One Year To Live

She was still so young and should've had a whole life ahead of her, but she doesn't. She has a year. One year to live.

Follow Madison Peters on her journey to find out what she will do, who she will meet, and finally, if she falls in love before death takes her.


2. Chapter 1

The chime of that horribly annoying bell indicated that some peasant had walked in, more than likely wanting me to serve them. I hated this job. Truly despised it. The clothes I had to wear, the fact I had to serve stuck up bitches everyday, and most of all, the amount of pre-pubertised little shits try hit on me. Just no. I don't have time for your jibber jabber fool! Okay well it was kind of cute. Kind of. Like a 2% cuteness compared to 98% disgust and awkwardness.

"Hello?" A low voice dragged out the word. Another thing I hated. I looked up from my phone that I had been staring down at, watching the time go by till 8:30pm, the time I could finally go home and change into my fluffy pyjamas.

"Hi, how can I help you?" I asked in a completely fake cheerful voice. I also added a smile that actually hurt my cheeks for emphasis.

"Three coffees, one Yorkshire tea and a hot chocolate." He muttered staring down at his phone. I stood there, a hand on my hip and my eyebrows raised. Was he being serious? Not even a please? Well then...

I turned around dramatically, making a sound of disgust and made the most terrible coffees, tea and hot chocolate I had ever made in my life. The coffees had way to much coffee in and may or may not have added a little bit of salt, or a lot, we never know. The tea had literally no tea in it. And then the hot chocolate, lets just say it wasn't chocolate...

"That'll be £14.50 please," I priced him double just because he's an ass. Nothing wrong with that is there? Yolo! Jesus what have I just done. I thought the Y word. Someone please slaughter me!

The boy placed a £20 note on the counter muttering something about keeping the change and left with his mutant drinks. Whoever is drinking those are really unlucky...

As he walked out the door I decided to take in his appearance. Blonde hair, clearly not natural, dark blue jeans and a green parka... I thought I recognised him but I looked away trying to rid the thought.

Suddenly, hundreds of flashes went off at once in the corner off my eye. When I turned back I saw the ignorant boy with the disgusting drinks being crowded by who I think were paparazzi.

And that's when I realised, I had just served Niall Horan fucked up beverages.

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