Crows heart.

Thea Crow is abandon by her Best friend, the vampire clea. Thea herself is half vampire and half werewolf.
Clea is maling her live at the collectiv for other half creatures. She Gets new friends and Fall for two boys who borg are dangerous for her. Who can she trust


2. chapter 1.

Chapter 1.


"I can simply not Thea" sighed Clea unhappy, "I told you I'm sorry" I said quietly.

"I know, but it does not make it good again, you drained the family dog ​​for blood in front of a little girl of seven years, it is quite simply not OK" she snapped, "I did not know she was there," I said and looked at my hands.

"This here's your last chance, it will not be wasted, Miss. Hassnoff is a vampire so she can maybe help you. And the other young people are hybrids, like you, just not necessarily werewolf and vampires" said Clea and smiled one of those smiles that could provide her with everything, Clea was a woman in her twenties, dark long hair, an elf face with big round brown eyes,and when the light hit her right, her skin becomes white as snow.

Well she is a vampire, all vampires were beautiful, except me, I was high, yes, but my brown long dark hair was not to control, my one eye was blue as all other Vampires, and the other was amber yellow as all werewolfs, not cool.

One of the disadvantages of being half werewolf, I was not as pretty as full blood vampires.

But one of the good things about being half one and half the other, was that I was twice as strong and I could enjoy my nights as a lone wolf, it was my nature.

"Thea, I can not help you, if you get thrown out, you're alone, I'm not your supervisor anymore," said Clea. "I know, but ... but I, I wish I was nomal" it was like the words was stuck in my throat, the word (nomal) did we not use, not since my Rabel period when I was thirteen.

"But you're not. Put your iPod in your bag, we are here now," said Clea and drove through a gate, it was covered with swirl plants. "Wauw" I stared when I saw the house, the Victorian design was ... yes, it was not to describe. "I knew you would love it," said Clea confidently.

I got out of the car and helped Clea with the luggage, two girls came races in joggin clothes, they stopped at the car. "Heii, you must be Thea Crow, my name is Clary and this is my sister melli" the girls's smiled.

"Heii, nice to meet you," I waved accommodating, they giggled and ran on, "you will have it good here," said Clea midnde secure than before, I giggled "is the question I hear from the oh so great Clea".

"Oh shut up, otherwise you can carry your luggage yourself, Minion Thea" she said and pushed me. When we came in I forgot to breathe, so plush it was. "You just stay here, Jenks come and show you your room" Clea put the luggage down. "Are you alrady leaving" I sounded like a little child. "Oh honey, I gotta go back".

I hugged Clea goodbye, "I must warn you, Jenks is half fairy and half elf, in other words, he's hot, like really hot" she said and walked out to the car.

"I'll remember that" I mumbled and waved to the black Toyota who backed out of the driveway. "Hey, you're Thea Crow right" a dark voice sounded behind me. I turned around And let out a little scream.

"Hey, relax. I'm Jenks, I'll show you your room," he said and took my luggage.

He smiled when he realized that I was staring, "comming" he asked.

I nodded and took the bag he could not bear. "There are eighteen young people in the house, all hybrids" said Jenks, OK Clea said he was hot, but she forgot to say that he was a god,

his caramel colored skin began to glow, and his bottle green eyes had a twinkle that said


"What kind of hybrid are you?" he asked and opened a door. "Werewolf and vampire" I mumbled and looked down at the floor, "Nice" he said and looked at me with wide eyes.

"Really" I looked up and smiled at him, woaw he was hot, I could not think of anything else. "Yes, there are not many of your kind back, and the two species are the strongest" he smiled.

"Well, this is your room, there is a bathroom behind that door and a closet behind that one" he said, pointing at the doors, "turn the lights off at ten o'clock and boys are not allowed in the girls' doorm, beyond me, but I manage, "he said and pushed me into the room.

"There's dinner at five o'clock, you have a meeting with Miss. Hessnoff in about an hour, she'll tell you the rules," he said and walked over to the door, "goodbye Thea, it was nice to meet you" then he was gone, he just disappeared into thin air, he was hot, yes, but he scared me a bit. "Well well, he's got another marvel, but maybe she might have a chance"

a girl showed up just as fast as Jenks disappeared, "W-what" I stammered. "Hey, I'm Beth, and the clown Jenks is my big brother," she said cheerfully and shook my hand.

"Brother?" I asked, "Yes, unfortunately, yes," she sighed dramatically. "Okay, my name is Thea" I said shyly. "I know, and I think that we two are going to be really good friends" she smiled. "Well come on, we must introduce you to the others," said Beth and pulled me away.

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