Unexpected Visit to my Heart.

I have you ever think that it's impossible that One Direction appears at your house because they got lost and they are hiding from fans? Well, Sam never thought that something like that could happen to her and it did.

Sam was a normal 17 year old teenager, or kinda normal. She hide dark secrets from her past.

Niall wanted her heart and Sam to keep a promise from the past. Niall got her, but when an old red haired enemy from the past appears Sam only wants to keep apart Niall.


2. The Oportunity

*** 10 minutes later***

We walked out of my house and we saw a big black van waiting for us. Can you believe it? We walked to the van; they all got in leaving me at last. After all that I didn’t have a sit. Like ten minutes ago. Let out a big breath.


“Looks, like someone will have to sit on someone’s lap” Cat screamed


All the boys turned to look at Niall who was on the back seat then to me, very suspicious “Not me” Harry said

“Or me” Zayn said

“Or me” Liam said

“Or me” Louis said

“Or me” Cat said “Niall you lost, and you will regret”

“Why?” Niall asked

“Because she likes to jump in her sit and sing at loud” Cat said as I got in the van and sat on Niall’s lap.

“That is not true” I said “I just can sing in front of you, stage afraid” the van started moving and I took out my I Pod and offer a headphone to Niall “Do you want to hear?” I asked him.

“Sure” he said and took the headphone. I looked at The Yeah Yeah Yeahs folder and put my favourite song, Pin. “What is this?”

“The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, is a pop indie band” I said ‘He must be thinking I am a freak’ I thought. “They are pretty awesome” I said nodding “Let this song finish and I will show you another band”

“Okay” he said

The song ended and put I Will Follow You into the Dark by Death Cab for Cutie ”This is Death Cab for Cutie and the song is called I Will Follow You into the Dark, listen to the song” I said turning up the volume.

When the song ended he said “It’s very romantic”

“I know my favourite love song” I said “It will be awesome if someone sing it to me, a guy, oh yeah”

“Oh” I heard him whispered


The rest of the way I showed Niall bands like L7, Butthole surfers, The Smiths, Nirvana, and more; most of it were pop indie bands. But there was a moment of our way to the studio where our hands touched; making me feel something I have never felt never ever in my life. I like electricity running through all my body. I wonder if he felt the same or it was just me.


We were getting out of the car when Louis mentioned “You know we know you are Sam, so you are Samantha, right” he asked to me.

“No, my name originally is not Samantha, do you want to know my name?” I said and they nodded “My real name is Cordelia Margarita Ana Maria Rosario Del Perpeto Socorro Mercedes” I said very fast and they all laughed “But I change it to Samantha because I hated the name of Cordelia Margarita Ana Maria Rosario Del Perpeto Socorro Mercedes because it sounded like a grandma name”

“And you laugh of my name” Cat said as we walked to the studio.


(Niall’s P.O.V)


Just when Zayn finished his solo we got spare time, so we all decided to just play around like children. And we all ended playing truth or dare. I it was Liam turn.

“I dare, Sam” he said and she nodded “You said you can only sing in front of Cat because you are stage afraid” she nodded nervous “I dare you to get into the cab and then you have to sing for us”

“What?” she screamed “Sing” she said nervous “Okay I will sing How Ya Doin’ of Little Mix”

She stood up and walked inside the cab. She grabbed the microphone and closed those sweet and pretty brown eyes that she has. Just in that moment Simon walked in.

“Who is her?” he asked

“Shhh” was what we all said so we could hear her sing.


Just when she started to sing if you closed your eyes you could think that Christina Aguilera was there along with Demi Lovato, Taylor Swift, Cher Lloyd and Perrie Edwards, all in a same and beautiful voice. I thought that she will do the original version, but instead she did the version with Missy Elliot, and she was awesome. She could do what a person could only do when the song is edited; she could the some background vocals while she sing. She was amazing, that was what I called talent.


She slowly opened her eyes. And her jaw was dropped when she saw Simon. She turned to look at her feet and walked out of the cab. She stood in front of Simon and turned her head up to look at him.


“I’m sorry, we were all playing truth or dare and Liam dare to do it” she said

“Who are you?” Simon asked

“Sam, I mean Cordelia Margarita Ana Maria Rosario Del Perpeto Socorro Mercedes but I changed it to Samantha, and people call me Sam” she said

“Are you famous or something?” Simon asked

Sam shook her head “No sir”

“You have talent; yes you have” he said “Would you like to be famous?”

“What?” she said surprised with her eyes opened widely “Me famous?”

Simon nodded “Of course” he said


(Sam P.O.V)


It couldn’t be true. Simon Cowell just asked me IF I wanted to be famous. It was a dream come true.

“Sam, how old are you?” he asked to me

“I’m seventeen, eighteen in November” I said “I’m a lawyer and I also studied literature”

“Are you a lawyer or you are studying laws” he asked confused

“No, I’m a lawyer. It’s just that I have eidetic memory and you will understand” I said

“Oh, yeah, I understand” he said “Why you don’t call your parents to ask them permission?”

“I can’t” I said looking down at my feet

“Why?” he asked

Why he had to ask? I didn’t’ want to answer that question. I t was very painful only to think about it. “They are, they are…” I couldn’t say it but then I wanted to say it. I had to say it but it was just too painful. “They are…d-d-d-de-dead” I said in a low whisper. I let a tear out. I know they didn’t want me, and I didn’t want them but they were my parents.

Cat and put an arm around me “Don’t cry it’s alright” she knew that my parents were dead, but she didn’t know that they didn’t love me and I loved them, well, for a little while. “You’re okay, you’re safe”

“Well, is there someone you can call?” he said

“My big sister she is my legal tutor now” I said, a little nervous, my sister hate me “I will call her” I took out my phone, an old used I Phone, and I called my big sister “Pau, hi”

“For you I’m Miss Paulina, remember it” she said

“Yes, Miss Paulina, I need to ask you something?” I said nervous, and seeing that everybody was looking at e awkwardly I turned around.

“What? Because is little Paulina’s birthday and we are in her birthday party” my sister said, obviously mad.

“Oh, I forgot, can I talk to her, please?” I asked hopefully

“Okay, but just for a little while, these calls are too expensive” she said, in a couple of seconds my niece was on the phone

“Hi aunty”

“Hi, sweetie, sorry that I can’t be there for you, but I will send you a present” I said sweetly

“It’s okay, but can you send me something of One Direction, I got nothing of them” she said

“What if I send you all the Cd’s and the movie with their autographs, because the guys of One Direction are my friends” I said

“Can you do that? Can I talk to them?” she asked

“In other moment. Can you pass me to your mom? And Happy Birthday” I said

“Okay, aunty” she said.

“Now, what is what you wanted to ask me?” my sister asked

“I was asking myself if I can sign a contract with Syco records.” I asked nervous again

“Yes, yes, do whatever you want, just don’t come with me when you get pregnant” she said

That comment got me mad “I’m not like you” I reply mad and hung up. I turned to the boys, Cat and Simon, again “She said yes”

“Good” he said

“Just one thing, I don’t want to wear high heels, dresses or skirts and it will be a little of make-up” I said because I hate all that things. “Agreed?” I asked

He doubt but he finally said “Agreed”

We shook hands “Good” I said

“Can you give me some ideas so I can give them to the writers?” he asked

“I got in my I Pod, I write my own songs since I’m eleven” I said “And I think I know which will go first” I said smirking.


I don't own Syco Records

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