Unexpected Visit to my Heart.

I have you ever think that it's impossible that One Direction appears at your house because they got lost and they are hiding from fans? Well, Sam never thought that something like that could happen to her and it did.

Sam was a normal 17 year old teenager, or kinda normal. She hide dark secrets from her past.

Niall wanted her heart and Sam to keep a promise from the past. Niall got her, but when an old red haired enemy from the past appears Sam only wants to keep apart Niall.


4. The Wanted One.

***a month later***

A month later after I told the boys my secret, we all became closer, especially Niall and I. We weren’t dating but we were always holding hands, hugging, sharing food and more, and it wasn’t normal of me to share food. Or Niall. It was so obvious that we loved each other, and impossible because I didn’t want to break my promise. So what I had to do? Well, the decision in on me. Right?

But on a peaceful moment we were all at my house, Niall, Cat, Harry, Liam, Zayn and Louis, talking, drinking cola, Niall and I eating making eating contest (I won every single contest). We were also watching who was in the first spot on the billboard hot 200 and 100, seeing on what spot was Best Song Ever and on what spot was grey.


I don’t know when but Harry just arrived from behind me and slapped my butt telling me to “Move”. We had a really strange relationship, and sometimes our strange relationship could turn into a gross relationship. “I told you to move” he repeat obviously not mad, but having fun.

“Don’t you dare to talk to me like that or I will tell Cat you cheated on her with Louis” I said. Cat and Harry were already girlfriend and boyfriend, and I was nothing.

“I never did that, I’m totally loyal to Eleanor, little sister” Louis said. That is my relationship with Louis. Like I was the youngest of us, I was the little sister and he was like my big and super protective brother. The big brother that I never had. The big brother I wanted to have. He went to me and hugged me, then with one hand he messes up my hair “You little mess”

And Niall always said “Stop bothering my girl” we weren’t actually dating, but we both wanted to, but I didn’t allow myself and he hadn’t invite me again, so we were at the midpoint. He walked to me and hugged from behind and then grabbed from the waist and spun me in the air. “She is mine girl” and he spun me again.

“Put me down, Nialler” I said laughing but no wanting him to stop.

He put me down “Okay. Cat on what spot is Best Song Ever? I hope number one” he said. He knew there weren’t number one. It was 26th of October and the single was realize months ago.

“Actually you are number 47th; Best Song Ever is not on the first spot and you know that. I really don’t know why you keep asking” Cat said turning to the boys.

“Who is in the first spot?” Liam and Zayn said at the same time walking to the computer. When they arrived the pushed Cat from the roll chair and she fell, and it was so funny, like a movie scene, and I cracked laughing. Then they guys saw the computer, they turned slowly to me with their jaws dropped.

“What? Who’s in the first spot?” I asked raising my eyebrows.

“You” Liam said pointing to me “Grey is in the first spot in the first spot in 100 and R&B” But my style is more garage punk. I didn’t understand how I did to make the song sounded well.

“What?” I said walking to the computer but my phone. I stopped, and took it out from my pocket, I checked the number it was my sister, but when I answered it was a different person, it was one of my favourite people in this world.

“Aunty” the girl’s voice said

“Hi, Pau, how is my favourite girl in this world?” I asked

“Good, I had to steal my mother’s phone to call you, she don’t allow us to call you. I saw you name and face in the billboard, you are in this first spot. You are famous”

“Yes, sweetie. Hey, did you like your present?”

“Yes, I love it, but it is hide or my mother will find it and throw it to the trash” she said. Then something sound through the phone “I got to go” then she hung up.


I smile this girl loved me and his brother too. They weren’t like their mother; there were more like me and my grandparents. Sometimes I asked myself if I grew them they will got a good education, because they were smart but my sister sent them to a stupid school. I wished those kids were with me. I wished Pau didn’t receive a punishment for calling me. I wished they were safe and sound.

I’m taken out of my world when my phone rang again. This time is Simon Cowell, maybe with another message telling me to get an agent. Thing that on that moment wasn’t on my priorities. “Hello, Simon”

“Congratulations number one the billboard” he said

“Thanks, isn’t that amazing. I already saw it” I said excited

“I have a lot of call of famous. When you’re going to get an agent?” Simon said

“Soon. And what people called you?” I asked

“People who wants to collab with you” he said

“Who?” I asked

“Well, you know, people like Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Avril Lavigne, Justin Bieber and Timberlake, Ed Sheran, Drake,  Rihanna, Carly Rae Jepsen, Will.i.am, Austin Mahone, Jonas Brothers, Nicki Minaj, The Wanted, and this band that nobody knows called One Direction”

“Simon, everybody knows One Direction” I said turning to the boys throwing them a death glance “To the point, Taylor Swift, Ed Sheran, Selena Gomez, Austin Mahone, but most important The Wanted” the boys got their jaws dropped and they were throwing me death glance, even Cat, who didn’t like Taylor Swift since she was one of Harry exes and she just didn’t like her. “You must be joking, Simon, it can’t be true”

“No, I’m not joking” Simon sad laughing “So, what I say to everybody”

“Yes!” I screamed

“Okay, you will collab with them in their Cd’s and maybe if your Cd’s is a success we can realize a deluxe edition where you sing in English and Spanish, sing your cover and have some collabs”

“That sounds great, Simon” I said “I can’t wait to tell Demi, Becky and Cher” for the album Gray and work with Demi doing a song ‘wrong’, with Becky G ‘Where I came from’ and with Cher Lloyd a song called ‘Beast’. The songs are pretty awesome. “Can you tell them to call me, I will love to talk to them”

“Of course, bye Sam” Simon said

“Bye, and thanks” I said

“Oh, I almost forgot, tomorrow you got an interview with Alan Carr, good luck and bye” he said and hung up.


