains out and that made me love her 100 times more. Tomorrow is her last day of school, and I really want her to move in with me in my new apartment I bought. I could only hope that she says yes. 







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