Crows heart.

Thea Crow is abandon by her Best friend, the vampire clea. Thea herself is half vampire and half werewolf.
Clea is maling her live at the collectiv for other half creatures. She Gets new friends and Fall for two boys who borg are dangerous for her. Who can she trust


3. chapter 2.

Chapter 2


All were waiting excited to Beth presented Thea for us, it was not often ther came new hybrids. "Hey guys, look who I'm with, everbody this is Thea Crow" shouted Beth, She pulled Thea with her down the stairs, she was pretty, but did not look like other vampires or werewolves. She had long dark hair and the blue and amber yellow eyes made her face very much alive.

I did not think that everyone would love her, but the guys wher drooling over her and the girls looked up to her as if she were a goddess.

I had to admit that she looked like a goddess and the boys dreamy eyes gave me nausea and a strange feeling of ... I dont know, maybe jalouxi. I caught her eye and smiled, she looked quickly down at the floor and mumbled an apology to Beth, then she ran up stairs and disappeared, I sighed and closed my eyes, When I opened them again I was in Thea's room, she was not here yet. I sat in the chair by the window and listened to her quiet foot steps in the hallway.

She opened the door and went in, "you might as well had smiled back down there" I said prosecutor general, she whirled around and screamed. I could not help but laugh.

"What the hell Jenks, what are you doing here" she shouted and threw a pillow at me, I grabbed it and laughed on.

"Will you tell me what you're doing here, or will you laugh on" she asked. "Excuse me, but why did you not smile back" I asked, "Seriously, do you mean it" she gaped, "Um yes," I replied. "So you're saying then that you came all the way up here for that" she was angry.

"Yes, it is a tradition to smile, when elf blood smiles at you," I said, "forget it, I do not smile unless that person have earned it," she said stubbornly. "Your problem, not mine" I shook my head and disappeared just as fast as I had come.

I could hear her shocked scream down in my room. there was a knock on the door, "You know it's open" I shouted and threw me on the bed with my favorite book. "Okay what's going on between you and Thea" cried Beth and slammed the door behind her. "Nothing, why do you think that" I replied indifferent, "You never smile to anyone, and so are you smiling at her, and then my first guess was, hey my brother has a girlfriend, cool, "she said and did a lot of gestures with her arms.

"Sorry to say it, but I was just polite" I said, I knew it was a lie, she had won my heart, very normal, because elves knew who they loved at first sight, you can call it the soulmates curse.

"Liar, I can see the way you look at her, you're in love," she hummed satisfied. "Get out, sis" I said and threw a pillow at her, but she ducked just in the last minute.

"Hey come on, I'm your sister, I can keep a secret," she said and sat down next to me, "Forget it, Sis it's not because I don't love you, it's just because I am. .. I, Forget it, I do not know how to explain it "I gave up, "Oh god, she's your soulmate right "Beth took both her hands up to her mouth.

"Yes, maybe, I don't know, no she is not!" I shouted. "You're in denial, not good," she said. "I've got to talk to Thea" she went over to the door, but I grab hold of her arm,"Please, do not, she will not understand," I said, "Sorry bro, but it must be done, or there will be consequences," she said and disappeared from my grip and my room.

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