Blood Lust.

[Book 1]

"I'm going to bite you one day, right?" "Of course. Just not today!," I told him, leaning up and giving him a kiss at the jaw. "But your blood smells so good and I can't help myself," He mumbled, leaning down and gently nipping at the skin of my neck. I giggled and batted him away, turning around on his lap so that I was straddling him. He placed one hand on my hip and the other on my back, pulling me closer to his cold body. "I love you," he whispered to me, our cheeks rubbing against one another affectionately. "I love you, too. So much." "Not more than me. You know you're my treasure, right? My favorite person walking this earth." "Mhm. I know that." I whispered to him. I felt the slight bulge inbetween his legs grow a little bit, and I squealed as I felt it on my thigh. A musical laughter escaped his pink lips and he stood up from the couch, me clutching onto him for dear life before he placed his hands on my bum to support me.

"Let's go to bed, beautiful."


1. Chapter 1

Blood Lust

Chapter 1


Briella's POV

The sunlight peeked through the window, crawling up the sheets and across our sleepy bodies on his bed. I shot up, Harry can't be exposed to sunlight just like this, I've heard that being exposed to sunlight without protection could cause permanent damage.

I removed Harry's hand from my waist, and stumbled off, quickly pulling one of his t-shirts over me to cover up my undergarments and body. I went over to the closest window and pulled the heavy black curtains together, blocking the brightness, not letting even a single ray in. I did the same to the other window, and just in time as well.

"Babe?" I heard Harry's raspy and sexy morning voice call from behind me. I turned around, a little startled at his sudden call. Withing mili seconds he was right in front of me, cupping my face in his huge hands, cold, and pale in complexion.

"Are you okay?," he asked, concern evident in his voice, "You weren't next to me in bed, I got scared." I smiled a little bit, he was always worrying about me. "I'm fine, you left the curtains open last night." I explained to him, leaning into his cold and muscular body.

I heard him sigh in relief, his arms wrapping around my small frame and pulling me close to him. "I thought you had left me or something, I just got really scared." "You know I'd never leave. I can't imagine that ever happening. In a million years, or forever, as a matter of fact." I told him with a reassuring smile. He sighed in releief and gave me apeck on the lips, his cold lips meeting my own warm ones for two seconds. 

"I'll be downstairs. You want the usual, right?" I whispered. "Of course," Harry mumubled as he leaned in for another kiss. Our lips met in the middle, an electric shock bursting through my body as the passion enveloped me, leaving me in a daze when we broke.

I saw him bite his lip from the corner of my eye as I began my shuffle down the hall. The hardwood polished floor creaked under my bare feet, the cold flooring making me shiver slightly. As I looked around a small smile formed on my lips, this place was somehow magical.

The pictures were aligned perfectly, each one contained a memory, one of happy times, one that is surely going to be cherished.

I felt my face turn hot and my heart pick up speed as I came across a picture of Harry and I on our third month anniversary, which was only two months ago. I hadn't noticed the tear rolling down my left cheek until I felt it hit my foot with a splatter.

I wiped my cheek quickly, not letting Harry see my emotions and continuing to the kitchen. It was a one story house so there was no staircase, only having turn left or right in order to get to the next room. I turned left when I got to the end of the hall, making me end up in the living room. There was a doorway near the back of this room that lead into the kitchen, the only possible way to get there.

I shivered when I walked into the kitchen, the coldest room in this whole house. 'I should have brought my sweater and sweats down here' I thought to myself, wondering why I didn't think of that.

Harry's POV

When I came into the kitchen I saw Briella preparing tea for us, at the worktop with her back turned to me, letting me check out her behind without her noticing. I saw her reach up into the cabinet for the 'secret ingredient' she always has to put in my liquids, blood.

Her eyebrows knit in concentration, slightly shaky hands putting five drops of blood in my tea. Bri's lips curved up in a smile as she succeeded, putting the lid back on the small container, and placing it back.

I came up to her from behind, wrapping my arms securely around her waist. She gasped, "Harry". "Hello Bri." She looked up and smiled, gently brushing her nose against my jaw. "Well hello to you, too, handsome."

Briella stirred the tea with the silver spoon she had been using, the liquied turning a light pink because of the rich red blood. I took it from the worktop, dropping a kiss to her cheek. "Thanks, hun. Love you."

Briella's POV

He left to the living room, the telivision coming to life with the push of a button on the remote. I stayed there, though, thinking of my life today. How now half of the vampire population is after me and how some of the werewolves have attacked me, and how I had been under a curse because of the witch princess, Magma.

My life has been hectic ever since I was introduced to the supernatural world, and not everyone can understand it. It was almost like a gift, to be able to know all the supernatural beings; gargoyles, witches, vampires, werewolves, angels, knights, centaurs and hybrids (half one species, half another),

I was knocked out of my thoughts by a knock on the door and wolf howls in the distance, by the woods. "Harry!"



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