Unexpected Visit to my Heart.

I have you ever think that it's impossible that One Direction appears at your house because they got lost and they are hiding from fans? Well, Sam never thought that something like that could happen to her and it did.

Sam was a normal 17 year old teenager, or kinda normal. She hide dark secrets from her past.

Niall wanted her heart and Sam to keep a promise from the past. Niall got her, but when an old red haired enemy from the past appears Sam only wants to keep apart Niall.


5. Decisions.

I walked to my closet, to chose an outfit that a little amount of people will wear. A balck leather top with medium sleeves, a hip hop pants and a black nikes.

Like my hair had grown a little, I cut it yesterday, and then I was getting it curly. I got a lot of eyeliner around my eyes. Practically, for me is very simple. Oh, I and I forgot a really big earings, color gold, but they weren't gold, but kinda.

I grabbed a jean bag and I got in my I Phone, my I Pod, and my book of The Mortal Instruments, specifically City of Bone.  I really loved to read, really, there was nothing better than that, well, except maybe for music, dance and Niall.

Oh, Niall, how much I missed him. He was my all. Why I rejected the first time, I still didn't understand that, it was all so confusing. Sadness never left me think correctly. I wasn't a sentiental person, or kinda. Somethings could make me cry easily, or not, but the worst was that I couldn't express my feelings, just in songs. Really, if you wanted to get any emotion of me, you had to pull it out by yourself, I wasn't the kind of person who told who she feel to everybody, wrtting it was more easy.

I walked down stairs, to what I called my studio, it was prettty big, and it was divided it sections. I walked to the painting section. I grabbed a pencil and my draw pad. I also loved to draw, love it with all my passion. Then, I ran to the living room and sat there to draw.

Usually I draw my own anime characters or other characters, like Chrona and Ragnarok, or Soul and Maka, Stein and Maka's father, Death The Kid, Liz and Paty. or things like that. My own characters like Flaglerquin, Paris, Ryoko or stuff of anime, but that time, I wanted to draw something different, something blakc and white, something realistic, a human, my love.

I started with the base and stuff. ll the details. I was over, there was only left to sign it, but the door bell rang. I hide the drawing behing a pillow. I went to open the door.

When I opened it I saw...

"Harry, Cat" I screamed ang hug them "You are here"

"Do you really think that I was not going to come?" Cat asked

"I thought you were mad" I replied

"I was but Harry and Louis told me everything, sweetheart, it was a bad plan" Cat said

"I know. Where are the others?" I asked

"We tried to talk to Niall, but he didn't listen to us. Sorry girl. The others understood but Niall didn't want to hear, Zayn, Liam and Louis stayed with him" Hary said

"I should have expected that, right, it is my fault, I took the wrong Decisions" I said

"Now, you have never been inlove, just a crush" Harry said

"Crush, Love, Decisions, Carlos" I whispered. I took my phone out of my bag and gave it to Cat "Loook in my phone for Carlos, please" then I ran to my room. When I got into my room I grabbed my guitar, and again, ran downstairs. Cat was holding my phone and I took it off her hand, and called Carlos. The phone sound twice before someone answered.



"Carlos, is it you?" I asked

"Who else could be?" He said sarcastically

"Damian" I said

"Damn girl, you still the same Cordelia" he said

"Sam, I officially changed it" I said

"Yeah, so tell me, wass up? Why are you calling, you never call" He asked

"I need to ask you something" I said

"What?" he asked

"About...our promise...when I was 12 and you were 13...hum...I...I...want to..." I said

"Break it" he said

"Yeah....be...because...of...."I said

"Niall Horan, I know, I saw the videos like everyone in the whole country, continent and world" he said "About that..." he said shyly

"What? You don't want to break it? I really need to..." I said

"No...I ....broke it a long time ago" he said

"Why? When? How? With who?" I asked

"Well...do you remember Camila, black hair" he said

"Yeah, my bestie, you kissed her?" i ASKED

"Yeah" he said

"Que? Como diablos te atreves. Ella es mi mejor amiga tu mi mejor amigo" I said

"You talk in spanish" he said

"What?" I asked

"I said that you talked in spanish, since you called you were talking in spanish, Sam" he said

"You get used to it" I said

"So there's no problem that I have break it" he asked

"Nop" I said "But we will talk about that when I go back, so watch your backs" I said

"Okas Lokas, bye" he said and hung up

I turned to Cat and Harry "Well...he broke the promise with my elementary school best friend so I'm able to break it" I said

"Good, let's go, because the van with your new bodyguard is waiting outside" Harry said and pushed me outside.



