Just some prompts & short stories.


3. Sharks In a Forest

I ran playfully from my friend Axi and jogged around the field, and heard her concerned voice:

    “Are you ok Rogue?” I heard her fading voice. Why was it fading? I had no idea.

    “Yeah just fine,” I said.

I sat up, a little dizzy, just to realize that I wasn’t in Axi’s meadow anymore.

    “Hello?” I called out, worried and scared. Where was I? I became aware of the towering trees around me.

    “Oh god,” I whispered, frightened. I was in The Forest. It was forbidden to come here, and how had I gotten here? The heck? I looked around, alarmed. Now, I wasn’t worried about being in a forest. No, I was more worried about the sharks. Yeah, you heard right, sharks. There are sharks in The Forest, and there are some pretty terrifying tales about it. I mean, I knew it was illogical to be scared. I was smarter than that. As long as I didn’t bleed, then I would be fine. I got up and somehow didn’t notice the small gash in my leg. I only realized it when I felt a small trickle down my leg. Was it a spider? I know my friend Grace would be more terrified of the spiders than the sharks. Then I looked down, and it dawned on me. Oh god, I was bleeding. I ripped a few soft leaves off of the surrounding drooping branches. I needed to hurry. I knew about sharks’ smell. They could smell anything in the forest. And their favorite smell? Blood. I quickly tied some of the softer leaves together to make a makeshift bandage. Working hard and fast, I tightened it around my wound.
    “Urgh,” I grunted. Not so lady-like. Whatever, I never was in the first place. The blood was stifled, but I was still worried. Wiping a little blood onto one of the leaves, I threw it in the air and it was carried away. Hopefully, that would distract the sharks for a bit. Now, how to get out….

    I wandered through the forest in one general direction. Hopefully I would get out eventually. As the sky darkened, I started to be paranoid. My wound had scabbed over, thankfully, but I didn’t know where to go. This was not where I wanted to be. I climbed up one of the surrounding trees, hoping that I would stay above the sharks. I tore off my makeshift bandage and tossed it to the ground, far away. Climbing up the branches, careful not to get scratched and draw blood, I found a big nook, just big enough for me to snap some branches, cover the entrance, and sit straight inside. I wound myself up, and fell asleep slowly.

    I awoke to swishing. I was puzzled. Why would there be that sound? I looked down and saw a shark. I froze. Was it here for me? Why was it at the base of my tree? I stared some more until I breathed out in relief. It was here for the deer carcass down below. Thank god. I decided to wait until the shark had left, but it didn’t seem to leave. In fact, two more came. I barely dared to breathe. I created a makeshift bridge, but was extremely careful not to get cut. The log was sturdy and heavy, and it was hard to lift. I carried it to the farthest branch that could hold my weight, and placed the log down gently. I crawled across the log, ever so careful. The log creaked, and quaked. I hurried. I felt it bending...this was going to be bad. It was bending, bending, and I made it to the tree. I breathed a quiet sigh of relief. I was one step further from the sharks.

    After making it across the first tree, I set the log down a second time, and started to crawl again. I felt it bend much more. Uh oh… It cracked, and I stood. Just as I started to run,one more stride till the tree…. the log broke, and I tumbled. I plummeted towards the ground, terrified. I hit the ground and gained a new injury. Scratched all over, I was bleeding in excess. I got up to the shar pain in my leg. I was going to die. I knew it. My fall had caught the attention of the sharks, and this was my end.

    As the sharks swam over, I thought many things. I felt my life flash before my eyes, and I shook.

    “Farewell,” I murmured, and smiled up into the trees. In the last moment, the mist parted for a second and I saw the sun, the first time in these two days. It was scenic. And then the sun was blotted out by sharp white jaws.


    I awoke with a sweat.

    “What,” I spoke. I looked around, I was back in my room. I sighed in relief. As I walked downstairs, I smelled the breakfast from the kitchen. I heard my mother asking:

    “Rogue? You up?”

    “Yup, not-so-bright and early haha,” I responded.

    “That’s good, we’ll be visiting Axi’s ranch today.” She said.

    “Uh, okay, I’ll go get ready.” I spoke as I rushed up the stairs.

I sank down into my bed. What the heck? I was scared… of waking up in the forest again. “It’s fine, just fine,” I asserted myself. there is nothing wrong at all. It didn’t happen, and its just a dream.

    After I calmed down, I walked downstairs, ate breakfast, and drove to Axi’s meadow. We played in the meadow again, just like that dream. I didn’t play as recklessly today, though. At nighttime, we pleaded my mom for a sleepover. She quickly gave in, as she had somewhere to be. As I settled down in Axi’s tall bunk bed, I closed my eyes to rest.

    I opened my eyes, still groggy. I turned over, and heard something heavy crunch leaves. Leaves? Why leaves? There were no leaves in Axi’s bedroom…. I opened my eyes quickly. A shark. There were three angry sharks. They were hunting me.


    I was back in the forest.


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