Blood Lust.

[Book 1]

"I'm going to bite you one day, right?" "Of course. Just not today!," I told him, leaning up and giving him a kiss at the jaw. "But your blood smells so good and I can't help myself," He mumbled, leaning down and gently nipping at the skin of my neck. I giggled and batted him away, turning around on his lap so that I was straddling him. He placed one hand on my hip and the other on my back, pulling me closer to his cold body. "I love you," he whispered to me, our cheeks rubbing against one another affectionately. "I love you, too. So much." "Not more than me. You know you're my treasure, right? My favorite person walking this earth." "Mhm. I know that." I whispered to him. I felt the slight bulge inbetween his legs grow a little bit, and I squealed as I felt it on my thigh. A musical laughter escaped his pink lips and he stood up from the couch, me clutching onto him for dear life before he placed his hands on my bum to support me.

"Let's go to bed, beautiful."


2. Chapter 2

Blood Lust.

Chapter 2

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Briella's POV

Harry rushed into the kitchen and picked me up, taking me away from the cold room. "You know where to go?" He asked me, rubbing my back in a soothing manner as he took me down a secret hall at the back of the house, by his bedroom. There was a white wooden door that blended into the wall, so much you coouldn't even see it unless you went up to the wall yourself and observed it closely.

He opened the door, a staircase coming into view and a light bulb stuck on the celing. He pulled the white string, making the light turn on and the room becoming clear to the human eye. He placed me down on the first step gently, pecking my lips before leaving, closing the door behind him. I took in three deep breaths, I didn't want to panic, it's not the moment.

Being fearful of anyone can make a human especially easy to find, the smell of fear being able to reach their nose. I quickly jogged down the steps to the actual room itself, which was like house put into a small room. It was nice being down here, it wasn't dirty at all. On the contrary actually, it was modern and clean, the style of it was a little girly, but boyish in a way.

I turned the fairy lights on, the bright wwhite color bouncing of the walls and engulfing everything. With a happy sigh I went-correction-skipped- to the mini fridge. I opened the little door and looked inside; Arizona green teas, Coca Cola soda cans, beer, gelatin, and some sort of pie.

I took an Arizona green tea and placed that on the coffee table, then going to the TV stand to get the remote. I went back to the couch (not forgetting my green tea on the way) and turned the seventy inch telivision on. I flipped through the channel's, wanting to find something good to watch.

"Oh. My. Gosh. Adventure Time!" I started fangirling a little bit, Adventure Time is one of my favorite cartoons, Finn is just so cute, just not cuter than Harry, most definitely. I muted the TV at the sound of angry footsteps. 

"Harry. I'm warning you! Where the fuck is she?!?!," An angry male voice shouted, his voice was oh so near, and I panicked a little. "I told you that I don't give a damn fucking thing about what will happen to Magma! That's her problem!"

"I gave you your last chance, Styles. I will find her, one of these days. I'll take her to Princess Magma and you'll regret not giving her to me for the rest of your life!" Harry snorted, "First off, you won't get her. Second of all, the rest of my life? Please, I live forever. Um, it's called: immortality."

'Nice one, Harry', I thought to myself. "Fine. I'll leave. But I'll get your little girlfriend, one way or another." "Never. Goodbye now." Harry bit back, trying to be as polite as possible.

I heard the door slam shut, shaking the whole house, shaking the coffee table that held up my green tea. Luckily, none spilled out, it was about halfway full.

"Babe? Are you okay?" Harrys houted as he came bounding down the stairs.

"Yes, I'm okay."





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