The whole ride was a living hell for me. Cat and Harry were kissing all the way long and telling each other cute things, while I had other things in my mind. Finish the song that I was writing to say sorry to Niall.

I play chores, I sang verses, I write. Play chores, I sang verses, I write. Play chores, I sang verses, I write. Play chores, I sang verses, I write. Play chores, I sang verses, I write. That was all the way until we arrived to the studio where Alan Carr Chatty Man was recorded.

When I went off the car I saw what I could never imagine in my whole life. Fans, fans screaming fro me. I started crying and Cat was recording my reaction with her camera. Cat decided since the moment Simon gave me the contract to record every single moment to my rise in case they wanted to do me a movie.

Then Harry put a hand on my shoulder as he passed me a sharpie "Here, I carry your things" he said I grabbed the sharpie and gave a nod. Then I ran to see my fans, my Smartes.

My fans were the best of the world, they asked me why I was crying and I responded that I was crying because of them. I talked with every fan that I could and tried to know them better. I saw a red haired one with a hoodie but when I tried to get close she jusr ran away. How Strange.

My bodyguard, yes I have a bodyguard, how cool; told me that it was time to leave and I left but not before scraming "GOODBYE, MY BEAUTIFUL SMARTERS!" They screamed and I got into the studio.

I was recieved by a crew who told me to go to my camarin. I prepared myself with my now usual big eyeliner and then I sat there writing the song.




Harry's P.O.V.


"Cat, take out your laptop and put it in Skype, I have this freaking crazy idea" I said

Cat while she took out the laptop she asked "Harry, what are you planning?"

"Call Nialler" I ordered and she did.


"What do you want Mister Traitor Styles?" Niall asked

"I want you to know that Sam is depressed because of you" I said "And to get you back, she is writting a song and well, it's pretty cool"

"She is writing a song for me?" he asked

"For who else, Carlos?" I exclamied

"Oh, oh. Talking about Carlos. Sam called him, she wanted to break the promise, but he already broke it, with her best friend. Sam was furious, so furious that she started talking in spanish" Cat said "You should do something for her. Part of this is your fault"

"I think so.....................................................................................................................................................I'M GOING TO HER HOUSE" Niall said

"The keys are in the window" Cat said before Niall went off.





Niall's P.O.V



So, I told Liam, Zayn and Louis about my plan. Sing Sam's favourite song to her.

"Niall, Sam is on air, turn on the T.V" Liam screamed

I turned on the T.V and sat on the couch.

Sam walked in, she looked beauitful and then she sat on the usual couch.



"Hello Sam" Alan said

"Hi, Alan, nice to meet you" she said as they shook hands.

"I was told that you wanted to sing something at the end of your section" he said

"Yeah" she said

"Well, we have fifteen minutes. I will ask you quick question that your fans sent and then you can sing. Ready?" he asked


"Let's go" he said and took out pink cars "Full name"

"Cordelia Margarita Ana Maria Rosario Del Perpeto Socorro Mercedes"

"Fave color?"

"Green, black and brown"


"Everybody knows that"

"Best friend?"

"Cat, Camila, Louis and Nathan"

"Fave band apart from One Direction"

"The Wanted, Death Cab for Cutie, Nirvana and The Yeah Yeah Yeahs"

"Fave song"

"I will Follow you into the dark by Death Cab for Cutie"

"Fave animal"

"Snakes, cats, mouses, rats and dogs"

"Spoon or fork"


"Black or white"


"Bullied or not"


"Love of you life"



Yes, I was the love fo her life, No one was surprised, but I was. She then sang the song.

The song talked about how wrong she was and how she loved.

I was in shock in Louis took me out of my world.


"Move, they will arrived in any second"


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