I walked to the sofa and threw myself there forgetting about the world that was around me. It was a lot to process, in a day. A lot of big artist wanted to collab with in their albums. In my album. That must be a dream came true, impossible to believe. I passed my finger through my hair, typical of me when I’m thinking about something and it was just too much to process.

After a lot of thinking I realized that the boys were looking at me and Cat, with death galnces, and I know why, I just wanted to see their faces. So I sat in the couch, legs open, and my elbows resting on my knees. I raised an eyebrow.


“The Wanted?” all the boys said excerpt for Harry.

“Taylor Swift?” Harry and Cat said.

"Not my problem, you are the one that hate them. You should stop the hate and live in peace" I said peacefully, and seeing that that didn't work, I changed of subject "Hey, boys, do you think that your manager could be my manager could be my manager? Simon is tired of people calling him"

"Yeah, I don't think he will have a problem on hel-" Liam said

"She is changing the subject" Harry screamed to Liam "DON'T CHANGE THE SUBJECT"

"I can do what ever I want, I'm the more mature here. I finished college twice. Win me on that" I scremed back. "I'm a grown up, I'm allow to do whatever ever I want"

"Look we found mommy direction" Zayn said laughing

"Sut up you-" but my phone rang so I answered "Hello? Oh, hi, Nathan, how are you?" I poked out my tongue to them and then went straight to my room.


The rest of the afternoon I talked to Nathan, Max, Siva, Jay and Tom, talking about things and if I will like to make a collaboration with them in their new album. I also talked about the same things with Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Nicki Minaj, Avril Lavigne, and more artist. Then I called Becky, Demi and Cher to tell them the good news, I talked  with them about how nice they all were with me, and that when theysaw my video they wre very impressed, and then when they saw that I was on the first spot of the hot 100 in billboard they decided to collab with me. And the rest of the afternoon, I only talked to Nathan.


I was laughing and joking with Nathan, but then Niall walked in "With who you are talking? You have been on the phone all day" he said

"Nathan, from The Wanted" I answered laughing, then I point with my phone to Niall "Say, hi Nathan"

"Hi" Nathan said and we both crack laughing. Then Niall closed the door and I took my phone back to my ear "Did it work?"

I laugh "Obviously. What's next?" 

"Right now, he must be telling the boys what are you doing and then...who is like your big brother?"

"Louis" I answered completely sure of what I said

"Okay, he will come in 5,4,3,2,1...."

"Are you talking to Nathan?" Louis asked and I nodded "Hung up right now"

"Yes, daddy" I said "What now?"

"Tell him, the plan" Nathan said

"Sure? Okay. Louis, I'm making a plan with Nathan so Niall can be enough brave to invite to a date"

"What?" Louis said and closed the door.

"Now, he must be telling the boys and Niall will scream in3,2,1..."

Niall screamed "Really?" then I heard the door opened and closed.

I walked to my window in the second floor, he and all the others, including Cat, wre leaving, and I started doubting about the plan "Are you sure that this will work, they seem pretty mad"

"Don't you worry, it will work, I'm sure" he said

"I hope so, bye Nathan" I said

"Bye, Sam" he said and we both hung up at the same time.


I left my phone in my desk and walked to my closet. I changed to my black pajamas, that wre a little short and a see-throught shirt. I took out the fake extentions, combed my hair and put it in a braid. I sat on my bed and look to the window, the moon is up, and it's so beautiful. I tried to sleep, but I couldn't. So I grabbed my phone,then I sent a message to Niall


Me: We need to talk, now, please.

Niall: Nathan don't wants to talk to U anymore

Me: No, we really need to talk

Niall: About what?

Me: ´bout U, me. About us

Niall: There's no us. U wanted me to hate U.

Me: That's not true. Who told U that?

Niall: Louis. U told him that.

Me: That's not true.

Niall: Sorry, GTG, is late.


I tear fell from my face.


Me: Help!!!

Lou: R U alright?

Hazza: Is something wrong?

Me: Lou how could U told Niall that I was making a plan for him so he could hate me.

Lou: U told me that.

Hazza: Of what I lost?

Lou: I'm soory

Me: Forgiven, Lou. But I wnat Niall and Cat to forgive me.

Hazza: I will tell Cat.

Me: Can U tell her that tomorrow I will B at Alan Carr's, is her fave show.

Hazza: Course

Me. Thanks guys, goodnight.

Lou: Goodnight

Hazza: Goodnight.


Then I got into my twitter and wrote:


Drainin' tears N's fault.


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